Tonight on TV on Monday 10 October 2022, all the programs on air

On Raiuno, the fiction Survivors with Lino Guanciale. On Canale 5, the reality show Grande Fratello Vip with Alfonso Signorini.

Tonight on TV Monday 10 October 2022. Up Raiduethe comedy show Everything is possible tonight with Stefano De Martino. On Network 4current events with Fourth Republicprogram led by Nicola Leek.

Tonight on TV Monday 10 October 2022, Rai

On Raiunofiction Survivorswith Linen Pillow. Two episodes. The first is entitled “At the derives“. The return to normal seems impossible. Lea sees her sister Adele again and the old tensions between the two come to the surface. Nino is haunted by her ghosts and only Luca (Linen Jowls) manages to stay close to them. Meanwhile, Marta makes a shocking discovery. Following, the second episode, “Foreigners“.

On Raidueat 21.20, the comedy show Everything is possible tonight. Another Monday in the Auditorium Rai of Naples with Stefano De Martino. The theme of the episode is “FantaSTEP“. Among the games there is also Elastic speeed: two VIPs, after wearing a backpack tied by an elastic, must press a button and ask a plausible question to the answer of De Martino.

On Raitreat 21.25, the news with Direct grip. “The nuclear threat”Is the title of tonight’s episode. Riccardo Iacona presents an investigation into the escalation of the war in Ukraine, increasingly dangerous after the mobilization decided by Putin. The envoys explain how the new geopolitical fractures are drawing new world balances.

Mediaset, Tv8, Nove, Real Time programs

On Network 4at 21.20, the news with Fourth Republic. Even the transmission conceived and conducted by Nicola Porro continues to keep the spotlight on the new government majority and on the many problems that await it. There is also talk of the opposition: after the shock of the clear electoral defeat, will it be able to find points of contact to restart?

On Channel 5at 21.20, the reality show Big Brother Vip. Every “vippone”Has its own story to tell. She knows it well Alfonso Signorini who, during each episode, finds the time to deepen with one or more tenants an episode or a life experience that can make the audience reflect at home. Also today Giulia Salemi takes care of the space “social“.

On Tv8at 9.30 pm, the fiction Gomorrah – The series with Salvatore Esposito. Genny, worried about Azzurra and little Pietro, thinks about giving up his place in the clan. Meanwhile, Enzo and Valerio have regained traffic in the center, but the Capaccos are eager to expand.

On Nineat 21.25, the reality show Little Big Italy. Continue the journey of Francesco Panella in the US on the hunt for the best Italian restaurant. Today it’s Seattle’s turn. The novelty of this season is the vote of the first impact, in which the first impression aroused by the venue is judged.

On Real Timeat 21.20, the docu-reality Sisters on the edge. Amy And Michael they decide to take an important step. Meanwhile, Amanda does everything to save Tammy, when the euphoria of the latter ends badly. Afterwards Amy meet a pediatrician and face the truths about the diet of Gage.

The films tonight on Monday 10 October 2022

On Rai 5at 9.15 pm, the 2020 comedy film, by Leo Muscato, The rematchwith Michele Cipriani. The expropriation of land in exchange for negligible compensation. The dream of being able to have a child. Thus began the daring economic misadventures of two brothers, Vincenzo and Sabino, and of their wives Maja and Angela.

On Rai Movieat 21.10, the 1966 western film, by Sergio Leone, The good, the bad and the ugly, with Clint Eastwood. During the Civil War, three gunslingers form an alliance to find a shipment of gold bars. I’m Joe “the good“, Tuco”the ugly“And Sentence”the bad“.

On Italy 1at 9.20pm, the 2018 action film, by Pierre Morel, Peppermint – The angel of vendettawith Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr. Los Angeles. The life of Riley North (Jennifer Garner) is shocked by the murder of her husband and daughter, victims of a gang of drug traffickers. Thanks to a corrupt judge, the killers avoid conviction, but Riley does not give up and she begins to work out a plan to get justice for herself.

On La7at 9.15 pm, the 1995 action film, by Tony Scott, Red alertwith Denzel Washington. A US submarine is ordered to hit a Soviet base. Then, however, what appears to be a counterorder arrives. The captain wants to attack, but his deputy, Ron Hunter, disagrees.

On Irisat 9.00 pm, the biopic of 2008, by Steven Soderbergh, Che – Guerrillawith Benicio del Toro. Having reached the apex of power after the Cuban revolution, Che gathers a group of guerrillas and embarks on a campaign in Bolivia, where, however, he will find his death.

Tonight on TV on Monday 10 October 2022, the films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Dueat 9.15 pm, the 2018 drama film, by Peter Farrelly, Green Bookwith Mahershala Ali, Viggo Mortensen, Linda Cardellini. 1962. Italian-American Tony Lip agrees to work as a handyman for Don Shirley, an African American pianist on tour in the southern United States, where racial prejudices are still strong.

On Sky Cinema Familyat 9.00 pm, the 2007 drama film, by Kirsten Sheridan, The music in the heartwith Freddie Highmore. After a thousand ups and downs, a boy with a great talent for music manages to find his parents. It all happens during a magical concert in New York’s Central Park.

On Sky Cinema Actionat 21.00, the fantastic film of 2019, by James Wan, Aquamanwith Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson. The city of Atlantis is an underwater kingdom ruled by a power-hungry king: Orm. The latter would like to conquer the world, but has not reckoned with Aquaman.

On Sky Cinema Suspenseat 9.00 pm, the 2011 thriller film, by Neil Burger, Limitlesswith Bradley Copper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish. Eddie Morra, writer in crisis, takes a drug that enhances intellectual abilities. In short, he becomes a financial ace, but side effects are also beginning to manifest themselves.

Tonight on TV on Monday 10 October 2022, all the programs on air