“There was magic powder in the toilet”: Karmele Marchante’s vomiting experience when she went to h…

Hoaxes, rumors, leaks and fake news have always been the order of the day on Telecinco and, especially, on ‘Sálvame’. They have been making programs and fueling controversies for more than a decade -many of them absurd- and it is normal for someone to talk too much, no matter how indiscriminately and falsely. There are too many people with a desire for prominence, who would sell their closest friend in order to appear on television. It is full of cases that we can count: Jordi González -the fakenot that of Telecinco, cracking in Socialité by Núria Fresita- is an example that goes like a glove. However, now it is Karmele Marchante, an ex from ‘Save me’ and ex from ‘Deluxe’ the one you don’t see for a long time.

Karmele Marchante TV3

He does so in ‘La Voz de Galicia’, in an interview in which he said that she feels “Spanish”, although she is “indepe” even and the fights that the pro-independence leaders have within the Parliament of Catalonia. In this interview, however, He not only talks about politics, but also about his media past. Now she is no longer in the arena every day, but it must be remembered that Karmele was a regular at the gatherings of ‘Save me’ and in the crowds of the Telecinco corridors. To the Galician journalist, Arantza Furundarena, the one from Tortosa explains that “in Sálvame magic dust ran everywhere”. Some explosive statements that he has not let go without expanding later.

“Once I went to the bathroom and they were on the toilet lid. I put them in the director’s cleavage and told her ‘Here, you don’t find out'”, narrates Marchante, very upset before adding that “I don’t like that drugs are used at work.” But this is not the first time that the author of ‘No Me Callo’ -book that is presented today in Madrid together with Cristina Fallaràs, Lolita Flores and Cristina Almeida- talks about the relationship ‘Save me’-drugs. She has done it on more than one occasion. And it is that in 2020 he came to say that they organized “bathroom drug runs”. In addition, he branded Jorge Javier from “psychopathic dwarf”. Some unfortunate and incendiary statements that he just completed on Twitter: “If they keep naming me, I will write everything I experienced: drug races in bathrooms and dressing rooms, alcohol, non-informative lies, management orders to distort events for a larger audience, nepotism, love inbreeding to place boyfriends, fights for publicity…”. Terrific, Karmele.

His independent past

The author of ‘Tsunami’ also had a political past. Now, she wouldn’t even be drunk, she would campaign for a political party, but in 2014 he got wet with courage and was a benchmark for many in the Procés. What is now Jordi Pesarrodona before was Karmele Marchante, that publicly asked for the vote for the joint list of ‘Together for Yes’, with which Artur Mas won the Catalan elections in 2015 and went “to the trash can of history” because of the CUP. Now in “the trash can of history” is where Karmele can end up as he does not modulate his statements anymore. Being so controversial on Twitter is not usually good business. Things can be said in another way, with more decorum, with more know-how. In a more French way.

Karmele, in Interviú

“There was magic powder in the toilet”: Karmele Marchante’s vomiting experience when she went to h…