These are the HBO Max premieres in February


We are already in February and the month is full of titles for all tastes on HBO Max: the platform premieres “Traitors España”, the Spanish adaptation of the most successful television format of the year. As far as series is concerned, the Warner Bros. Discovery streaming service premieres “Poor Devil”, and brings us back the new seasons of “The Godfather of Harlem” and “The Flash”. In addition, we will be able to see “All That Breathes”, an Oscar-nominated feature film, and several docuseries such as “The House That Dragons Built” and “Who Killed Madeline”. You can check all the premiere dates of HBO Max series, and the rest of the platforms and channels, in our CALENDAR in our Series section.

The series coming to HBO Max in February

“Trust me”. Premiere on February 9

This new series introduces us to Jonny Murphy (Eden H Davies), 16 years old, who is doing her best to navigate this world. Growing up hasn’t been easy, and although his friends and family love him, Jonny suffers from undiagnosed depression and anxiety that he does his best to hide. So when he is faced with the most heartbreaking tragedy he has ever experienced, Jonny has to decide: will he let events get the better of him or will he learn to live?

“Cormoran Strike: Muddy Blood”. Premiere on February 10

While investigating the mysterious disappearance of a missing woman, Strike and Robin are faced with a fiendishly complex case involving a psychopathic serial killer and witnesses who cannot be trusted.

“Poor devil”. Premiere on February 17

Stan is the antichrist but he doesn’t like to do evil, he wants to be a musical actor. He has just turned 665 months old and he only has one month left to face his destiny: to unleash the apocalypse. At his birthday party, he receives news from his father, Satan: he will move to New York to prepare for the apocalypse. Stan will not live alone, he will share the apartment with two very familiar demons: his godfather Mephisto and his cousin Samael. Mephisto is a cat, hedonist and playboy addicted to drugs, whose job it is to buy souls and Samael is a “charming” demon specializing in possessions. Since they are two expert devils, Satan trusts that they will “straighten out” his son. For Stan that month in New York is the best gift; he will finally be able to fight for his dream and maybe fall in love.

Other series coming to HBO Max in February

The Godfather of Harlem [T3]: February 9
Flash [T9]: February 9

Documentaries and reality shows in February on HBO Max

“Traitors”. Premiere on February 3

Emotionally strong, strategists, with a privileged analytical mind, competitive, mask professionals, argumentative experts, resistant to stress. These adjectives perfectly describe the players of this new program, who will immerse themselves in an exciting challenge in which the conflict is not in coexistence, but in developing the best strategy to survive in a game of betrayal and intrigue, an exciting psychological game in which 18 celebrities compete as they try to guess who they can trust among their peers.

Who killed Madeleine?. Premiere on February 3

In May 2007, three-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared from a holiday resort in Portugal. Now, the German police think they know who is responsible for the crime. Interviews with investigative journalists explore this new suspect.

“All That Breathes”. Premiere on February 8

This Oscar-nominated documentary tells the story of two brothers who dedicate their lives to the quixotic effort to protect the black kite, a majestic bird of prey essential to New Delhi’s ecosystem that has been disappearing from the sky at an alarming rate. Amid environmental toxicity and social unrest, the ‘comet brothers’ spend day and night caring for the creatures in their makeshift basement avian hospital. The film explores the connection between the kites and the Muslim brothers who help them return to the skies, offering a fascinating chronicle of interspecies coexistence.

“The Curse of the Windsors”. Premiere on February 12

The Curse of the WindsorsIn 2005 one of the most iconic skyscrapers in Spain, the Windsor Tower, completely burned down live on television. The flames opened the door to all kinds of hypotheses. Was it an accident or sabotage?

“The house of those who built the dragons.” Premiere on February 13

The history of the Targaryen family 200 years before the events that took place in “Game of Thrones”.

A 10-part docuseries that dives into the making of the first season of the house of the dragon. Featuring over 100 interviews, the series offers four and a half hours of exclusive behind-the-scenes content, documenting the journey of the production, cast and crew over 10 months across four countries.

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These are the HBO Max premieres in February –