The story of “Pedrinho Matador”: from serial killer to YouTube star

Justice for many, psychopath for others. He is ‘Pedrinho Matador’ to the world / (Sao Paulo Police)

Life always tends to take unexpected turns that we never expected. But the case of the Brazilian Pedro Rodrigues Filho It is worthy, perhaps, of a horror movie or at least of redemption. It depends on how you want to see it.

better known as “Pedrinho Matador” He was a serial killer who between 1968 and 2003 killed at least 71 people. Almost all drug traffickers, criminals, pedophiles, rapists and thieves. And more than half were prisoners who were locked up with him. Although the police believe that his victims may be more than 100 throughout the Brazilian territory.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho He was born in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Minas Gerais state, on June 17, 1954. His life was not at all easy even when he was in his mother’s womb.

And it is that one day, during the pregnancy, Pedro’s mother received a severe beating by his own father and one of the kicks that he applied caused the unborn child to suffer a skull injury.

Due to the extreme poverty of his family, “Pedrinho Matador” he couldn’t go to school. So his life in the underworld began at an early age. So much so, that it was only when he was in prison that he learned to read.

One day he found out that his father had been fired from the municipality of Alfenas. The mayor himself had accused him of robbery. Angry, he took his grandfather’s shotgun and shot at the authorities. But it didn’t end there “Pedrinho” he also murdered the man he believed to be the real thief.

After the fact, he fled to Mogi das Cruzes, in Greater Sao Paulo, and he began to survive by stealing from local drug traffickers and killing dealers.

Over time, he became a partner with the widow of one of his victims and took over the deceased’s business. True to his style, he began dealing drugs, knocked out the competition and earned a reputation as one of samba country’s most feared murderers.

Soon after, he fell in love with a woman named Maria Aparecida Olympia. But one day she found her dead, after having been tortured and mutilated. All this when she was pregnant.

Then fury took over “Pedrinho” Once again, and after finding out who the culprit was, a rival drug trafficker, he forced his way into a marriage and, together with four friends, gunned down not only the murderer of his wife, but six other people. Another 16 were injured. And he was not yet 18 years old.

Then he learned the real reason his father was also serving a prison sentence: he had killed his mother with a machete. So one day he visited him and stabbed him 22 times. Then she ripped out his heart and threw it away.

Until he was finally arrested on May 24, 1973. During his transfer to prison he was put next to a rapist. He would later kill him inside the prison compound.

If someone would think that locked up everything would change, they are wrong. It was much worse. “Pedrinho” it killed 47 inmates. He would later confess that he killed them because of his past as a murderer of criminals. This caused the majority of the prison population to hate him.

Once, the inmates wanted to take revenge and prepared an ambush for him. Outcome? “Pedrinho” killed three and injured two other inmates.

In 2003, he was almost released but his petition was rejected due to his murders inside the prison.

He would have to wait until 2007 to be free again. But he was arrested again in 2011 and convicted of riot and false imprisonment.

Everything seemed to end with the 128-year sentence he was given for all his murders in prison, but there is no luck.

And it is that in Brazil a law was repealed that declares that diagnosed psychopaths can be detained indefinitely, and the fact that the maximum prison sentence is 30 years in that country, since “Pedrinho Matador” was released in 2018, after 42 years in prison.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho assures that now he is a new man since "God has forgiven me" / (YouTube Capture)
Pedro Rodrigues Filho assures that he is now a new man since “God has forgiven me” / (YouTube Capture)

Already 67 years old, and released, he became a speaker, released a book and has a documentary. The cherry on his macabre dessert is the more than 184 thousand subscribers he has on his channel Youtubewhere he comments and analyzes crimes committed by others.


The story of “Pedrinho Matador”: from serial killer to YouTube star