The great career of Rosamund Pike: her films and her nominations

Rosamund Pike is a British actress known for her very diverse roles. From Marie Curry to Amy Dunne (Gone Girl), this actress knew how to develop her game by knowing how to blend completely into her character. Without any difficulty, she goes from a vulnerable young woman to a great manipulator. Thanks to her remarkable performances, Rosamund Pike has often been nominated for awards.

Biography of Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike is the only daughter of opera singers Caroline and Julian Pike. She grew up in London. At the age of 16, she entered the National Youth Theatre, then continued her studies in English literature at Wadham College in Oxford. She made her debut as an actress in the TV movie An unusual couplethen in Wives and Daughters in the 90s. But it’s his role in James Bond: Die Another Day in 2002 which made him famous. At the age of 21, she plays Miranda Frost, a double agent who managed to unmask James Bond. But that doesn’t mean she’s dropping the board. Since then, she has performed scenes with renowned actors like Ben Afleck, Bruce WillisRowan Atkinson or even Tom Cruise.

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Regarding her private life, Rosamund Pike was in a relationship for two years with her partner in the film pride and prejudice, Simon Woods. Then, she was in a relationship with director Joe Wright, with whom she was going to marry in 2018. But the director called off their marriage without any explanation. Since 2019, it is with Robie Uniacke that she shares her life. They are not married, but they have two children: Solo (2012) and Atom (2014).

Filmography of Rosamund Pike

Throughout her career, Rosamund Pike has participated in several TV programs. She also starred in 58 movies the most notable of which are:

James Bond: Die Another Day

Like all James Bond films, it is a spy film directed by Lee Tamahori and produced by EON Productions, released in 2002. This is the 20th in the saga and marks the 40th anniversary of Agent 007. James Bond is on a mission in North Korea. He meets MI6 agent Miranda Frost. Rosamund Pike stars alongside Pierce Brosnan as Agent Miranda Frost. This is the actress’ first major role. This role earned him the Empire Award for Most Promising Actor.

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Rochester, the last of the libertines

It is a film by Laurence Dunmore which tells the life of the second Earl of Rochester interpreted by Johnny Depp. John Wilmot leads a tumultuous life of debauchery. As a free thinker, he defies all the rules of royalty and seeks only pleasure and freedom. He falls in love with actress Elizabeth Barry. Rosamund Pike plays the supporting role of Elizabeth Malet, the account’s wife. Although the film was not well received by critics due, in particular, to a lack of dynamism, the performances of the actors were praised. Rosamund Pike received an award for her role.

Gone girl

It is a psychological thriller by David Fincher released in 2014 based on the best-selling Appearances (Gone Girl) by Gillian Flynn. Nick and Amy Dunne are a couple. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy suddenly disappears. Everything suggests that Nick murdered Amy: the half-burnt diary, suspicious objects. And above all, Nick has an affair with one of his students, further reinforcing his guilt. The case is excessively publicized, seeing in Nick a psychopath in lack of recognition since Amy is a celebrity. The themes of societal prejudice and media manipulation are addressed. Rosamund Pike plays the role of Amy Dunne alongside Nick Dunne. For this role, she has them several awards.

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I care a lot

It is a satirical thriller produced by Netflix and directed by J Blakeson. The film was released in 2020. Rosamund Pike plays the lead role of Marla Grayson. This tutor lives very easily at the expense of the elderly people she takes care of. For this, she works with her accomplices like Dr Amos or Sam Rice. But his latest victim, Jenifer Peterson, is not like the others. She will then have to double her efforts to get out of it. This role also earned her the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy.

Rosamund Pike: her nominations

Rosamund Pike has a great film career. His performances have always been noticed. She has often been nominated for the Oscars. Here are some notable films that won him awards

  • I care a lot (2021): Golden Globe (2021) for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical
  • Gone Girl (2014): Rosamund Pike’s performance in this film received positive reviews from several critics. She had several awards as best actress for this film, notably at the 41st Saturn Awards 2015, Seattle Film Critics Awards and London Film Critics Awards
  • That weekend (2014): London Film Critics Circle Awards for British actress in 2015.
  • Rochester, the last of the libertines (2004): British Independent Film Awards for Best Supporting Actress in 2005.
  • James Bond: Die Another Day (2002): 8th Empire Awards 2003 ceremony in the Best Newcomer category.


The great career of Rosamund Pike: her films and her nominations