“The paper house: Korea” returns with a second part and shows the first advance

Thieves take over the Mint of a unified Korea. With the hostages trapped, the police must arrest them, as well as the mastermind behind the hit. (Netflix)

In June of this year he came to Netflix the Serie The paper house: Korea, Asian version of the Spanish production launched in 2017 and which managed to become a global phenomenon. Although at the beginning there were some doubts as to whether this adaptation could live up to the original, the truth is that after the first six episodes, the project managed to please the fans of this story. Now the streaming platform announced that a second part of this title will arrive on its service on December 9 with six new episodes.

Along with the announcement, the entertainment company released a preview of the next installment in which the caption “Everything is falling apart. There is one last chance to escape. Now the real heist begins. Get ready for the next heist!” The trailer has shown that the second part will continue to be faithful to Spanish history. However, the first part also made it clear that many new plots were added, for example, the relations between North Korea and South Korea, which play an important role in the show.

After its premiere, the series registered 33.7 million hours watched on the platform, (Netflix)
After its premiere, the series registered 33.7 million hours watched on the platform, (Netflix)

The trailer introduces a new face, Seoul (Lim Ji-yeon). She comes to accompany the group during the robbery and is a character that does not appear in the original version, therefore, she will give the story a different twist in the second part. In the video you can see how the robbers try to escape the scene with the stolen money, while the police team realizes that the criminals have more helpers outside. In the minute-plus clip, many returning familiar faces are also seen, such as the Professor, Inspector Seon Woo-jin, Berlin, and Tokyo.

Set in the near future of 2025, the Korean Peninsula is on its way to reunification with the two Koreas opening their borders, having established the joint economic area for the economic development of the two countries. Amid nationwide changes, a criminal mastermind calling himself the Professor recruits eight master thieves, who will use their own special skills, to pull off a 4 trillion won ($3 billion) heist.

The second part will bring a new character.  (Netflix)
The second part will bring a new character. (Netflix)

Through a press release, screenwriter Ryu Yong-jae (Psychopath Diary) described that working on the television show was something that excited him, especially because of the context in which this version takes place: “I was intrigued by the premise of the remake because it not only deals with the conflict between robbers and police, but also adds new layers such as tension, mistrust and harmony between North Korea and South Korea,” he explained. “A situation where thieves from North and South Korea join forces, and north and south police unite to stop their path adds a Korean lens to the original idea.”

Upon its premiere in June, the first half of the series recorded 33.7 million hours watched on the platform, making it the most-watched non-English-language program on the platform in its debut week. It was also the third most-watched show on the streaming service overall for that week, behind only the fourth season of stranger things and the third season of The Umbrella Academy. In its debut, the series outperformed other popular titles like Privacy, I am Betty, the ugly Y woman-fragranced coffee

The first season consisted of six episodes.  (Netflix)
The first season consisted of six episodes. (Netflix)

The main cast will consist of Yoo Ji-tae as the professor; Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo; Park Hae-soo as Berlin; Lee Won-jong as Moscow; Kim Ji-hoon as Denver; Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi; Lee Hyun-woo as Rio; Kim Ji-hoon as Helsinki; Lee Gyu-ho as Oslo; and Lim Ji-yeon as Seoul.

Within the cast of the armed forces, Kim Yoon-jin (lost) will give life to Seon Woo-jin, the detective and leader of the “TF Team”, who would become the Korean counterpart of Raquel Murillo; while Kim Sung-oh will play Captain Cha Moo-hyeok, a former special agent and team member. On the other hand, the hostages will be Park Myung-hoon as Jo Young-min; and Lee Joo-bin as Yoon Mi-seon.


Before the second part of this story arrives, you can enjoy the first season of The paper house: Koreawhich is available through Netflix.

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“The paper house: Korea” returns with a second part and shows the first advance