The producer of the Pérez Roldán series announces that he is working on the Manu Ginóbili series

Rodolfo Lamboglia, He is the founder of the successful production company bourke. Producer of series, television programs and films. It is Argentinian and triumph in foreign lands. In a conversation with him, she recounted some of her experiences with athletes from elite most recognized, how he finds balance in his work and how he sees the audiovisual industry today. His last work was the documentary Guillermo Perez Roldan for Star+

How to tell a story between respect, confidentiality and reality?

Producing documentaries about sports figures is really a challenge and it is a process that involves knowing the athlete’s history in detail, creating a relationship of trust to be able to get the best content out of it and entering their world with a camera to capture unique situations never seen before. . Above all, there is respect for talent and my main objective is to take care of the athlete. Confidentiality is something that should never be lost, but we must always tell the reality of the facts, which cannot be hidden in the long run

To what extent are athletes vulnerable or not?

Behind every athlete there is a story of a lot of effort, sacrifice and passion to reach the top. I do not feel that athletes are vulnerable, but that the personal and professional environment that each one has is essential, in terms of family, friends, coaches and managers who are often the ones who manage their prizes, their money and influence their sports careers. . The cases of individual sports, such as tennis or golf, are also different, where the athlete is practically alone and is often the one who makes all the decisions, and group sports, such as soccer or basketball, where the athlete is a Another piece within a team and perhaps a coach or manager can influence a greater or lesser part.

Rodolfo Lamboglia

How do you manage to deal with the professional’s ego?

It is not easy to manage the ego of the professional because they are elite athletes admired by everyone who are used to being the center, but I recognize that with all the athletes I worked with they are very simple, respectful and low-profile people.

Is there a consensus on both sides or is only what the athlete in question wants counted?

There is always a consensus between both parties because the more the story is told it is more beneficial for the athlete and for the content, this allows whoever watches the documentary to really know the life of the talent and admire it even more. The trust generated between the producer and the athlete is the key to being able to talk about all issues.

“It is not easy to manage the ego of the professional because they are elite athletes admired by everyone who are used to being the center”

Based on your experience, having met so many personalities:

What is behind fame, success and money?

Behind fame, success and money there are excellent people, very simple, with very strong mentalities and with very clear life goals; They are athletes who made a lot of effort and fought from a very young age to reach the forefront of world sports in order to be successful.

Lamboglia 6

How was the backstage experience in the Guillermo Pérez Roldan documentary? And are you aware of the impact that this film produced?

The experience of producing the documentary of Guillermo Perez Roldan, It was excellent because we started in the middle of the pandemic listening through a zoom to the stories that Guillermo told us and we put together a work structure that allowed, two years later, the launch of the content on Star+.

tell the story of Perez Roldan, It helps us not to remain silent in the face of situations of abuse, mistreatment and violence that exist in many families today. Parents who put pressure on their children in sports, music or another environment to save themselves financially.

Cases of violence and abuse are kept quiet most of the time, either because of fear towards society, or because the manipulator is a very skilled and psychopathic person who knows how to handle his victim very well, and that victim, that boy or that woman feels that the father-son, coach-player, or husband-wife relationship should be like this and they get used to it. Cases of violence must be reported so that they do not happen again, whether in the field of sport, work or a family.

I am aware of the impact that the documentary had on society, it was really incredible because everyone was talking about this story. It is enormously satisfying because we help encourage people to speak up and report cases of violence.

Have you already thought about the next documentary?

We are currently producing the documentary Manu Ginobilireally an incredible person, super simple, low profile, super professional, respected by the whole world, the greatest basketball player in Latin America of all times, and a great example and pride for our country. A life of improvement, of a lot of effort, work and sacrifice.

Manu Ginobili

Finally, could you give us a snapshot of your vision of the media today.

do you need a renovation? Did digital kill tv?

The audiovisual industry evolves rapidly, every day more content is needed, faster in terms of its pace, with shorter formats and with a good storytelling. Technology is essential to improve the content experience and in turn adds value to the production of films, documentaries and fiction. Today’s platforms additionally offer live content, be it sports, news, music recitals or events in general, with which the OTT (“Over the Top”) are undoubtedly the evolution of television. Digital is gradually replacing television and access to platforms is becoming easier, open and less expensive. follow the streaming through television as a screen and devices with smaller screens, more agile to transport and used by the new generations. platforms like Youtube, TikTok either instagram they are a success for their speed and short duration. Digital consumption really adds a lot of value to the industry.

FinallyI can anticipate that we produced in Uruguay the film titled “The duel”directed by Augusto Tejadawith the brilliant performances of Joaquin Furriel Y Eugenia “the China” Suarez and a great castwhich is currently in post production and will soon be seen in all theaters and then on Star+.


The producer of the Pérez Roldán series announces that he is working on the Manu Ginóbili series