The Marseillais: Eloïse and Nacca in the casting of “Moms and famous”!

Fans of Eloise and Nacca will have a smile. The ex-marseillais star couple will join the show “Moms and famous”.

Eloise and Nacca multiply the projects. At the latest news, their fans will not find them in the Marseillais program… But well and truly in the program Moms and famous. A new adventure for the couple! MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

End clap with the Marseillais?

To date, Eloïse and Nacca are among the influencers lare most popular at the moment. After having chained the shows with the Marseille, the duo decided to ease off.

The cause ? The pretty blonde is expecting their first child. They also formalized the happy news last December.

“Today it is with much love and emotion that we are happy to announce that we will soon to become parents, informed the future mother via her social networks. ” After 5 months of silence, we finally share this happiness with you. 2 years of love. 2 years of sharing every moment of life with you, discovering the world by your side, it is together that we will travel the most beautiful journey of our lives, giving life. »

But also : “What I feel is inexplicable, this indescribable happiness, this incredible feeling of carrying life.. We will soon be 3..”.

And that’s not all ! At the start of the year, the ex-star couple of the Marseillais also revealed the gender of her upcoming baby. Obviously, a little girl should be pointing soon the tip of his nose!

IT’S A GIRL! We are so moved to announce that a little girl will come to brighten up our lives. This new life at three promises to be magical“, have also rejoiced the main concerned on the Web.

In any case, their admirers will soon be able to find them in a new show… And that does not concern not the Marseillais!

The duo will do the show in Moms and famous

On March 14, the program Moms and famous s-signwe are back on TFX. For this new edition, Eloïse and Nacca will also be honoured.

Facing the camera, the duo will therefore reveal their daily lives with ease. The opportunity for their fans to learn more about them and their aspirations as as future parents.

A very different show compared to that of the Marseillais. Eloise and Nacca are gradually turning the page with the famous program.

According to the latest news on W9, the new show season has been launched! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show, the production has also released the heavy artillery.

Indeed, the great figures of the Marseillais were deceived by the group. As a reminder, actors were also included in the cast!

Thus, the bogus candidates had intended to deceive them. Unsurprisingly, the large family of Marseillais fell from above by discovering the horrible truth.

For the ParisianMaeva Ghennam has also made some secrets about a false candidate qui marked her enormously. Her name ? Ileana Artaud!

“She was dangerous. She was a psychopathic fan. You can’t even imagine how far it could have gone,” confessed the young woman. ” I still asked a journalist on the spot if she was normal… She was scary, sometimes.

And also to conclude: “And I wondered, because we still pass psychological tests before doing the show! “. It is said !

The Marseillais: Eloïse and Nacca in the casting of “Moms and famous”!