The Gray Man, what the new film that arrives in theaters and on Netflix is ​​about

When it comes to giving them heavily, Netflix certainly does not take the task lightly and so, The Gray Man, available for viewing from July 22nd and July 13th already in selected cinemas, it is the most expensive action and “fist fight” film produced by the streaming giant to date, with a budget spent of 200 million dollars. Based on the bestseller, The Gray Man – Three Days for a Murder from Mark Greaneythe film, the first of a franchise, is directed by two experts in the genre, the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, already at the helm of hits from the Marvel universe, including Avengers: Endgame, which we remember being the second highest grossing film in the history of cinema. For a film with a high rate of physical commitment, there is a whole cast of desires in terms of prowess and skill, starting with Ryan Goslingstarring as Court Gentry, the Gray Man of the title, also called Sierra Six, most skilled CIA agent and once paid hitman.

For a perfect protagonist, it takes an antagonist who can stand up to him and here it comes Chris Evans, old acquaintance of the Russo brothers for all Captain America they Avengers, here in the role of Lloyd Hansen, a former psychopathic colleague of Court who puts a price on his head, sparking a manhunt. To complete the picture of being ready to perform feats at the Tom Cruise, we find Ana de Armas (agent Dani Miranda), Regé-Jean Page And Billy Bob Thornton (former Court supervisor). We virtually meet the large cast, ready for the double adventure room / streaming and the Russo brothers are the first to distance their Gray man from the other spy thrillers in circulation, first of all, of course, 007: “It’s a modern story, Bond, like you know, instead, it is a saga born many years ago – they clarify. Our film is more connected to what’s happening in the world right now. The characters are existential and quite funny. This book had our own sense of humor and we thought it could connect well with today’s audiences. “

Who is fan of Ryan Gosling and his exploits, both enigmatic in Drive and musical-romantic in La La Land, he will know that the actor tries to avoid interviews and conferences as much as he can. The Gray man is no exception and Gosling gives himself little and only on “physical” matters: «We had to do a lot of training for the film but I also had a lot of help from the wonderful stunt team. I had to learn different martial arts styles, all supervised by a former member of the Delta Force who gave me practical advice that I needed to develop the character, make the film special ». Of his Sierra Six, Ryan Gosling he wrote in the production notes: «I can’t wait for the public to watch this film because I would have loved it when I was young. I think it’s easy to identify with Six because he’s an analogue hero in a digital world ». More eloquent than his counterpoint in Gray Manthere is Chris Evans who praises the Russo Brothers: «Playing a villain in general is always more fun. Then, working with the Russo Brothers also instills a lot of freedom and a constant sense of trust. Without them this would not have been as fulfilling an experience as it has been. They know, without my having to tell them, what are the things that I don’t like doing and what are the things that I can’t wait to face. This familiarity also leads me to take greater risks ».

She does not have a femme fatale role and not even a maid in distress Ana De Armas and it is also in this that The Gray man aims to differentiate itself from this first chapter of the saga: «I was very happy that the Russos thought of me, I wanted to work with Ryan and Chris again and I loved the character of Dani Miranda, right from the screenplay. I love this woman, who she is, her experience of her, her physical and mental preparation and also how fearless and tough she is. In addition she – she adds looking at her colleagues – we are an exceptional cast and as antagonists we work perfectly, we have given to each other with good reason ». Together with colleagues Alfre Woodard, Jessica Henwick And Julia Butters then, De Armas, implies his cinematic past (Bond Girl in No Time to die and holographic artificial intelligence “in love” with Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049) to discuss the female characters in Gray Man: “I’ve been that typical female character in the movies who is always beautiful and always wears heels. But movies like this that don’t predict and don’t focus on that type of character bring a sense of renewal. This time I’m not Ryan’s love interest, I was (in Blade Runner 2049) but here we talk about our power as women in a different way, that’s why it’s important to make ourselves an integral part of action movies ».

Very excited to be part of a stellar cast like this is finally Regé-Jean Pagean actor whose life was literally changed thanks to the role of the Duke of Hastings in Bridgerton. Of his Danny Carmichael, the “ruthlessly ambitious” CIA department head, with an obvious dark side, he says: “The funny thing about villains is that they have no barriers to keep them from achieving their goals. I wanted to savor the taste of dishonesty, for once and I hope this amuses the public ». Jean Page is always the best reviewer of the film: «It’s a global adventure, and it includes spies, explosions, firearms, plane crashes, there’s a bit of everything. It also has a sophisticated elegance typical of James Bond and recalls the hyperrealism and hyperviolence of Bourne. It combines everything together and makes everything more palatable ».

The Gray Man, what the new film that arrives in theaters and on Netflix is ​​about – Il Riformista