The 15 Best Netflix True Crime Documentaries

    true crime It’s one of the hottest genres right now, probably because it’s proof that truth is stranger (if possible) than fiction. The truth is that, if we are honest, real crimes activate the curiosity to find out the most sinister and hidden motivations of the human being when they lead him to commit atrocities.

    There are many documentaries and television shows chronicling mysterious deaths and serial murders that are often tragic, and yet we cannot look away. In most cases, the mystery is solved; in others, we are left with the question of whether justice will ever really be done. Maybe that’s why we like it so much true crime, the fact that there are rarely definitive answers to why people commit such terrible acts keeps us captivated. There is no shortage of these types of stories, and we have selected some of the most fascinating ones.

    ‘Tiger King’

    Truth is stranger than fiction so many times that we lose count. In tiger king a guy who calls himself Joe Exotic runs a zoo full of dangerous wild animals, and he has a real problem with a woman named Carole Baskin who is also a big cat lover. Well look, Carole, he could have murdered her husband who disappeared and whose remains have never been found. But Joe also hires someone to assassinate Carole, but he too runs for president, and is later convicted of contract killing. So far we could already imagine a screenwriter making a fictional film of this. And we haven’t even gotten to the parts where Joe’s boyfriend accidentally shoots himself to death, or the employee who has his hand torn off by a tiger.

    ‘Sons of Sam: A Descent into Hell’

    the sons of sam a descent into darkness cr netflix © 2021


    David Berkowitz, the convicted murderer known as the Son of Sam, will spend the rest of his life in prison for the crimes he committed in the 1970s. But journalist Maury Terry was convinced that the serial murders that plagued New York at that time they were not only the work of Berkowitz, but also committed by other people linked to a satanic cult that even went back to Charles Manson. This documentary unearths Terry’s findings from 40 years of research and offers some surprising theories and evidence to back up his claims.

    ‘The Keepers’

    the keepers

    Sister Catherine Cesnik was a 26-year-old nun who taught at Baltimore’s Archbishop Keough High School in the 1960s, and when she was kidnapped and brutally murdered, her murder was never solved. The Keepers is the story of some of her students, now adults, who took it upon themselves to investigate the death of her beloved teacher. In the process, they discovered that the school’s chaplain, Father Joseph Maskell, was accused of sexual and psychological abuse at the school and that Cathy’s death may have been a cover-up to keep the abuse hidden. The women and her investigation are amazing, and her desire to seek justice for her teacher is truly admirable.

    ‘Night Stalker: On the Hunt for a Serial Killer’

    richard ramirez the night stalker in episode 4 “manhunt” of night stalker the hunt for a serial killer cr netflix © 2021


    It is not for the faint of heart. The series features some of the most gruesome and gruesome crime scene footage we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen plenty of true crime shows. That said, the story of Richard Ramirez, who brutally murdered, raped, and assaulted dozens of people in 1984 and 1985, is a fascinating one, and this version is told through the lens of the investigators who tracked him down, as well as their victims. It’s all grisly and fraught with tension, but the tension is cut short as the story of Ramirez’s final capture unfolds as dozens of Angelenos who recognized him from the newspaper photo of him held him until the police arrived.

    ‘Crime Scene: Disappearance at the Cecil Hotel’

    episode 3 of crime scene the vanishing at the cecil hotel c courtesy of netflix © 2021


    Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel it will probably disturb you. It will confuse you. He may not be satisfied with the answers. But it’s certainly a wild ride all the way. In 2013, visitors to the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles noticed that their tap water was brown and had a strange taste. Turns out there was a decomposing body in the water tank. The body belonged to a young woman named Elisa Lam, but answering the question of how she got there is a mystery. Was Lam’s erratic behavior before her death a sign of something sinister, or was it simply a tragic accident? Over the course of four episodes, all the options are explored, as well as other tragic events that have occurred at the Cecil in the past.

    ‘The Staircase’

    the staircase


    If you haven’t seen yet The Staircase, now is the time to do so, as the docu-series has been turned into a series on HBO Max starring Colin Firth and Toni Collette. The 13-part series, which focuses on the murder trial of Michael Peterson, accused of pushing her wife Kathleen down a flight of stairs to her death, is intriguing for many reasons. The first is that it is like boyhood of the series of murders, since it was filmed over the course of about 12 years and documents the different phases of the Peterson murder trial. The second is that there is a real theory that an owl could have killed Kathleen. And third is that Peterson, who appears in the film voluntarily, is so calm and cold throughout the whole thing, that I commented while watching whether he is innocent or whether he is a sociopath. Judge yourselves.

