Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): back to the wall, Sacha shows his true face as a psychopath

On August 29 in Tomorrow belongs to us (7:10 p.m., TF1), Juliette finds Gaspard and Sacha, Emma is going to stay with Raphaëlle and Gabriel finds a new roommate…

In the Monday, August 29, 2022 episode of tomorrow belongs to us, Juliet (Mathilde Lebréquier) is worried about Gaspard (Mogamed Bechiev). Jack (Dimitri Fouque) comes to meet him and makes him listen to a voice of the latter. In this audio message, Gaspard tells his mother that Sasha (Renaud Roussel) abandoned him. He finds himself alone and afraid. He asks Juliette to discreetly pick him up at a specific location. She makes herself up wearing Jack’s clothes and leaves to find her son. She’s relieved to see him… and Ash comes back. She wants to take Gaspard away but he doesn’t want to, he promises her that the killer has taken care of himself. Juliette refuses to help them, Sacha then pulls out a gun and threatens her. He wants his credit card and the keys to his car. Juliette says no again and Sacha becomes aggressive. Gaspard intervenes and understands that his father used him. Seeing the danger growing, Juliette gives her ex what he expects and he flees. She will tell everything to the police station. Gaspard is heard by Martin (Franck Monsigny), he feels stupid and guilty.

Gabriel (Martin Mille) is looking for a new roommate. At the beach with charlie (Clémence Lassalas), he sees a pretty young woman and falls in love. He doesn’t dare go see her but Valentin, a beach attendant from La Paillotte whom Charlie knows, tries his luck… much to Gabriel’s dismay. Charlie then goes to chat with Valentin and introduces him to Gabriel because it turns out that he is just looking for a roommate! He comes to visit the apartment later and Timothy is there to collect some things. His behavior surprises Valentin. After the visit, he and Gabriel decide to move in together that same day. Timothy tells Gabriel that he has a bad feeling about this association. An aperitif is organized in the evening to celebrate Valentin’s arrival. Timothy (Grégoire Champion) comes with Elsa. Alone with Valentin, he takes the opportunity to flirt with her and she immediately puts him back in his place. At the Moreno’s, Charlie is getting ready for the party. Upon entering her room, someone wearing a balaclava rushes out, jostling her. She sees the room ransacked and Christelle (Ariane Séguillon) unconscious on the floor.

Emma moves in with Maud, Camille and Raphaëlle in Tomorrow belongs to us

Raphaelle (Jennifer Lauret) is furious with Camille (Elisa Ezzedine) after finding out she stole. The latter, on the other hand, is very upset against her sister who denounced her. Camille and Maud (Sixtine Dutheil) then meet. They talk about their argument and apologize to each other. They make peace and discuss Emma. Maud promises to make efforts with her. Raphaëlle has lunch with Chloe (Ingrid Chauvin) and confides to her his hesitations as to hosting Emma. The principal tells her that she will take this one to school if she sticks around. Maud visits Raphaëlle and finally pleads for Emma. The lawyer is convinced and announces the good news to the principal concerned. Emma is very happy and grateful. To be continued in Tomorrow belongs to us…

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Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): back to the wall, Sacha shows his true face as a psychopath