The Marseillais: a flagship candidate victim of a psychopath, she reveals her nightmare

When the You series becomes real

Do you know the You series? Well that’s what I’m going through right now“. This is how Catalia Rasami explains her recent absence from social media – when reality TV personalities are usually very active. For those who don’t know, the series highlights the life of a psychopath, obsessed with women, and who does everything he can to have them.… even if it means killing everyone who wants to prevent him from getting what he wants. This Netflix series is certainly based on a book, it could just as well have been taken from a news item. The stars are indeed numerous to have met unbalanced, obsessed and dangerous fans. Some have died. We think of the young singer Christina Victoria Grimmie, shot and killed by a man claiming to be a fan. This tragic event took place in 2016.

But Catalia refuses to let it go, she doesn’t want to remain in the posture of a victim who is afraid. She is even ready to reveal the photo of her stalker on her social networks, since she is now sure of who he is: Soon I will show the face of the psychopath who tracks and harasses me in real life, not only on the networks. My suspicions are confirmed today, almost flagrante delicto”.

From telephone harassment to attacks

It all starts in early March. This case is recent. A man contacts Catalia and offers her a filming project. Why not, after all, she must be approached more than once a day, she who is a known face. However, she remains suspicious. How did this person get their personal number? She asks, but gets no response. And that was only the beginning.

From that moment, the telephone harassment began. (…) It has intensified in recent days, I have heard scooters stop in front of my house at night, my scooter’s tires were punctured twice in a row in the same week, objects began to disappear within the grounds of the property“. Catalia fears the worst, her companion is away, so she is alone. ” I can’t sleep, I’m stressed. At night, I heard noises around my house.

But that’s not all. She later learns that the waitresses of a café where she goes regularly told her that a man had come in the hope of obtaining information on the referee between Les Marseillais and The Rest of the World.. Personal information. Fortunately, the young women do not reveal anything, but he tries his luck in other businesses. Catalia was therefore able to ask her people what her stalker looks like, the one who makes her nights shorter and her days more distressing:

I was told that he was a white man who speaks Thai fluently, who presents well, etc”. One day, as she explains, she bumps into him at the restaurant. She manages to take a picture of him and even writes down his license plate from his car: ” Tomorrow I’m going to report everything to the police, I’m not going to drop the case“. The end of this terrifying story? We hope so for Catalia, who must be eager to start filming again, in a secure setting.

Soon the end of reality TV?

W9 looks gray. The channel beat audience records with its reality TV shows and managed to steal the show from NRJ 12 a few years ago. But today, due to scandals and other controversies over the candidates, audiences are at the lowest. The Princes and Princesses of Love have shown real signs of weakness. The show was undoubtedly weighed down by the accusations of sexual assault that hang over Illan.

But today, it is the cult program Les Marseillais which has its lowest audiences. Changes must be made if the channel is to continue producing these cult but increasingly boring shows. Maybe new candidates could help, but you still have to find some who don’t know the handbook of the perfect candidate who makes television to create buzz and gain followers.

The Marseillais: a flagship candidate victim of a psychopath, she reveals her nightmare