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Roberto Zaccaria, 64, took his own life last Sunday: he had pretended to be a woman in chat for a year, leading a 24-year-old young man to suicide. The TV program had covered the case. This evening the live version of the broadcast of Italia 1. The file at the moment against unknown persons: the banners that appeared in the town are also being examined

The prosecutor’s office of Forl has opened an investigation into the crime of instigating suicide, in relation to the death of Robert Zaccaria
the 64-year-old who committed suicide after the media outcry that exploded following the service of The
hyenas who had pointed him out as responsible for the death of Daniele, the 24-year-old who had in turn taken his own life on 23 September 2021. To confirm it at Courier the head of the prosecutor’s office of Forl, Maria Teresa Cameli. The church at the moment charged to unknown persons.

In the morning Zaccaria’s lawyers, Pierpaolo Benini and Antonino Lanza, had stated that the pensioner’s family members are determined to appear as a civil party if a proceeding is opened for crimes such as private violence and instigation to suicide.

Hyenas, live from 21.15 on Italia 1, they gave their version: We will continue to handle the case.

Benini, Zaccaria’s lawyer, told al Courier: The hypotheses of crime under discussion can be prosecuted ex officio. Detailing: Private violence, could be configured due to the way in which the images of Zacharias were stolen and disseminated against his will, despite the fact that our client had proceeded with a formal warning. mto also the instigation to suicidebecause despite the prosecutor’s office having filed the hypothesis of the main crime – the death of Daniele as a consequence of another crime – in disclosing to the public the implicit thesis that Zacharias had caused Daniele’s death had unleashed a public pillory which had led to the posting of manifestos against Zechariah.

The lawyer explained that after the episode of the Italia 1 program last Tuesday in Forlimpopoli posters appeared with the words: You must die, cursed, You must burn in hell. The man’s lawyers explain that Zaccaria had also made a complaint to the policeri, who should have brought me to evaluate what to do. Then, evidently, he didn’t even feel like living anymore, added Benini, according to whom Zaccaria would also have left a note: But it’s not in my possession, because it would be under scrutiny by the investigators. I believe an autopsy will be performed to clarify the causes of death. I went to the funeral home and they are waiting for the clearance, also due to the particular circumstances. According to the lawyer, Zaccaria seems to have made use of drug cocktails.

To criticize the approach of hyenas in the meantime, Selvaggia Lucarelli was up Tomorrow he wrote: Reservoir Dogs are a socially dangerous program. I’ve supported him for years, I’ve written numerous articles (the last one two weeks ago) denouncing the disinformation that Davide Parenti’s team continues to spread from Stamina onwards, but this has never been the only problem. As I have repeatedly mentioned, the upstream problem is the method. For two decades we have witnessed the havoc that the Hyenas have done to journalism, that we have accepted the images of specks in suits and ties chasing people on the street, in their workplace, in their private homes. To microphones banged on the teeth to snatch handfuls and swear words that will serve to demonstrate who is the bad guy, to blunders, to justicialism passed off as justice, to the guillotine passed off as journalism.

However, the theme of a phenomenon remains, that of scams on the net, which requires legislative interventions. Zaccaria had been acquitted and had had to pay 825 euros, the amount of the penal decree (not appealed) for the crime of impersonation. The prosecutor’s office in Forl had requested the dismissal for the death as a result of another crime. A decision much criticized by Daniele’s father, Roberto, who in recent days had declared that: My son was the victim of what is now called “catfishing”, a virtual relationship born on social networks with a girl, behind which was hidden the figure of a 64-year-old man. This virtual relationship led to the death of my son. What happened was of immense gravity and many other boys and girls are victims of these deceptions. In 2021 there were more than 300 victims who reported, even if, certainly, they are much more numerous. Often, in fact, the victims do not have the courage to file a complaint, crushed by the shame and humiliation of having been duped and deceived by a false profile. The case of the entrepreneur from Veneto, Claudio Formenton, 64, was known, kidnapped in the Ivory Coast, where he had gone to meet the woman he had met online. As is the story of volleyball player Roberto Cazzaniga, who for 15 years believed he had a girlfriend in Brazil with health problems, who extorted more than 600 thousand euros from him.

November 8, 2022 (change November 9, 2022 | 07:20)

The lawyers of the 64-year-old suicide: “Prosecutors investigate the Hyenas”. Tonight the rerun of the broadcast