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One of the co-hosts of CBS’ new reality show The Real Love Boat is Jerry O’Connell, who had a long acting career before becoming a reality TV host. The Real Love Boat is CBS’ newest reality show and is part of the network’s new Wednesday night reality block, airing between CBS mainstays Survivor and The Amazing Race. The show, named after the classic 1970s series The Love Boat, is similar in format to several reality shows, with the main difference being that it takes place on a cruise ship that calls at many locations. romantics in Europe. O’Connell co-hosts the series with his wife, model and actress Rebecca Romijn.

Jerry O’Connell is known to CBS viewers for his contributions to The Talk. He joined that show as a permanent co-host in 2021, replacing the controversial Sharon Osbourne. Although he is best known as an actor and talk show host, CBS reality TV fans may also recognize him from his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, when he was greeted on the show by host Julie Chen-Moonves to give her thoughts on the season. as a reality TV super fan.

Real Love Boat Host Jerry O’Connell’s Acting Career Explained

Jerry O’Connell began his acting career starring in commercials as a child in the 1980s, but his big breakthrough came when he starred in Rob Reiner’s classic 1986 film Stand by Me. O’Connell played Vern Tessio, one of the central characters in Stephen King’s adaptation of the short story, alongside fellow ’80s kids River Phoenix, Corey Feldman and Wil Wheaton. O’Connell continued to work on sitcoms and commercials throughout the ’80s before landing the role of Quinn Mallory on the Fox sci-fi show Sliders. Although it struggled to find a large audience at the time, Sliders is considered by many to be a cult hit, and O’Connell received praise for his performance on the show.

O’Connell’s success in the ’90s continued with his role in 1997’s Scream 2. Following the huge success of the horror franchise’s first installment in 1996, O’Connell joined the sequel in as the college boyfriend of protagonist Sidney Prescott, Derek. O’Connell played a major role in the film and is well known for a scene in which he professes his love to Sidney in the college cafeteria by singing an a cappella rendition of The Partridge Family’s “I Think I Love You”. With Scream 2, he appeared in high-profile films like Jerry Maguire and Kangaroo Jack before returning to television with a major role in Crossing Jordan. He has also worked extensively in animation as a voiceover actor, lending his talent to several animated series.

Overall, Jerry O’Connell had a very successful career in Hollywood. Not only has he starred in several iconic movies and TV shows, but he has also brought his talents to unscripted programs. As of now, it’s unclear if he plans to continue playing, but his presence was a boon to The Real Love Boat’s inaugural season. His vast experience in front of the camera is evident when he helps the cast of The Real Love Boat find love on the open sea.

The True Love Boat airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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The Real Love Boat: Everything you need to know about Jerry O’Connell’s acting career | Pretty Reel