Terrifier Review: A sadistic killer clown in hyperviolent horror

Only a short time ago we reported the news of vomiting and fainting on Terrifier projection 2, the horror film directed by Damien Leone. Given the discrete curiosity created around this sequel to a project little known by the general public, we have decided to accompany you to the discovery of the first chapter with Terrifier’s review.

Already the original had made headlines at the time of its limited release in overseas cinemas, mainly due to a controversial sequence that sees one of the helpless victims cut in two – someone will notice similarities with another execution. cult of the atypical western in strong colors Bone Tomahawk (2015) – and underground enthusiasts had found a new villain of all respect. The killer clown at the center of the two chapters, simply renamed Art the Clownboasts a decent filmography already in a couple of shorts, that is The 9th Circle (2008) and the namesake Terrifier (2011), with a minor role in the director’s feature debut – anthology of previous works – All Hallows’ Eve (2013), but it is in this diptych that steals the show, and not only, from the rest of the cast.

Terrifier: one hell of a night

On the night of October 31st, two beautiful girls, Tara and Dawn, ditched a party of friends to go home but they stumble upon, and unfortunately for them, in a bizarre individual dressed as a clown. Tara unwisely thinks of mocking him and he ends up following them to a diner, where shortly after she carries out her first murder: the owner of the place pays the price.

Shortly after, Tara and Dawn call the sister of the former, Vicky, to pick them up as their car was damaged, but during the wait they are also attacked by the psychopath, who initially kidnaps and begins to torture Dawn and then focus your attention on Tara, looking for an escape from the brutal serial killer. The arrival of Vicky and the entry of other secondary characters inevitably complicates the situation, while the mad clown continues his macabre slaughter.

The ways of violence

An operation like this must be immediately contextualized in the context of belonging, that is the one related to low-budget productions and precisely belonging to the infinite universe of underground horror.

Terrifier is not a film for weak stomachs and it is no coincidence that this first chapter has already been forbidden to minors under the age of eighteen, a sign that physical and psychological violence is certainly not suitable for the general public. Because despite the limited resources available, director Damien Leone manages to give life to often disturbing images of torture and torture, with the blood flowing to go go and the human bodies that become more and more Dadaist paintings, with limbs and organs that spread here and there in the name of a hemoglobin escalation of the great occasions. Already the prologue – which as we will later discover is strongly connected to the epilogue – shows us all the charge of feral cruelty that the screenplay reserves for its characters, at the dissolute mercy of a villain without remorse whose sole intent is to cause death and pain to those in its path.

In the characterization of Art the Clown there is no lack of more or less explicit references to other horror icons, above all the Jigsaw of the saga of Saw, complete with an ordinance tricycle. For more info on the franchise, play our special onevolution of the Saw saga from James Wan to today. The cast and the director try to get by on several occasions with the minimum available and the inventiveness of Leone, always ready, must be appreciated to shock the audience and to keep the tension bar very highwith the crazy gore that dominates the screen from start to finish with a few, short, breaths.

Terrifier Review: A sadistic killer clown in hyperviolent horror