Storm on Le Iene, the reply on the case of the scam in Forlimpopoli is not convincing: «It was better silence. This is media stalking “

Storm on Le Iene. Yesterday came the long-awaited reply of the Italia 1 investigation program to the shocking and thorny case told by Matteo Viviani in the Virtual Love service. The story has as its protagonists a 24-year-old who took his own life after realizing that he fell into a virtual trap, the girl (Irene) with whom it was written that in reality she never existed and Roberto, this is the name that was hidden behind Irene, who in turn committed suicide after seeing the images of the service of Le Iene that spoke of him.

Forlì, the prosecutor opens an investigation for instigating suicide after the two deaths: storm on the service of Le Iene

Storm on Le Iene, the reply on the case of Forlimpopoli is not convincing

Regarding the death of the 64-year-old, the Forlì Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a file. In the meantime, the Mediaset production wanted to release an official replica, after the rain of criticism that rained down on him.

The episode opened with Belen Rodriguez and Teo Mammucari who introduced Viviani’s service ready to have its say. We too do not shy away from this debate the two presenters underlined, leaving space for La Iena who had the opportunity to have his say. But the reply did not convince everyone.

Unfortunately that story didn’t end there. Other guys also started chatting with the beautiful Irene… a tragedy within a tragedy, which not only does not leave us indifferent, but which has affected us all. Because regardless of the reading that everyone can make of this story, we are talking about the life of a man, who due to the perverse mechanism typical of cat-fishing was linked to that of another man and followed the same tragic fate. . […] Are we experiencing a regulatory vacuum around this problem? And above all, do we have the tools to protect the people most at risk? In our legal system the crime of substitution is foreseen, but are we sure it is sufficient? In the meantime, we learn from the press that the Forlì prosecutor has opened an investigation against an unknown person on the death of Roberto Zaccaria. We will certainly continue to deal with cat-fishing. Because learning to recognize the problem is the first step to avoiding it“.

The raging web

On social media, nothing else is talked about and users are angry with the program. “We are not. If this was to be “the replica of #LeIene” then silence is better.

“That de #leiene is not justice, it is media stalking combined with devastating carelessness and populism”

And there are those who even hope that the program can close. “Terrible story with terrible ending. Death should not be fought with another death. I hope this is the end of the hyenas, shameful program.

There are those who reconstruct the story. “Daniele falls in love with a girl he met on the internet. Behind the girl is a 64-year-old man. When Daniele finds out he kills himself. The hyenas go to see the 64-year-old: usual ways, usually teasing, usual media pillory. Man kills himself. This is not journalism. It’s me ** a.

But there are also those who defend the show. “A psychopath, who pretended to be a girl and instigated the suicide of a 24-year-old boy, commits suicide after the service that the Hyenas did and the fault lies with the program? I don’t know“.

The case

The controversy does not end. It is certainly one of the most impressive services, with a tragic ending, that the show has done in recent times. For days TV and newspapers have talked about nothing else. In Forlimpopoli, a provincial town near Forlì months ago, the young Daniele took his own life after being badly abandoned by the girl he fell in love with in chat, a certain Irene. On her photos she looked like a model with a breathtaking body, but in reality Irene never existed.

Behind her hid Roberto Z., a 64-year-old man who pretended to be this girl for twelve months. The photos were actually of a Roman model whose shots had actually been stolen, Daniele immediately understood that he had been duped, but the pain was too great to be endured. So the 24-year-old takes his own life by hanging himself. A terrible and unbelievable story that Le Iene wanted to investigate.

Sentimental scams and fake social profiles, the lawyer’s alarm: “Three thousand separations every year”

Viaviani wanted us to see clearly and once he found out who was really hiding behind Irene, he chased him through the streets to get answers on what happened. Angry he had only replied that it was a joke. Once the service came out, in which the man’s face was covered, the 64-year-old committed suicide with a cocktail of drugs, probably torn by feelings of guilt. And now the web blames the program.

Daniele commits suicide for his fake girlfriend, the anger of the relatives of the 64-year-old (who also died): “Exposed against Le Iene”

Storm on Le Iene, the reply on the case of the scam in Forlimpopoli is not convincing: «It was better silence. This is media stalking ”