Venice Film Festival, Rai is the Main Broadcaster of the event and follows it with a special program

In the late evening on Rai Movie, Venezia Daily is aired, in-depth analysis of 15 minutes.

Wednesday 31 August begins the Venice Film Festival 2022 and, for the occasion, the Rai has developed one special tv programming. The event, now in its 79th edition, has the actress as godmother Rocio Munoz Morales.

Mostra Cinema Venezia Rai, State TV is the Main Broadcaster

There Venice Film Festival 2022 is a fixed appointment for lovers of cinematographic art. The event lasts about ten days, with the closing ceremony scheduled for Saturday 10 September. Also in the 79th edition of the event the Golden Lion. The award is considered among the most important globally for the world of cinema.

On the occasion of the edition starting on 31 August, the Venice Film Festival and the Rai they have worked closely together. State TV, in fact, is the Main Broadcaster of the event. The thematic channel Rai Movieinstead, it is the official television of the event.

Venice Rai Cinema Show, Rai Movie programming

The tv programming of the Rai to follow the event has, as a great protagonist, its own Rai Movie. On the network, visible on digital terrestrial channel 24, the opening and closing evenings of the event will be broadcast live.

Every day, in the late evening, the information strip entitled Venice Daily. In the appointment, which lasts about a quarter of an hour, the highlights of the day are shown, as well as the main images coming directly from the Red Carpet.

Finally, the programming of Rai Movie to follow the Venice Film Festival is made up of the airing of numerous films. All these titles are linked, in some way, to the event and its protagonists.

The schedules of the other networks

But the Venice Film Festival it also finds space on the other channels Rai. On Rai 1 specials of Cinema, nocturnal container led by Gigi Marzullo. On Rai 3instead, Blob is transformed with appointments with the title Blob Venice. Also on the third channel of the State TV, there are special events of Out of hours. Finally, on Rai 3 the address book is awaited Here Venice Cinema, scheduled at 2:00 pm from Monday to Friday and from 8:35 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Connections with Venice are expected during various programs of the daytimeamong which Summer Agora, Summer Live, One morning Summer And Live Life.

In addition, the event is discussed in the main newspapers. All the news, in fact, deal with Show thanks to the work of their correspondents. For the TG1 followed by the event Paolo Sommaruga, Virginia Volpe and Emiliano Condò. For the TG2 the correspondents are Adele Ammendola and Carola Carulli. On Rai News 24, then, from 18:30 to 19:00 there is a special appointment with Ciak Venice.

Venice Rai Cinema Show

Venice Rai Cinema Show, the digital offer

Finally, the Rai has also developed a themed digital offer. In this regard it is the protagonist Rai Play, on which it is possible to watch in streaming all the appointments broadcast on TV. On the free portal, moreover, many of the main moments that occurred in the past editions, starting from that of 2014, are visible. Mediaset And La7unless schedule changes, they do not follow the event. Sky TG24instead, it broadcasts some reports and interviews made in the Lagoon.

Venice Film Festival, Rai is the Main Broadcaster of the event and follows it with a special program