The public dictates its sentence to the premiere of the series ‘Escandalo’ on Telecinco: there is unanimity

Telecinco has premiered ‘Escandalo: relato de una obsesión’, the highly controversial series accused of apologizing pedophilia and pedophilia.

Telecinco has finally launched the first episode of ‘Scandal, story of an obsession’. A series with a gruesome, disturbing and really daring plot that has lived up to his name in the face of the enormous controversy it has aroused. Only the trailer that Mediaset released to prime the premiere generated thousands and thousands of comments; accusing the chain of promoting and romanticizing pedophilia and pedophilia with a plot that narrates a forbidden, destructive and turbulent love story between Inés (Alexandra Jiménez) and Hugo (Fernando Líndez).

The key is in the nature of that relationship and, fundamentally, in the ages of the characters: she is 42 years old and he is only 15. De facto, it is what has fueled the controversy to unsuspected levels towards this fiction produced in collaboration with Alea Media, the same production company that was behind ‘Entrevías’: the most watched Spanish series on television in 2022.

The starting point of ‘Scandal, tale of an obsession’ has been the attempt to put an end to everything by the protagonist, who, dejected, decides to dive into the sea to take her own life. But at the last moment, who is her savior appears: Hugo. An unrepentant, rebellious, rebellious adolescent, marked by the premature death of his mother and faced with a father with an iron fist, relentless, who does not let him breathe and from whom he needs to flee as soon as possible.

The boy falls obsessively in love with Inés. From there, ‘Escandalo’ turns into an explosive romance in which Telecinco breaks with the great taboo of age. In her effort to ensure that no one meddles in that forbidden relationship that could land her in jail if it comes to light, Inés lets herself be carried away by her dangerous instincts and makes decisions that affect everyone around her; she plunging everyone around her into a spiral of serious events and fatal outcomes.

“Alexandra Jiménez is a beast, one of the best actresses in this country”

Once the long-awaited launch has taken place, viewers have delivered their verdict on social networks, turning #Escandalo into one of the trending topics of the night. The very impressive start has left us in shock, but if there is something that has been especially commented (and praised in avalanche) it is the masterful role played by Alexandra Jiménez.

«The premiere has surprised me for good and has hooked me from minute 0»

The plot, its narrative potential from the beginning and the interesting and necessary topics that it addresses and reflects -such as psychological abuse and mental health- have also been positively valued aspects. And in that sense, it has silenced the mouths of those who criticized it without waiting for its premiere. In the same way, the advance that Telecinco has offered of the next chapter of ‘Escandalo’ has not disappointed. It has left more than one speechless and eager to continue unraveling such a gruesome story:

The public dictates its sentence to the premiere of the series ‘Escandalo’ on Telecinco: there is unanimity