Tonight on TV Saturday 5 February 2022, The programs on the air

On Raiuno, the final evening of the 72nd Sanremo Festival, hosted by Amadeus. On Rete 4 the saga of secret agent 007 continues. He Tonight the movie 007 – Private revenge with Timothy Dalton.

Tonight on TV Saturday 5 February 2022. Up Raitre the film The Logan scam with Channing Tatum. On La7 the war movie Apocalypse Now Redux from Francis Ford Coppola with Marlon Brando.

Tonight on TV Saturday 5 February 2022, Rai

On Raiunoat 20.40, the last evening of 72nd Sanremo Festival. The fifth evening of the third will not end before 2.30 Festival directed and led by Amadeus who, for the final act, has chosen as a partner Sabrina Ferilli. We will listen to the 25 songs in the competition and then we will discover the ranking: the first three will play the victory late in the last vote.

On Rai 5at 9.15 pm, prose evening: Single acts. The cycle “Waiting for the revolution”Which offers four scenic reinterpretations of Russian classics. We start with “Single acts” from Chekhov (The marriage application And The bear) proposed by the director Damiano Michieletto at the Goldoni Theater in Venice.

Real Time Programs

On Real Timeat 9.15 pm, the docu-reality Lives on the edge. Paul he has come to weigh about 300 kilos and his girlfriend is becoming convinced that the man’s situation is hopelessly degenerating. Paulmeanwhile, fears that his relationship may end soon after the checkup in Houston.

The scam of the Logan couple

The films tonight on Saturday 5 February 2022

On Raitreat 8.30 pm, the comedy film of 2017, by Steven Soderbergh, The Logan scamwith Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig. Fired from the Speedway motorsport circuit, where he worked as a factory worker, Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) decides to rob the proceeds of a race scheduled in the plant. His brother Clyde (Adam Driver), his sister Mellie (Riley Cough) and burglar Joe (Daniel Craig).

On Rai 4at 9.20 pm, the 1997 thriller film, by John Woo, Face / Off – Two faces of a killerwith Nicolas Cage, John Travolta. To thwart the criminal plan of the psychopath Castor Troy, who killed his son years earlier, FBI agent Sean Archer takes on its connotations. But the criminal steals the idea.

On Rai Movieat 9.10 pm, the 1973 drama film, by FJ Schaffner, bow tiewith Dustin Hoffman, Steve McQueen. Henry Charriere, known as Papillon, is sentenced to forced labor in the French Guiana penitentiary. Here he will face inhuman trials, but he will also find a friend.

On Network 4at 9:25 pm, the 1989 spy film, by John Glen, 007 – Private Revengewith Timothy Dalton, David Hedison. James Bond (Timothy Dalton) wants to avenge his friend Leiter (David Edison), whose wife was killed and who was mutilated. His enemy is Sanchez (Robert Davi), drug kingpin. Deprived of the license to kill because the case is the responsibility of the United States, 007 is ready to risk his career.

On Italy 1at 9.20 pm, the 2015 animated film, by Peter Sohn, Arlo’s journey. After the death of his father Henry, Arlo, a baby dinosaur and particularly clumsy and cowardly, befriends a small, savage caveman named Spot. Traversing rugged and mysterious places, Arlo learns to face his fears and discover what he is truly capable of.

La7, Tv8, Cine34

On La7at 9.15 pm, the 1979 war film, by Francis Ford Coppola, Apocalypse Now Reduxwith Marlon Brando. Captain Willard is ordered to eliminate Colonel Kurtz, a deserter who has fled to Cambodia. There he created a kingdom in which he is worshiped as a deity.

On Tv8at 9.30 pm, the drama of 1984, by John G. Avildsen, The Karate Kid – Per win tomorrowwith R. Macchio, P. Morita. Daniel, fatherless, arrives in California with his mother. Victim of bullies who train in the local karate gym, the young man will find in the elder Miyagi a teacher of life.

On Cine34at 9.00 pm, the 1967 western film, by Calvin J. Padget, For a few dollars morewith Giuliano Gemma. At the end of the Civil War, a Southern major leads 800 men to storm Fort Yuma. The Northerners find out and send a former Confederate officer to dissuade the comrades.

Tonight on TV on Saturday 5 February, the films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Dueat 9.15 pm, the drama film of 2017, by Ridley Scott, All the money of the worldwith Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg. Paul Getty III, grandson of the oil magnate, is kidnapped in Rome by Calabrian criminals. The ransom is $ 17 million: the mother Gail he turns to his grandfather, but he refuses to pay.

On Sky Cinema Actionat 9.00 pm, the thriller film of 2018, by Jaume Collet-Serra, The man on the train – The Commuterwith Liam Neeson. As soon as he is fired, the mild-mannered commuter Michael meets a woman on the train who offers him a challenge: he will receive a large sum if among the passengers he finds a certain Prynne.

Tonight on TV Saturday 5 February 2022, The programs on the air