The ‘Deluxe’, ‘I see how you sing’ and ‘Investigation team’, in today’s ‘prime time’

The ‘Deluxe‘ return to prime time Telecinco (22:00 hours). After surprising as the presenter of ‘Sálvame Limón’ several weeks ago, on this occasion, Isa Pantoja returns to the set of the program presented by María Patiño as the star guest.

Antenna 3 broadcasts tonight a new program from the second season of ‘I see how you sing‘ (10:00 p.m.). The program presented by Manel Fuentes will once again feature Ruth Lorenzo, El Monaguillo and Josie as advisers, who will help the contestants to recognize the good vocalists and unmask the impostors. In addition, a new musical figure will also participate in each program, who will immerse himself in the different rounds to try to help the contestant to succeed in the final phase. Blas Cantó will be the guest artist tonight.

Research team‘ will be the bet of the sixth this Friday night (10:30 p.m.). The team of the program presented by Gloria Serra will analyze in depth a topical issue within our society.

James Franco, surrounded by apes in Cuatro

Four program tonight (10:15 p.m.) a new screening of ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes‘. Prequel to the legendary feature film “Planet of the Apes”. Will Rodman (James Franco) is a young scientist who is doing research with monkeys to obtain a treatment for Alzheimer’s, a disease that affects his father (John Lithgow). One such primate, Cesar, a newborn chimpanzee whom Will took home to protect, undergoes a truly amazing evolution in intelligence. In the study of the ape he will be helped by a beautiful primatologist named Caroline (Freida Pinto).

Denzel Washington, police prostrated in La 1

A new pass of ‘The bone Collector‘comes tonight to the 1 on TVE (10:15 p.m.). Detective Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington) suffered a terrible accident during an investigation that left him quadriplegic. However he is still one of the best cops in New York, able to keep track of his investigation from the bed he is lying in. He just needs a little help, from an agent who is able to connect with his intuition and put his conclusions into action. Alongside rookie officer Amelia (Angelina Jolie), Rhyme will go to any lengths to find the brutal killer who is littering the city with corpses: a psychopath who is also playing cat and mouse with the police, leaving clues that Lincoln tries to decipher. .

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The ‘Deluxe’, ‘I see how you sing’ and ‘Investigation team’, in today’s ‘prime time’