    ‘Making A Murderer’

    best serial killer documentaries on netflix

    Making A Murderer is another true crime series that will make you question everything. Wisconsin man Steven Avery spent 18 years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman. Avery was exonerated and filed a civil lawsuit against Manitowac County, Wisconsin for his wrongful conviction, but while awaiting that trial, he was charged with the murder of another woman, Theresa Halbach, a murder for which he was ultimately convicted. . The evidence against Avery is questionable, and there are dozens of cases of ineptitude by the legal and judicial systems. It is an incredible story that can infuriate you for many reasons.

    ‘American Murder: The Family Next Door’

    american murder the family next door

    Shanann Watts/Netflix/2020

    American Murder: The Family Next Door is the documentary that probably requires the most warning, as it involves the tragic deaths of children. In 2018, a pregnant woman named Shannan Watts and her two young daughters went missing. Her husband, Chris, made pleas on the news and on social media for them to come home, only to later admit that he had killed them all. Their bodies were recovered shortly after. The documentary examines the relationship between Chris and Shannan through actual social media messages and text messages, as well as the media coverage that followed the murders. Despite Chris confessing to the crimes, it seems there is still something else to the story that we don’t know.

    Carmel. Who killed Maria Marta?

    A woman is found dead in the bathtub. There is a pool of blood near her body and her husband believes that he has suffered an accident. But the autopsy reveals something different. This is how the documentary miniseries begins Carmel. Who killed Maria Marta? which reviews the police investigation of the case in which several pieces of evidence pointed to the husband while others exonerated him, for which multiple avenues were explored between acquaintances, neighbors and relatives, without success.

    ‘The Alcàsser case’

    the alcasser case

    Three girls from Alcàsser disappear on their way to a nightclub. Soon after, the search hits national headlines and becomes a media case. Multiple clues, a parallel investigation of the father of one of the victims, several suspects and a country completely pending progress marked the beginning of the 90s in our country. Almost 30 years later, new interviews and an updated review of the evidence shed light on the murders of the three young women from Alcàsser in 1992 and the shock it brought to Spain.

    ‘Don’t even touch cats: an internet killer’

    The brutal videos of a twisted criminal lead a group of Internet investigators on a risky quest that leads them into a sinister underworld. Several animal lovers seek justice through the network after finding recordings of great brutality against several cats. As the investigation progresses they keep finding new video posts. His intervention, in collaboration with the police, not only made it possible to identify the murderer, but also to find key clues that would favor his international search.

    ‘Where is Martha?’

    'Where were you then' the parents of Marta del Castillo in 2009

    The disappearance of the teenager Marta del Castillo grabbed all the headlines. Relatives, friends and police officers, among others, give their opinion on a case that remains unresolved. From the night of her disappearance and the first hours of the search, the young woman’s ex-boyfriend, Miguel, was established as the first suspect. Multiple changes in the versions and the trial of all the suspects in the murder and cover-up close the documentary, with the desire of the parents to analyze new evidence that allows them to find their daughter’s body.

    ‘The Wanninkhof case – Carabantes’

    file photo of dolores vázquez in the statement before the media on the day of her acquittal in the wanninkhof case


    The 1990s were plagued with case files on news outlets across the country. In 1999, the young Rocío Wanninkhof was murdered and the news spread throughout Spain. The scandal was served when Dolores Vázquez, her mother’s ex-partner, was arrested as the main suspect. Despite there being no solid evidence to prove her guilt, the media exposure of the case turned that arrest into a true public trial in which Vázquez was convicted, even before the court ruling. However, years later, new evidence exonerated this woman. In 2003, the lifeless body of another adolescent, Sonia Carabantes, appeared with enough expert coincidences to conclude that the murderer was the same and, therefore, not Dolores Vázquez. If you want to know the complete version of Dolores Vázquez, HBO Max premiered the series ‘Dolores: The truth about the Wanninkhof case’.

    ‘Wild Wild Country’

    When a controversial cult leader builds a utopian city in the Oregon desert, conflicts with locals spill over state lines. The start of this documentary miniseries introduces us to the spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who in 1981 moved his ashram from India to Oregon. There the commune irritates the neighbors and, faced with their legal actions, Ma Anand Sheela, the personal secretary of the leader of this community, prepares an action plan: recruit the homeless with false promises to strengthen their ranks for the elections. The leader’s ambition collides with that of his, until now, his assistant, and his erratic actions begin to get out of hand, opening a gap that the FBI can take advantage of.

    The disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    madeleine mccann

    It is perhaps one of the most notorious cases of the last decade. The documentary takes an in-depth look at the disappearance of 3-year-old Madeleine McCann while she was on vacation with her family. With strong media pressure, the request for citizen collaboration and an international police deployment, the case goes through several turns in the investigation. From the parents themselves to other possible implications, all theories are considered, both by the authorities and by private detectives. Ten years after her disappearance, the McCanns do not lose hope of finding out what happened to her little girl.

The 15 Best Netflix True Crime Documentaries