Tonight on TV Thursday 28 July 2022, The programs on the air

On Rai 3 on stage La Traviata from the Verona Arena. On Italia 1 the new episodes of FBI: Most Wanted.

Tonight on TV on Thursday 28 July 2022. The comedy film is broadcast on Canale 5 I run away home with Aldo Baglio. On La7 iinstead a new appointment of In Onda with David Parenzo and Concita De Gregorio.

Tonight on TV on Thursday June 23 2022Rai programming

Rai 1, at 9:30 pm, it airs Don Matteo 12 with Terence Hill.A woman is found dying. Her daughter tells the investigators that it was Don Matteo who attacked her, who she claims is also her father. Surprisingly, however, the priest decides not to defend himself by closing himself in absolute silence. Anna and Marshal Cecchini will fight to prove his innocence.

On Rai 2at 21:15, goes on the air Tim Summer Hits. Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino lead the new appointment of the musical festival from Piazzale Fellini in Rimini. Valerio Lundini and I Vazzanikki, Francesca Michielin, Olly, Willie Peyote, Priestess, Francesco Renga, Rkomi and many others take the stage.

Rai 3, at 21.25, it broadcasts The Traviata. From the Verona Arena Luca Zingaretti accompanies viewers in the opera by Giuseppe Verdi. Among the performers Nina Minasyan and Vladimir Stoyanov.

Tonight on TV on Thursday July 28 2022Programs, Mediaset films

On Network 4at 21.20, goes on the air White Zone. Giuseppe Brindisi deals with the crafty citizenship income, the Aid bis decree and no-vax. He also offers unpublished documents on Diana’s case. Silvio Berlusconi was among the guests.

Channel 5at 21.25, broadcasts the comedy film of 2009, I run away home with Aldo Baglio. The mechanic Michele wants to flaunt a life he doesn’t have, he only thinks about the good life and women. However, when he is robbed during a trip to Budapest, he will be mistaken by the police for an illegal immigrant. He thus finds himself forced to face a thousand ups and downs.

Italy 1at 21.25, the show airs FBI: Most Wanted with Julian Mcmahon. In the episode The Avenging Angel Lacroix’s team must be able to capture a music teacher who committed two murders to avenge one of his students who was brutally murdered by her boyfriend.

In the episode The Hero A police officer shoots a black man. He is then himself killed during a fight by a man who also reported the murderer written on his car. Lacroix’s team investigates.

Tonight on TV, La7, Nine

La7at 20.35, broadcasts On air. David Parenzo and Concita De Gregorio they address the most important issues in the fields of politics and economics. Among the topics the electoral campaign in view of 25 September.

Nineat 21.25, proposes the comedy film of 2005, Hitch- He does understand women with Will Smith. Alex Hitchens has a very special profession. In fact, he helps his clients to conquer women. Everything gets complicated when he meets the beautiful Sara he falls in love with.

The movies on tonight Iris, Rai Movie, Italy 2

Irisat 21.00, airs the science fiction film of 1995, Waterworld with Kevin Costner. IN an apocalyptic future, the planet earth is almost completely submerged by water. An adventurer, with the help of a woman and her daughter, will try to find the mainland in order to survive.

Rai Movie, at 21.00, airs the 1992 action movie, Trap on the high seas with Steven Seagal. A group of terrorists takes possession of the Missouri battleship and its nuclear arsenal. Ship’s cook Casey, also a former Navy Seal, will do anything to stop them.

Italy 2at 9.15 pm, instead proposes the horror film of 2003, The era of vampires with Michael Chow Man Kin. China 19th century. Some martial arts experts decide to join forces to be able to track down the monstrous creatures that have long threatened the villages in the area. The undertaking will be more complicated than expected. s

Tonight on TV on Thursday July 28 2022film broadcast on Sky

Sky Cinema Oneat 9.15 pm, broadcasts the comedy film of 2015, Pixels with Kevin James. An alien species attacked Earth using video games as models for their ambushes. President Cooper decides to entrust former videogame champion Sam Brenner with saving the planet.

Sky Cinema Due, at 9.15 pm, proposes the comedy film of 2021, Compartment n ° 6 with Seidi Haarla. Laura after choosing to stop her love story, buys a ticket for the train to Murmask. Upon reaching her compartment, she discovers that she will have to share it with a Russian miner. Forced coexistence will eventually bring them closer.

On Sky Cinema Family, at 9.15 pm, the drama film of 2010 is scheduled, Legendary- The day of the redemption with Devon Graye. Teen Cal chooses to join the wrestling team by following in the footsteps of his father and brother Mike. With this decision Cal will also be able to bring Mike back to their mother.

On Sky Cinema Action, at 9.00 pm, the 2007 adventure film airs, Pathfinder- the legend of the Viking warrior with Karl Urban. The young Viking Ghost manages to miraculously survive after a shipwreck and is welcomed and raised by the Red Indians. Everything changes when a group of Vikings decides to storm the village.

Sky Cinema Suspance, finally, at 9.00 pm, it proposes the science fiction film of 2021, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City with Kaya Scodelario. Claire, one of the few survivors, wants to investigate the activities of the Umbrella Corporation which wants to close its office in the city. She soon finds herself facing a group of Zombies.

Tonight on TV Thursday 28 July 2022, The programs on the air