Terrifier 2: wicked, sadistic, gory but devilishly fun

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The gore phenomenon of 2022 finally arrives in France. While for many years this kind of film has landed directly on VOD, for once it is at the cinema that we can enjoy it. It’s almost a miracle that Terrify 2 splashes on our screens as it overflows with gore and reconnects with a horror cinema that dares to get dirty. It’s been a long time since we’ve had (suffered?) such an extreme experience in a dark room. Vertiginous, radical, grotesque and truly disgusting.

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The gore phenomenon of 2022 finally arrives in France. We say phenomenon because it is one. For a budget of only 250,000 dollars (barely the chips budget ofAvatar), Terrify 2 grossed $12 million in US theaters. A delirious figure given the extreme nature of the film by Damian Leone.

Yes Terrify 2 task …. without the possibility of scouring what we saw on the way out. We are talking here about splatter film, this purulent trash horror cinema as graphic as possible, all in uneasiness and vileness. thanks to shadowz and to ESC Movies to dare to throw Terrifier 2 in our theaters.

Ah yes it is of course forbidden for children under 16 years old.

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“During Terrifier 2, my friend passed out and the cinema had to call the ambulance”

Is Terrifier 2 as gory as it claims? Yes, undeniably. Even more.

Sensitive souls, turn back. On the program, dismemberments, beheadings, ripped off faces, crushed torsos, organs cut out to make toys, exposed brains, scalps, torn guts, acid jet… Terrify 2 teems with craspec ideas.

But Terrify 2 is not Brain Dead, Peter Jackson’s gory comic zombie missile. If it exudes an undeniable farce and cartoon aspect, Terrify 2 pays homage to a horror cinema of the 80s. We think a lot of Claws of Night by Wes Craven (in the high school sequences) but also at evil dead 2 for the burlesque side, or to Halloween by John Carpenter.

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The American release of Terrify 2 last fall did not fail to cause a new epidemic of coulrophony, this irrational fear of the clown which was much talked about when the two IT films starring Pennywise came out. But next to Terrify 2THAT is infant reflux.

What is Terrify?

Terrify 2 starts right after Terrify 1. The year is 2018. Art the Clown has died and is mysteriously resurrected by a malevolent entity. The bogeyman then decides to hunt a brother and sister on Halloween night in the town of Miles County.

A basic pitch certainly but developed enough to fill 138 minutes, while the first film lasted only 82 minutes, with euphoric, grotesque, sometimes wobbly gore stuffing, good Bis but in the end quite irresistible. 2h18 may seem long (it is) but Damien Leone connects the effects of staging, digs into the mythology of his bogeyman and exposes a greedy genius to give life to a decadent and outrageous release.

We can blame Terrify 2 to be too long (it’s true), to be sometimes wobbly (it’s also true), almost amateurish, but that’s what makes its appeal and gives it that UFO feeling among the films that we are shown on the big screen.

Do you have to have seen Terrifier 1 to understand 2?
We assure you, no. You will understand everything from the first seconds.

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Art Le Clown ready to compete with Freddy Krueger
Back from the dead, Art The Clown is as naughty and sadistic as a Freddy Krueger. Except he’s mute.

Art is the opposite of a Pennywise. He doesn’t talk, he has no hair, he doesn’t have a red nose, he likes to laugh but isn’t always funny, he walks like a zombie, wears a little black hat and has a terrifying smile. If we are to believe Damien Leone, Art owes a lot to his interpreter David Howard Thorntonstage actor and stand-up comedian.

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(David Howard Thornton and a cosplayer in Art The Clown)

As Damien Leone explains in an interview in the pages of the latest Mad Movies, David Howard Thornton brings extra madness to the boogeyman with his facial expressions and mime jokes.

Which gives some delirious burlesque scenes, like this laundry sequence. Blood is messy and Art likes to have his costume sparkling white. After the first massacre in the film, He goes to a laundromat… How many times have we seen psychopaths going to do their laundry?

Art is also the Santa Claus of horror. The bogeyman carries around with his black garbage bag in which he keeps a whole heap of tools suitable for dismemberment and massacre.

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Whether Terrify 2 is a slasher with strong torture porn tendencies, it’s also a tribute to heroic fantasy, a genre that Damien Leone adores who quotes with passion Excalibur or Kalidor.

Sienna, her main character, makes herself a valkyrie costume for Halloween and it is in valkyrie that she will manage to challenge Art.

DIY From Death

The most amazing thing about this story is that this brat Damien Leone is not only director and screenwriter but also responsible for special effects, sound effects and editor.

Gold with three pieces of string and the chipsters budget of black adam (we are talking about 250,000 dollars), Damien Leone amazes and manages to bring his disturbing visions to life.

No doubt, the practical effects are 1000 times more impactful than the clunky CGIs of many big productions.

Terrify 2 is guaranteed without CGI. Suffice to say that there must have been hectoliters of blood and nauseating barbaque on the set.

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For barely 35,000 dollars, Damien Leone shot the first Terrify in 2016. Pelloche fauchée ultra gore, this first film, essentially a closed session, marks the purists of the extreme by its main character Art The Clown. For the rest, Damien Leone is criticized for his lack of script. A psychopathic clown brutally murders nine people one Halloween night. In the originality genre, we will come back.

But little by little Art the Clown becomes cult. Word of mouth works and begins to appear cosplays Art The Clown at conventions, fantastic festivals or for Halloween.

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Damien Leone naturally goes into Terrify 2 with the idea of bigger, better, scarrier and bloodier as sequel tradition dictates.

But this time, he is really working on a scenario and racking his brains to line up the most shocking scenes possible while developing characters with whom we can identify. Among them Sienna and her brother Jonathan, traumatized since the death of their father who left them a strange notebook filled with sketches of Art the Clown. New compared to 1, Terrify 2 becomes a supernatural slasher.

Damien Leone has the idea of ​​producing the film for 80,000 dollars and launches a campaign on indiegogo. On arrival, he comes to collect 220,000 dollars as the fans are present.

Terrify 2 grossed 12 million at the US box office. Which makes it one of the most profitable films of the last ten years.

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Yet nothing was premeditated. Terrify 2 did not benefit from the promo armada of a Blumhouse or a James Wan. When Paranormal Activity, made for 15,000 dollars brings in 193 million worldwide, it benefits from the strike force of Blumhouse which has injected millions into the promo. The whole world knew this movie existed.

Terrify 2 was only released in a small circuit of theaters and when American spectators became ill or fled the theater disgusted by so much violence, the buzz went viral. Little by little, the film is released in other cities, and attracts a public curious to see this work considered so abominable and vomiting.

We haven’t finished hearing about Art The Clown. Especially since a Terrifier 3 is already in preparation. Damien Leone says he is so wild with his script that the film could be cut into a Terrifier 3 and 4.

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Some excerpts of tweets at the release of Terrifier 2 in the United States (Damien Leone maintains that all these testimonies are 100% authentic).

-“During Terrifier 2, my friend passed out and the cinema had to call the ambulance”
-“Terrifier 2 is so gory that I threw up in my popcorn”.
-“I just saw Terrifier 2 and it was an incredible mess of gore. The guy behind passed out and fell on my chair. Another one had to get out because he wasn’t feeling well. Opening the door, I heard another guy vomiting violently in the toilet”.
-“It was the most disturbing movie I’ve seen in my life. This stuff is on a whole different level of sadism. We were so stunned at the end we couldn’t talk anymore.“.

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Terrifier 2: wicked, sadistic, gory but devilishly fun – our review