The “psychopathic girlfriend” says goodbye to YouTube: a young man who stars in a famous meme fell into depression

Laina Morris, better known as the psycho girlfriend, inspired a meme that is already an internet classic. Recently, she posted a video of herself on her popular YouTube channel in which she claims that she suffered from depression and anxiety, and says goodbye to the platform.

Her stare and haunting smile are an internet classic, but the protagonist of this meme looks like she wants to end the game.

Laina Morris, better known as “the psycho girlfriend”became famous thanks to the internet.

Her face inspired a meme that Internet users use to make jokes about the stereotype of a jealous, controlling, and maniac.

Laina’s face went viral in 2012, when she recorded a video to participate in a contest called by Justin Bieber.

In her video, Laina did a parody of one of Bieber’s songs, in which she played a girlfriend. “intense” and jealous.

The young woman enjoyed her fame for almost seven years. She created a YouTube channel that has accumulated millions of views and appeared on television shows, but a few days ago she posted what she said would be her last video.


“I ended up with a real deep depression“, says Morris in a part of the video, which lasts 28 minutes.

“He kept it a deep secret, he felt shame and guilt about being stressed and overwhelmed in a world and with a job and opportunities that were so great that I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t handle them.

In the video Laina tells her followers that since the end of 2018 she began treatment ppsychological and ppsychiatric and began to be medicated against depression and anxiety.

“Surprisingly, taking that medication was very, very difficult“, He says

“I had a hard time accepting the fact that I needed help with my mental health“.


In her farewell, Laina also includes some video snippets that she feels “embarrassed, ashamed” and that until now had not published.

“You are supposed to they would never see this“, he says, “but in the end, the message I want to give them with these videos is more important than avoiding embarrassment.”

In those fragments, which show “a difficult part” of his life, he is seen crying and venting about his struggle with depression and anxiety.

“Message to your fans”

Laina, however, warns that those “difficult times” they are not the only reason Why he leaves YouTube.

“I have grownlife has changed and my priorities have changed,” says the youtuber.


“Honestly, my relationship with YouTube started to turn more negative than positive”.

In her video, Laina says she shares her experience as a way of To help people They may be going through the same situation.

“I want to encourage anyone who is watching this, who is feeling really bad and feel that you are having problems with depression and anxiety, or any other mental illness, to please seek help.

“Take the time to accept that within yourself and love you“.

“You can have a therapist, family and friends, but in the end you are just with yourself and your thoughts and you need love yourself“.

The “psychopathic girlfriend” says goodbye to YouTube: a young man who stars in a famous meme fell into depression