The shadow killer: black is black on Arte

Natalie Madueño and Helle Fagralid lead the investigation to unmask the “shadow killer”. Per Arnesen

REVIEW – Season 2 of Ina Bruhn’s Danish thriller, in the vein of the previous one, raw and effective, looks back on unpunished crimes. Not to be missed, from this Thursday March 17 on Arte at 8:55 p.m.

In the very long list of Scandinavian series, season 1 of Shadow Killer, broadcast last year on Arte, occupied a unique place. More than a Danish production made in the rules of the art, more than a reference to add to the always very popular “Nordic Noir”, the miniseries dared to show what others generally limit themselves to suggest out of respect for the sensitivity of the viewer.

Two powerful women

In this case, crude, dirty, odious, compulsive or premeditated, even refined sadism. Not only did it show the beginnings and the consequences of the crimes to which the plot was attached, but it also showed the tortures suffered by the victims.

A bias that is reminiscent of that of the screenwriter of the film adaptation of Silence of the Lambs, who illustrated in the smallest detail each stage of the enjoyable and all-powerful escalation of the psychopath Buffalo Bill. A choice also assumed by the creator, aware of “never having written something so dark”, but anxious to dig, through the thriller, all the horror of the violence done to vulnerable people.

The identity of the killer revealed in the first episode

We already owed Ina Bruhn the excellent Occupied and Norskov, in the secret of the mirrors. We now owe him one of the most remarkable thrillers on television. Season 1 had as its starting point the link established between three disappearances of young girls and related the difficult investigation carried out jointly by an inspector and the psychocriminologist Louise Bergstein (Natalie Madueño). The identity of the killer was revealed from the first episode in order to bring the viewer’s interest to the other characters, including the important second knives.

Dense and structured narration

Season 2 reproduces the process and finds Louise, called this time to collaborate with a woman, the inspector Karina Horup (Helle Fagralid), on the horrible murders of three teenagers. Here again, the plot applies to interweaving the life stories of each, the killer, the victims, their families, the neighbors, the brothers, the sisters, who all come together around what humanity carries within it. more beautiful but also more frightening.

Beatings, manipulation, torture, domination, rape, betrayal, etc. The series has eight episodes, as before. The narration is dense, structured, solid. You have to, because the characters are numerous. The Danish countryside is scary. The image is sharp. The climax, powerful. The viewer comes out sideways.

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The shadow killer: black is black on Arte