Totti and Ilary Blasi, war over food: she wants 20,000 euros a month for herself and 17,000 for her children, he offers 7,000

Of Joan Cavalli

The tiring negotiation ended abruptly. Meanwhile, Blasi’s attorney has filed a reinstatement action on behalf of her client in defense of her possession to recover the designer handbags stolen by her husband in hopes of getting back the Rolexes.

Love passesthe heritage remains. And on this, not on the now vanished feelings, which they focused the fierce negotiations for separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, who took a very specific direction: that of the court, the appeals are almost ready. And now it is clear why: the claims of one party are too far from the offers of the other. Irreconcilable. The presenter of the Isola dei Famosi, to sign a consent form, would have asked for substantial alimony: 20,000 euros a month for him and 17,500 for his three children Cristian, Chanel and Isabel (more or less 5,800 each), for the beauty of 37,500 in all, take it or leave it. The iconic Giallorossi number 10, on the other hand, would have offered her zero (yes, zero) euros for her (since she earns very well) and 7,000 a month for children. Figures too blatantly distant to be able to find a hypothetical compromise halfway.

Thus the arduous negotiation between the lawyers, launched after two months of forced inaction – Ilary was on vacation in July and August and without her we could not proceed – they abruptly stopped. Not only. While the agreement was still being sought, the lawyer of the former Letterina, Alessandro Simeone, presented on behalf of his client a reinstatement action in defense of possession (pursuant to art. 1168 of the civil code) in order to get back the signed bags stolen from her husband.

A collection of Dior, Chanel and Gucci that Totti would have taken as a “pawn” for his much more precious Rolexes, which disappeared from the safety deposit box, of which he has lost track with little hope of finding them:(And what was I to do? I hid the bags from her, hoping for an exchange, but there was no wayhe said in an interview withCourier
). And it is possible that, at this point, even the lawyers of the sample – Antonio Conte and Annamaria Bernardini de Pace – present a similar request to recover the missing watches.

In recent days though Simeone has denied the existence of erotic messages from Ilary with a secret suitor that Roberto D’Agostino had mentioned to Sunday In (it would be Cristiano Iovino, who denies, distrusts, and when asked by us, replied annoyed: Ilary? These are Totti’s problems, not mine). At all, the lawyer Simeone said about a video (always mentioned by the creator of Dagospia) that would show Ilary and his father while they empty the safety deposit box in the bank vault. So maybe it really exists.

But since it’s all about money, the case to better understand the accounts of the former Gold Pair. If, in the happy years in which he played for Roma, Francesco earned more or less 84 million net (his last salary was around 7 a year plus bonuses), today his income is much lower, albeit still considerable , mind you: among substantial real estate properties (only the maxi-villa in Eur listed at around 10 million, 3 in Sabaudia) and advertising (as a testimonial the Captain is worth a few million euros per campaign, such as those for Volkswagen, Gelati Grom and Very Mobile telephony, paired with Zlatan Ibrahimovic). However, it will not be economically painless for him to recover control of Longarina, the sports center is in the hands of Roberto Blasi and Ivan Peruch, Ilary’s father and brother-in-law, with whom Totti, in his new life that has just begun, no longer wishes to have anything to do with.

While lady Blasi, between sponsors and TV programs, is now a company that grinds important revenues: for each edition of theIsland the showgirl would take almost a million net. Furthermore, apart from the commercials for the perfumed fabric softener, the super-branded presenter-influencer promotes many other brands as well on his Instagram page from over 2 million followers, not always free et love of. This is why Totti’s lawyers believe that the request of 20 thousand euros per month for its maintenance is excessive, out of the market. The counter-proposal at zero euros, on the other hand, was taken almost as an affront, given that Ilary considers himself the injured party. Hence the total breakdown, as well as of the marriage, also of the negotiations.

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Totti and Ilary Blasi, war over food: she wants 20,000 euros a month for herself and 17,000 for her children, he offers 7,000