Thanos, Galactus: here are the 5 most terrifying villains of the Marvel universe

During their adventures, the superheroes Marvel faced many threats. Whether on the edge of the cosmos or on our good old Earth, our vigilantes and the peoples they protect are nowhere safe. First in the pages of comic books, then in the series and films of the MCU, the protectors of the House of Ideas have not ceased to have their work cut out for them. Whether it is to defend entire planets, or simply their own skin, the defenders of Good know no holidays! The galaxy is a dangerous place, where new villains are regularly born ready to annihilate all forms of life…Among this crowd of bad guys no mercy, some are more terrifying than others. A brief overview of Marvel’s Scariest Villains!

5) kang the conqueror

It was a fan dream, Marvel Studios made it happen! Kang the Conqueror, one of their most complicated characters to adapt in live-action, is now part of the MCU. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963 in Fantastic Four #19, this iconic villain has a convoluted history to say the least. Fasten your seatbelts, we explain to you: Nathaniel Richards (yes, he is from the same family as the superhero Red Richards), is a protagonist who seeded countless versions of himself in the past and future of different timelines. Coming from an alternate dimension to standard Marvel reality, Earth-616, this young man discovers his ancestor’s time machine and lands in the time of the pharaohs, where he takes power as Rama-Tut.

He’s had enough of living in a time of peace, so he traveled back in time and decided to rule as a god in ancient Egypt.

He then took the name of Rama-Tut.

July 24, 2022

From the moment modern-day vigilantes are sent to ancient Egypt to defeat him, this villain will keep bouncing from timeframe to timeframe and Earth to Earth. He ends up conquer an empire that spans a hundred light years in all directions. In his diabolical versions, he is also known as the Red Centurion and the One Who Remains. Because yes, there are also heroic variations of the character such as Iron Lad! Expert in time manipulation and endowed with an iron will, this terrifying evil genius has managed to tame the galaxy…

4) mephisto

First appeared in 1968 in the Silver Surfer #3 thanks to the cult duo Stan Lee / John Buscema, Mephisto is not a bad guy to joke around with. The former herald of Galactus and his pure heart are unbearable in the eyes of this villain. From the Kingdom of Darkness where he reigns supremethis devil-like character ensures that humans remain suspicious, hostile to anything unfamiliar to them, thieves, criminals, etc… And this, until Armageddon, where he will reap all their souls. So obviously, seeing a being whose kindness is likely to ruin his long-term plans lands makes him mad with rage! This demonic entity also attempted to corrupt repeatedly other superheroes such as Thor. And the good news is thathe could be making his first steps in the MCU sooner than you think according to rumours!

Sasha Baron Cohen reportedly filmed scenes for WandaVision spin-off series in LA, #AgathaCovenOfChaos. Agatha would have the mission, after the events of Doctor Strange 2, to protect Billy not only from Morgan LeFay but also from a greater threat… Mephisto.

December 21, 2022

Able to endow himself with superhuman strength, change his shape or size, projecting illusions, manipulating a person’s memories, and altering time, he has many things in common with the God of Mischief. Even more cunning than Loki, he is a terrifying adversary, bringing out the worst in people he meets. His adversaries have no interest in finding themselves in his kingdom, with which he is in symbiosis and from which he draws his strength. Icing on the cake, when her physical form is destroyed, she regenerates in his den of Evil…


Ha, Thanos… How not to include the Mad Titan in this ranking of the most creepy Marvel villains? Whether in the comic books or in the MCU’s Infinity Saga, this character is motivated by very different, but equally dangerous challenges. Created by screenwriter and cartoonist Jim Starlin, he first appeared in the comic book Iron Man #55 in 1973. In the pages of the comics, this villain is fascinated by Lady Death. To prove his deadly power to her, he searches the universe for the Infinity Stones, determined to offer her genocide as a token of his love – or almost!

The Big difference is the absence of Lady Death, whom Thanos is in love with, kind of the base he genocides half the universe for the one he loves, an offering lol a mental patient I tell you! No “BALANCE” delirium (I tease, I love it, it’s inevitable)

May 1, 2019

Transposed to the big screen, Thanos has not calmed down: he is still determined to rid the world of 50% of all life, this time to balance the galaxy. He is undoubtedly one of the most evil and deadly villains in the House of Ideas!

2) galactus

Galactus is not a villain like the others. First appeared in 1965 in issues 48-50 of Fantastic Fourimagined by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby at the same time as the Silver Surfer, this colossus is beyond the questions of Good and Evil. Eternal, this character is not interested in the petty and immature concerns of humanity. His herald is tasked with exploring the cosmos in search of planets it will be able to feed on to survive…Which of course, leaves the worlds he sucks energy from utterly bloodless!

8. Galactus – Devourer of Worlds.

Galactus contains unknown and limitless cosmic powers, vast knowledge and devours entire planets.
When he fought with beings with similar powers, the effects reverberated throughout reality.

November 21, 2021

It is only thanks to the efforts of the 4Fs and the Sentinel that he leaves Earth without annihilating it. Indeed, the Torch explores the confines of the cosmos to seize a device called the Ultimate Nullifier. This is a weapon that can devastate the universe, not to put in all hands! Inescapable and virtually invincible, Galactus is feared throughout the galaxy. because synonymous with destruction for all the worlds it approaches. Even without being animated by bad intentions in the first sense of the term, his coming is synonymous with the apocalypse… Which also happens to be the name of the villain who rose to the top of this ranking!

1) Revelation

Created by screenwriter Louise Simonson and cartoonist Jackson Guice, En Sabah Nur is a supervillain that first appeared in the comic book X Factor #5 in 1986. Whether in the past, present or future, this “immortal” mutant born in the time of the pharaohs is one of the worst enemies of the X-Men. The latter have faced a plethora of men, women and robots obsessed with destruction and Death, but this one breaks all records! He believes that only the strongest should survive, and does not hesitate to use science to defeat his opponents, in particular via a terrifying “techno-organic virus” derived from the alien technology that had transformed him in the past.

40. Nathan Summers, Cable. Son of Cyclops and Madelyn Prior (a clone of Jean Grey) raised in the future and infected with the organic techno virus he was the leader of X-Force and here he is X-Man, high caliber amateur, telepath, telekinesis and well other powers

March 28, 2020

It is with the latter that he infects Nathan, the son of Cyclops, who will be sent to the future to be saved by the Askani, where he became the warrior Cable. An alternate future in which Apocalypse even ends up triumphing, where he and his son Holocaust (an aptly named war machine) are all-powerful…

Thanos, Galactus: here are the 5 most terrifying villains of the Marvel universe