Tinder scammer made men fall in love to steal from them

A woman has been dubbed ‘The Tinder Scammer’ after her modus operandi for stealing cars, cash and personal belongings was revealed from people I met through Tinder.

Tinder scammer cheated and stole her dating app conquests

Ofelia Monserrat ‘N’, is a 22-year-old woman from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, who was dedicated to deceiving people she knew through the Tinder dating application to later rob them.

The woman operated in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area, where She used various Tinder profiles, in which she appeared under the name Keyla.

Through this social network, he exchanged messages and made appointments with his victims to go eat, later, She convinced them to take her to their homes or motels, where she put them to sleep with the help of a drug.

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Once her victims were asleep, she would steal cash, personal belongings, and their cars.

According to am Querétaro, One of the victims declared that she met Ofelia under the name ‘Mariana’, they began to talk through Tinder and exchanged numbers.

After talking for a while, they decided to meet in person. She suggested going to her place and ordering a pizza and a soda.

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While they were eating, the young man began to feel unwell and proceeded to pass out for hours. When he woke up, he realized that his date had stolen his wallet, money, a computer, a video game console, and a Honda car.

The affected person attended the Public Ministry to file a complaint and the investigation began.

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Finally, ‘The Tinder Scammer’ was arrested in Nuevo León on June 16, 2022 by the ministerial authorities for the crime of qualified robbery.

It is currently linked to the theft of 10 vehiclesincluding a BMW, an Audi, in addition to the brands: Vento, Taris, Toyota and Rio.

Two of the stolen cars have already been recovered in the municipalities of Miguel Alemán and Reynosa in the state of Tamaulipas.

After her arrest, more victims denounced her. Ofelia is currently detained at the Women’s Reintegration Center and awaits her sentence.

Comparisons to ‘The Tinder Scammer’ arose due to his use of this platform to carry out his thefts. However, the outcome of the stories has been very different.

While Ofelia Monserrat has already been arrested, “The Tinder scammer” is still freebecause in her case it is not considered a crime to have deceived several women to ask them for money, since they gave it to her of their own free will, even though they have been defrauded into believing that they were helping a loved one in trouble.

‘The Tinder scammer’ would have stolen approximately 10 million dollars according to The Times of Israel. He is currently free and has even publicly called the women who accuse him of robbery ‘manipulative’.

“It is about time that the ladies start telling the truth. If you can’t give them the world, they’ll make yours hell.”

Tinder scammer made men fall in love to steal from them