TV guide April 28: Don Matteo, Judy, Big Show

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Rai1, 9.25 pm: Don Matteo – 1st TV

“The friend found” is the title of the fifth episode of “Don Matteo 13”, broadcast on Rai 1 on Thursday 28 April at 21.25, directed by Luca Brignone and starring Terence Hill, Nino Frassica, Maria Chiara Giannetta, Maurizio Lastrico, Nathalie Guetta, Francesco Scali, Pamela Villoresi, Emma Valenti, Mattia Teruzzi, Giorgia Agata, Aurora Mementi, Pietro Pulcini, Domenico Pinelli, Francesco Castiglione. A Lux Vide production, a company of the Fremantle group, in collaboration with Rai Fiction produced by Matilde and Luca Bernabei.

Spoleto wakes up with shocking news: Don Matteo has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Natalina, Pippo and Marshal Cecchini cannot believe their eyes: behind the altar, reciting mass, they find Don Massimo, who calls himself the new parish priest and substitute for Don Matteo. What does it mean? Where is their friend? No one can explain that sudden disappearance. And while Marco decides to help Valentina solve a problem, fueling Anna’s jealousy, each of them tries to come to terms with the arrival of the new priest. They are all distrustful, even hostile towards him. Who is Don Massimo? An imposter? And what happened to Don Matteo?

Professor Cenerentolo rai due

Rai2, 9.20 pm: Professor Cenerentolo

Thursday 28 April at 21.20 on Rai 2 will be an early evening dedicated to lightness and laughter with “Professor Cenerentolo”, the irresistible comedy for the whole family by and with Leonardo Pieraccioni. On the splendid island of Ventotene, the engineer Umberto pretends to be a librarian to conquer the beautiful dance teacher Morgana, but in reality he is a prisoner about to serve her sentence. An exhilarating story interpreted by Laura Chiatti, Flavio Insinna, Davide Marotta, Nicola Nocella, Massimo Ceccherini and Leonardo Pieraccioni who is also the author of the screenplay, written in collaboration with Giovanni Veronesi and Domenico Costanzo.

Judy rai three

Rai3, 9.20 pm: Judy

Rai 3 broadcasts the dramatic film “Judy” on Thursday 28 April at 21.20, on TV premiere, with Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock and directed by Rupert Goold. The last period of the life of the great actress and singer Judy Garland, at the end of a dazzling career that began very young with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. A mix of fame and success, and then the battle with her management, relationships with musicians, fans, her troubled loves and her family drama that drove her to pack up and move to London . During those years she gave some of the most iconic performances of her career. Academy Award 2020 to Renée Zellweger for Best Actress and Golden Globe 2020 also to Renée Zellweger for Best Actress in a Drama.

Canale5, 9.45 pm: Big Show

The variety hosted by Enrico Papi is back, in which everyone can become protagonists for one evening (without their knowledge). Spectators of the Auditorium Massimo in Rome and those who watch the show comfortably on their sofa at home, especially if they have a special talent or a dream to realize, can suddenly be involved in the show, thanks to the complicity of relatives and friends. Everything happens when they least expect it. The surprise effect promises great fun. And so many emotions. The showman Enrico Papi is joined by the beautiful Zeudi Di Palma (Miss Italy 2022), by the comedian Scintilla, in the role of clumsy assistant, and by Cristina D’Avena in the original and amusing role of special correspondent. Guests of the fourth episode the singers Donatella Rettore and Ivan Cattaneo.

Italia1, 9.20 pm: Run All Night – One night to survive

Movie of 2015 by Jaume Collet-Serra, with Liam Neeson, Bruce McGill, Ed Harris, Boyd Holbrook. Made in the USA.

Jimmy Conlon is an Irish-born ex-killer tormented by countless guilt feelings who tries in vain to drown in alcohol. Son Michael wants nothing to do with his father in trying to create a decent life for himself and his family. But fate complicates things by pitting Michael against Danny, the criminal and drug-addicted son of Irish boss Shawn Maguire. Shawn is also Jimmy’s boss and his close friend: both belong to a generation that entered into crime more for lack of alternatives than by choice, both are tied to a code of honor that their children’s generation ignores or disavows.

Rete4, 9.20 pm: Straight and Backhand

Paolo Del Debbio will interview Matteo Salvini. The issue linked to the war in Ukraine and what follows from it will be addressed with the leader of the League: from the risk of an expansion of the conflict to sanctions against Russia and the related consequences on the economy. During the evening, ample space will be devoted to Russian propaganda and the alleged assassination attempt on the journalist Soloviev. Finally, a focus on Italian fighters who have decided to participate in war operations on the Ukrainian front.

La7, 9.15 pm: Clean SquareThe previews.

Tv8 at 8.55 pm: UEFA Europa League

Semi-final first leg between West Ham United – Eintracht Frankfurt. The match referee will be Serdar Gözübüyük assisted by assistants Joost van Zuilen and Johan Balder. Pol van Boekel will be at the VAR. Live from the London Stadium in London.

Nine, 9.35pm: Riddick

Movie of 2013 by David Twohy, with Vin Diesel, Jordi Mollà, Matt Nable,. Made in the USA.

Richard Riddick hails from the planet Furya. Betrayed by his kind, he has been exiled to a barren and dangerous place, where he must defend himself not only from wild beasts but also from bounty hunters who come from all over the galaxy. Riddick has only one goal: to get home. But before he can do so he has to face two groups of very dangerous mercenaries determined to capture him: one led by Santana, psychopathic and violent, the other by Johns, a man who has an unfinished business with him.

Tv guide other free channels

20, 21.10: Wild Wild West – Movie

Rai4, 9.20 pm: Close your eyes – Movie

Iris, 9.10 pm: The Graduate – Movie

Rai5, 9.15 pm: OSN: The sacredness of Bruckner and Wagner according to Daniele Gatti – Musical

RaiMovie, 9.10 pm: Overwhelming proof – Movie

RaiPremium, 9.20 pm: A Summer in Poland– Movie

Sky, 9.15 pm: End of a gun– Movie

TwentySeven, 21:10: I hate you, I leave you, I… – Movie

La5, 9.20 pm: Never Far From Here – Movie

RealTime, 9.25 pm: Sick of cleanliness Reality

Cine34, 9.10 pm: Il Grumpy Movie

Focus, 9.15 pm: The War of the Kamikazes– Documents

TopCrime, 9.10 pm: CSI Miami– TV series

MediasetExtra, 8.35 pm: L’Isola dei Famosi Extended Edition– Reality

Mediaset Italia2, 9.15 pm: The Mask – From Zero to Myth – Movie

TV guide April 28: Don Matteo, Judy, Big Show