The 10 films added to Prime Video as of January 15, 2023

To access a multitude of cinematographic content adapted to all tastes, Amazon Prime Video remains an excellent solution today. This streaming and video-on-demand platform offers films, series and documentaries of all genres. And to constantly satisfy its subscribers, it regularly updates its already rich catalog. This week again, you will discover new interesting films.

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Whether with family, friends or alone, you will always find the ideal program to have a good time. For your pleasure, we offer you these 10 films added to Amazon Prime Video as of January 15, 2023.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Broadcasting date : January 15

Genres: Drama, Thriller and Crime

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Summary: This film tells the adventures or rather misadventures of six unscrupulous robbers. Like any good mobster, they decide to rob a jewelry store and make a fortune. For the operation, they set up a concrete plan, under the direction of Joe Cabot and his son Nice Guy Eddie. And to top it off, they choose code names with colors.

However, from the start of the robbery, the whole plan was already in the water. The whole operation is therefore a fiasco and ends in a bloodbath. The criminals manage to escape and find refuge in a sordid warehouse. There they begin to look for the culprits. And above all, the fear that there is a traitor among them will not help the situation.

Boulevard of Death (2007)

Broadcasting date : January 15

Genres: Action and Horror

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Summary: The story of this American horror film follows three young friends, Arlene, Shanna and Julia. They all live in Austin, a rather peaceful area, so far. One evening, they go to a bar, without realizing that they were being followed by a mysterious individual. This one is called Stuntman Mike, a former psychopathic stuntman.

For some time, Mike has been traveling the area and killing the women he meets. His modus operandi is very simple: he approaches his victim in his car, a Chevrolet Nova. Then he sings the merits of the car and brings his victim with him until the time to kill him. When the girls left the bar that night, Mike was already waiting outside and offered to take one of them home. His plan is in motion.

Planet Terror (2007)

Broadcasting date : January 15

Genres: Action and Horror

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Summary: Panet Terror begins in a small rural town in Texas, with a group of military men. Led by Lieutenant Muldoon, they must retrieve a deadly biochemical agent, codenamed “Terror Project”, from chemical engineer Abby. But during the transaction, Muldoon finds that Abby has extra stock. He then decides to take him hostage. Unfortunately, the engineer purposely releases the gas into the air, which triggers a pandemic in the area.

Further on, we find Cherry, a go-go dancer, who has just lost one of her legs during an attack by cannibals. She is cared for by her ex-boyfriend. When the biochemical agent creates more and more zombies, Cherry and Wray lead an army and try to stop the spread of the virus.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas (2021)

Broadcasting date : January 15

Genres: Comedy and Drama

Director: Richard Shepard

Summary: This film is a sequel to the series “Zoey and her Incredible Playlist” (2019-2021). It stars Jane Levy as the title character, Zoey Clarke. The latter is a software developer who has just discovered an unusual talent. Indeed, she can now hear the thoughts of those around her, in the form of songs or musical hits.

But after the death of his father, nothing is the same. For her first Christmas without him, she still decides to organize magical Christmas parties for all her family. Above all, she wishes to do things, exactly as her father would have liked them.

Dunes (2021)

Broadcasting date : January 15

Genres: Science Fiction and Adventure

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Summary: “Dune” represents the third adaptation of the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, published in 1965. In this film, we are set in the distant future of humanity. The story revolves around Duke Leto Atreides, who has just received a rather special gift from Emperor Shaddam IV. Indeed, the sovereign entrusted him with the management of the very profitable and at the same time very dangerous desert planet Arrakis.

Also known as “Dune”, this planet is home to the Imperium’s only source, “The Spice”, a drug that prolongs human life. To ensure the future of his family and his people, Leto agrees to settle there, with his concubine Bene Gesserit, and his young son and heir Paul.


Halloween (2018)

Broadcasting date : January 15

Genres: Horror and Thriller

Director: David GordonGreen

Summary: We now bring you a horror feature film, the eleventh in the “Halloween” film series. In this installment, we follow a team of British podcasters in search of a big topic. So they go to the United States to do a report on Michael Myers. The latter is indeed a psychopath who massacred his entire family on Halloween night in 1978.

At the very moment the report begins, Myers manages to escape from the mental asylum where he was locked up. He then goes to his house, with the intention of killing Laurie Strode, the only survivor of the 1978 massacre. Supposed to be routine work, the report quickly takes a macabre turn.

American Assassin (2017)

Broadcasting date : January 15

Genres: Action and Thriller

Director: Michael Cuesta

Summary: Mitch Rapp is a new recruit to an elite American counterintelligence team. Under the supervision of Stan Hurley, a legendary CIA trainer, he must undergo tough training in order to become one of the best spies in the world. But his training will be abruptly interrupted when a wave of terrorist attacks occurs around the world.

To respond to the threat, Mitch and Stan are tasked with tracking down and arresting Ghost. The latter is an individual known to be dangerous and above all elusive. He is responsible for the series of attacks, and he is trying to start a nuclear war. Together, the duo will try to unravel their plans and secure world peace.

The Mist (2007)

Broadcasting date : January 15

Genres: Horror and Thriller

Director: Frank Darabont

Summary: Following a violent storm, David Drayton’s property suffered extensive damage. Waking up the next day, he and his son Billy notice a strange cloudy mist covering part of the lake. At first, they don’t really pay attention to it and they go to town to make purchases.

But once inside the supermarket, the mist got closer, and it now invades the whole city. Moreover, it actually hides foul and murderous creatures, which kill anyone outside. This film also exposes human behavior in extraordinary circumstances. It thus highlights the violence and irrational behavior of an individual who finds himself under pressure.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Broadcasting date : January 18

Genres: Science Fiction and Action

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Summary: In this film, we are in 2049, a year marked by the advent of humanoids. The latter, products of biological engineering, are called “replicants”. They are now part of society, and their mission is to ensure the survival of humanity. However, many tensions remain between men and their slaves.

As a solution, Officer K, a blade runner, is called upon. Member of an elite intervention force, he must find and eliminate all those who do not obey the orders of humans. This film is the sequel to “Blade Runner” (1982), and it notably stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)

Broadcasting date : January 20

Genres: Science Fiction, Action and Fantasy

Director: Andy Serkis

Summary: This film chronicles the events following Eddie Brock and his alien parasite Venom’s victory over Riot. Today, Eddie wants at all costs to relaunch his career as a journalist. But Venom instead wants to keep eating bad guys. The film also features Mulligan, now a detective. When he arrests Kasady, a tough serial killer, he only wants to talk to Eddie.

After the encounter between the two, Eddie revealed the location where Kasady hid the bodies of his victims. This then gave a boost to his career. As for Mulligan, he is mostly frustrated because a journalist has succeeded where the police have failed.

The 10 films added to Prime Video as of January 15, 2023