The report cards of Carrarese

Draw with a taste of disappointment in Carrara. How many ‘gifts’ made to the hosts with all those mistakes in front of goal!

Stocky 6.5 Only one inaccuracy on Capello, who was still in action due to offside by the attacker from Carrara. He is not called to who knows what surgery but shows off several firm grips on the ball, despite the mud. And if he was the owner also in the second round? “The teacher says that when a bell rings, an angel puts wings”.

Ciofi 6.5 In external practice added. He kicks off the black and white goal with a cross calibrated to the millimeter for Corazza. Now it has no limits. “What do you want, Mary? You can tell me! Do you want, do you want the moon? If you want her, I’ll lasso her for you. Yes, yes, that’s a good idea: I’ll give you the moon, Mary”.

Prestige 6 Up to the entrance of Plescia, Carrarese plays starting from the bottom so the good Prestia doesn’t show off his headers to dominate the unfortunate center forward. With his leadership he should have prevented the team from squashing close to the box so early. “Think big, be optimistic! Never show signs of weakness, always aim straight for the throat. Buy low and sell high. Fear is a problem that does not concern you! No previous experience can have prepared you to witness the carnage you will soon witness. The baseball final, the Olympics, that tension was nothing compared to it! In this palace it’s kill or be killed, in the trenches no friends are made and no prisoners are taken! You come in with half a million bean sprouts and the next moment your kids don’t even have shoes on!”

merchant 6 Never really in trouble but also in step with Grassini. He participates in the ‘wrong goal festival’ with a header out of nowhere from a corner kick.

Mint 6 Either very bad or very good, it knows no half measures. He is the first to put it out, alone in front of the goalkeeper. Many will then emulate him. (from 79′ Celiento 5.5 The cross that leads to the Tuscan draw starts from the field of his competence… More distracted by Roberto Garrone in keeping his son played by Christian De Sica in Christmas holidays at bay. “Dad, your well-being was stolen from you. You were the boss! Instead today you have the money and you are scandalized. You sent me to America, to New York! Tsz, we are from Frascati! To dad, stop it… and then, does mom play Gin at the Canottieri club and wear Versace? Do you wear your watch like Gianni Agnelli? And I’m going to bed with Leonardo Zartolin, why not?)

Brambilla 6.5 Often effective in disrupting the hosts’ plots. Too inaccurate in restarting the action immediately as requested by the coach. Better when you take the time to think with the ball at your feet. “But lust is here love: sun, whiskey and you’re in pole position! You go ahead and then we’ll reach you… Go go…”

Whites 6.5 In dirty matches and on heavy courts he always emerges among the best in the competition. Francesconi’s entry is right but someone else should have come out. “Error, nine on the report card, it is only given to Falcão”. “Your mistake, I give Falcão ten!” (from 66′ Francesconi 6 He enters for the sole purpose of stamping himself in Bozhanaj to avoid his accelerated ball and chain. The goal is achieved, at least in part. He pays for pitch conditions that do not bring out his qualities.)

Cauldrons 5 It doesn’t push forward. And we could even be satisfied, given that he defends punctually throughout the match… But then D’Auria is lost and at that point it’s a completely different story. “Hello, little creature… How dare you enter the Grinch’s lair?! What impudence! What audacity! What an unprecedented chutzpah! You wanted to attract lightning, so get ready to go boom!”

Saber 6 Malice and experience quite cover the physical decline he suffered at the end of this 2022. A little vacation will certainly do him good. “We took a perfectly insignificant psychopath like Valentine and turned him into a successful executive and in the same amount of time we turned an honest, hardworking man into a misfit, violent, potential murderer!” (from 53′ Bumbu 6 The Italian championship is not yet bread for his teeth. But with diligent commitment he is managing to change the mind of those who had already branded him in September as unsuitable. Growth. “That man is a product of an underdeveloped environment, he has absolutely nothing wrong with me and I can prove it.”)

Ferrante 5 A match that perfectly photographs his first months in Cesena: a generous fighter but those two missed goals face to face with Satalino would have put the match in the safe. Mistakes that weigh heavily. Only his world champion Argentina gives him a smile these days. “You are what the French call ‘les incompétents’”. (from 79′ udoh 6 Some good side play and many defensive retreats to help the teammates now perched in their trocar. The recent injury does not affect him and there is no hesitation in sinking the leg in contrast. “Don’t be offended, but aren’t you a bit old to be afraid?” “You may be a little old for many things, but never too old to be afraid”.)

Armor 6.5 Even today stamp the card. One could point out to him that before the goal signed he had trashed two succulent occasions like those squandered by Ferrante. Except that he then scores and Ferrante doesn’t. Which is why one is at 13 in the scorers chart while the other is stuck at 2. To date, Cesena has no alternatives to the Joker. “It was a long time ago, longer than it now seems, in a place that perhaps in dreams one remembers, the story that you will be able to hear, took place in the world of the merriest parties. Perhaps you may have wondered where parties are born. If this is not the case, I would say… that you should start!” (from 66′ S. Shpendi 5.5 The market rumors about him are getting louder, he ‘wisely’ chooses to silence them with a performance in the shade. And if it left the same? “Aren’t you worried that something might happen to him?” “No! For three reasons: A – I’m not so lucky; B – we have smoke detectors; and C – we live in the dumbest street in the United States of America, where nothing remotely dangerous happens and will never happen! Point”.)

Mister Tuscan 6.5 “Bumbu, Bumbu. I wanna go Bumbu. Let’s spend the night together. Together in my room”. It’s not a Christmas quote, much less a movie. It’s a song by the Vengaboys whose karaoke the coach makes us hear starting in the 53rd minute, when the Frenchman enters the field. Carefully studied opponent, well prepared match and equally well read in progress. Then if his friends make a mistake face to face with the goalkeeper, it can’t be his fault.

Cesena FC 5.5 “Cute. Smart. Curious. Smart. Dangerous”. The bianconeri are not Gremlins but for Christmas they give us a good trick. The way things had turned out, it was the perfect opportunity to put some pressure on Reggiana. Instead, if the grenades were to win in Lucca, with five points to recover in the standings, the road would become very uphill again. Time to time…

The report cards of Carrarese-Cesena | Christmas at the cinema