Vatican girl by Mark Lewis

The English director Mark Lewis, Emmy Award Winner, he had already made himself known for the docu-series Don’t F ** k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killerreleased in Italy with the title Hands off cats, which was dealing with a sensational case of kittens killing online by an anonymous and psychopathic youtuber, who turned out to be a serial killer, resulting in a manhunt online. The film, like Vatican Girlis located on Netflix.

Emanuela Orlandi

27 years have passed since the kidnapping of Emanuela Orlandi, a Vatican citizen who disappeared at the age of 15 on June 22, 1983 in Rome, but it has never been a news story like the others. Emanuela Orlandi’s is a cold case complex full of misdirections and incredible leads, ranging from international terrorism, Banda della Magliana, a clash between factions within the Vatican, to pedophilia that would involve very high prelates. It really seems like the dark, very black plot of a Dan Brown novel, which makes it understandable the interest on the part of the English director, who manages to make Vatican girl a thrilling and suspenseful series, interesting and terrifying, to which one cannot remain indifferent.

Pietro, the brother of Emanuela Orlandi

A fundamental element of the miniseries is that it was shot with the help and constant presence of Emanuela’s family, in particular her brother Pietro, who practically spent his entire life searching for his younger sister. It is therefore not a question of a pretext and mobosa operation aimed at transforming a private crime story into a crime story, but it is the victim’s family itself that seeks the truth with strength and firmness, avoiding an oblivion that would be wanted by many.

from the family album of little Emanuela Orlandi

Lewis’s ducu-film is very accurate and traces the main hypotheses – not all of course, but those that the family considers most credible or at least significant – through the testimonies of various Italian reporters such as Raffaella Notariale of Chi Ha saw ?, Ferruccio Pinotti and Fabrizio Peronaci, both from Corriere, Emiliano Fittipaldi from L’Espresso and English like Larry Gurwin and Americans (Richard Both of CBS). But the main voice is that of the journalist Andrea Purgatori, who followed the case when he worked at Corriere della Sera. There is also the participation of two super-witnesses: Sabrina Minardi, former lover of the criminal (buried in the Vatican …) Renatino De Pedis and Marco Accetti, a Roman photographer self-accused of having been one of the kidnappers, a particularly repugnant figure, guilty even the killing of a child.


At the end of four episodes, perhaps we won’t know for sure where little Emanuela ended up, nor who kidnapped her, but the film rigorously follows a scenario that opens up abysses of immorality in a corrupt and criminal Rome, crossing the threshold of the Vatican and leaving them stained with silence, omission and possible direct implication in the case. The Pope who enters the Orlandi house and embraces Emanuela’s mother was a Pope who probably already knew the facts. But the Vatican did not cooperate, and still does not cooperate with the family.

Brother Pietro remembers the day of the disappearance: “Emanuela had asked me to accompany her to the flute and choral singing lesson»Says Pietro Orlandi. “But I couldn’t that day. She slammed the door and left“. He never saw her again.

Vatican Girl is also a heartbreaking story of hope and love, which pushes a family to never want to forget, despite the decades that pass. If we do not know the truth, we will know everything that Emanuela’s family has been through and also in which direction their main suspects are headed.



Vatican girl by Mark Lewis – mini series on Netflix