“That he was going to make my life hell”, the ex

Abou Diaby and his veiled wife
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After the revelations of sports coach Abou Diaby, his ex-wife whom he accused of infidelity and oil woman broke the silence to give her part of the truth.

In an interview granted to Sam Zirah, Abou Diaby reveals that his wife, a pious and veiled woman cheated on him several times before and during their marriages. Charges rejected by Léana, who maintains that she never cheated on her husband.

I want to apologize, not to the other reality TV clown, but to the women who, because of me and the clothes that have been stigmatized on me, can be the cause of a bad image. of all who wear a veil. Know that no one knows the reality! These are just words. You ignite on a couple gossip. (…) Do not put the label of my faults on those who are innocent. I see his little game (…) to incite you to lynch me. He wanted to dirty all the veils in me to increase the pressure on me and the shame that accompanies me.“, reacted Léana following the controversy aroused by the confidences of her ex-husband. For her, Abou takes advantage of a false speech to make a buzz.

“Go ask him if it’s me or him who likes oil”

I don’t have to say anything? I am not the one he described. We weren’t together for a long time. This is only done out of hate and buzz. (…) I no longer wanted to be with him and he did not accept it. You didn’t see anything, just a fake speech that got him 70k subscribers. No photo, no pseudo video! It’s just a lie. He never looked at blocked people on Snapchat, he just realized that I was remaking my life.“, she clarified.

The young woman in turn accuses her husband of having cheated on her with all the earth. ” We didn’t even live together anymore. He just has the seum that I wanted to redo my life, he’s a psychopath! For those who rotate the photo of our ‘wedding’, know that I don’t care. But this jerk, by making private things public, is posing as a victim. And go ask him if it’s me or him who likes oil. If you knew how he talks about the veil and the hatred he has towards the ‘veiled’, you will understand his game. He takes the reubeux for inferior people, he spent his time criticizing them. By shocking the public, he wants to stigmatize all veiled women.“, she revealed.

According to him, she asked for a divorce but was forcibly retained by Abou Diaby. “I asked that we leave each other, but he held me back by force. I asked for a divorce, so he told me he was going to make my life hell. (…) Attention, he is a very good speaker! He was careful to get me dirty…” she concludes.

Abou Diaby cuckolded

On Tuesday September 13, 2022, in a video widely relayed on social networks, Abou Diaby recounted the multiple cases of infidelity of his wife whom he nevertheless found pious, his wife very religious, veiled, possessive and very jealous.

She did things she didn’t do with me. She’s an oil company. You really have to have lived with a manipulator to understand how strong it is. And me, I was fooled by her beauty, by her religion, the fact that when I come home, she read woman promised in heaven. You had to see me, I invest myself, I give it everything“, had revealed Abou Diaby in the program In all intimacy.

“That he was going to make my life hell”, the ex-wife of Abou Diaby responds to accusations of infidelity