The famous television character who turned out to be a sexual predator

In recent days, it has been placed in the top of the most viewed on the Netflix streaming platform a two-chapter docudrama that explains the chilling case of jimmy savileone of the most famous and influential television personalities in the United Kingdom and which shocked the British a decade ago when it was discovered that it had been a very dangerous sexual predator throughout his life.

Jimmy Savile. Photo: CA/Redferns

The case was uncovered shortly after the death of Savile (who died on October 29, 2011, two days before his 85th birthday), revealing the true personality of one of the most admired, respected, influential and largest public television audience in the country.

Jimmy Savile had managed to gather weekly in front of the television about fifty million viewers, thanks to the different programs he presented on the BBC. She came to rub shoulders with the most important personalities of her country, being personal friend of Prince Charles of England, Margaret Thatcher or Philip of Edinburgh (husband of Queen Elizabeth II), among many others.

Throughout five decades (between 1960 and 2011) he became one of the most popular faces in his country and famous were his numerous charitable campaigns to raise funds that were destined for social works or the construction of hospitals, reaching get over £40 million.

In the eyes of the viewers, there was nothing to suspect that that funny, generous and quirky character (he liked to be dressed in a flashy way, with colorful clothes and a curious hairstyle of long blonde hair) he hid one of the most perverse personalities that have ever been known.

Although the details of his numerous sexual perversions were made public after his death, the journalistic investigation that uncovered it had been collecting data and testimonies from his victims for several years, although at that time it could not be made public due to the refusal of some media to publish it, the police to investigate it and the pressures received from Jimmy Savile’s legal environment, which threatened million-dollar lawsuits if the popular character was defamed.

It is estimated that its victims far exceeded half a thousandhaving these ones ages between 5 and 75 yearsbecause Savile had no regard when it came to committing his sexual abuse and regardless of age or condition (young boys and girls, elderly people, disabled people and even practicing necrophilia with deceased people in the morgue).

His popularity had opened the doors of any place and under the excuse of doing social volunteering, Jimmy Savile entered any hospital or charitable institution, where he committed most of the sexual assaults and rapes.

At the same time, he was receiving all kinds of distinctions, including Knighthood of the British Empire, which empowered him to bear the honorary treatment of ‘sir’ next to his name (Sir Jimmy Savile).

As a television presenter he achieved great success with two of the many programs in which he participated, mainly the musical ‘Top of the pops’ (where he rubbed shoulders with the most relevant artists of the 1960s, 70s and 80s) or ‘Jim’ll Fix It’a family program with a millionaire audience in which this peculiar character managed to make the wishes of the viewers (especially the little ones) come true.

But despite all that exorbitant fame and adulation from millions of fans, around Jimmy Savile always there was a constant rumor about his possible tastes and sexual practices and unfortunately no one around him dared to say it out loud or denounce it publicly. The media power exerted on him was so great that it was impossible for someone to point him out of the numerous perversions, since they would not be believed.

On October 29, 2011, two days before his 85th birthday, Jimmy Savile was found dead in his Leeds penthouse (where he was originally from) due to heart problems he had suffered for a few years and complications from pneumonia.

He received a funeral worthy of the highest personalities, his funeral being televised and thousands of admirers of all ages passing through his funeral chapel.

It was after his death that a large number of victims of his abuse and rape (who were already adults by then) dared to publicly denounce, through forums and social networks, the details of the hidden face of the sexual predator.

Image source: dullhunk (Flickr)

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The famous television character who turned out to be a sexual predator