Victoria Mehault: harassed by Maeva Ghennam on the set of Fifty?

It seems that Victoria Mehault’s adventure in the Fifties is not going as planned, and revelations about Maeva Ghennam’s behavior with her ex-girlfriend on the set shocked Internet users. We tell you everything!

Maeva Ghennam at the heart of many controversies

For some time, Maeva Ghennam has found herself at the heart of many controversies. Remember! It’s been a while since an Instagram account pretending to be her cousin has been sharing revelations about the intimate life of the young woman but also many other reality TV candidates.

But it was without counting on Maeva Ghennam who carried out her investigation well. A few weeks ago, the famous Marseillais candidate revealed that she had discovered the true identity of the person who is hiding behind the fake account, and assures us that she will not stop there. Indeed, now for Maeva, there is no longer any point in fighting on the networks, and she intends to manage this case in court.

Maeva Ghennam makes a big point

In story, she explains herself to her subscribers by revealing a photo of the alleged culprit who is hiding behind the @cousinemg account: “Psychopath and you can deny, don’t forget that phones are terminal even if you throw them in the trash. Now you are unmasked. My babies, this is the face and identity of I will take care of my stalkers one by one. I will never let you go. I publicize you as a psychopath. You will pay for all the harm you have done by harassing me, saying untrue things about me. You’re going to pay for all the hardship I suffered because of you. All my depression. I will never let you go! »

Victoria Mehault: harassed by Maeva Ghennam on the set of Fifty?

But very quickly, the blogger Varrueccos wanted to make a point. According to him, Maeva may have been mistaken in revealing the identity of the person, and the photo that she would have shared would not be that of her rival. “According to some people, Maeva would have posted the wrong person because the person she posted would actually be the sister of the person behind the ‘’ account. The girl who was displayed by Maeva filed a complaint against her. She even sent evidence of the complaints she filed. » Explains the blogger.

Victoria Mehault, cold with Maeva Ghennam

While they had been very good friends on the set of the Marseillais in Dubai, Maeva Ghennam and Victoria Mehault are no longer friends at all. As a reminder, Maeva Ghennam had invited Victoria to participate in her show dressing stars. But the young woman had refused for personal reasons. However, the Marseillaise did not take it well and then did not fail to tackle Victoria in public.

Very quickly, the latter even spoke out and revealed that she was receiving threats from Maeva: “ I would like to see you there, to receive twenty threatening messages. I know these are not threats that will be carried out. But I’m naturally anxious and that doesn’t help my case.”

And some time later, Victoria had the opportunity to take revenge by saying what she really thinks of Maeva’s surgeries during an interview: “ The most missed is Maeva Ghennam. Why ? Because Maeva Ghennam before the surgery she was magnificent. She was a b*mbe, really she was very very beautiful. »

Victoria Mehault, harassed on the set by Maeva Ghennam?

The one who would be in a relationship with Nikolo on the set of Fifty had also added in particular: “ Me when I see her I have the impression of seeing something that is not human. In fact, it is not possible to have buttocks that are the size of a Freebox. The face is swollen, it looks like she got her face stung by a swarm of bees. Looks like she’s on cortisone H24. (…) ” Before concluding : “ The others, they are missed, but not everywhere. It almost all surgeries are still abused. The belly hyper pulled like that, it looks like she did 3 caesareans when she has zero children. »

But while they are today together on the set of the Fifty, it seems that Maeva Ghennam has decided to take revenge on the criticism of Victoria. In a story posted recently on Instagram, the account @skyresstv made revelations about the behavior of the Marseillaise.

Victoria experienced a real relentlessness on the side of the Team to Maeva because of her YouTube video where she said “Maeva is the most missed. » Maeva made fun of her physique and harassed her almost every day with her gang! It was a disaster, I don’t know if the production reacted. he writes. Would the Marseilles girl have decided to go after her rival during the filming? The information is however to be taken with tweezers, and we will surely know more when the episodes are broadcast.

Victoria Mehault: harassed by Maeva Ghennam on the set of Fifty?

Maeva Ghennam: Victoria Mehault balances the screens of a violent clash between them because of her show!

Maeva Ghennam: the Marseillaise exchanged rather violent messages with Victoria Mehault after she refused to participate in her show.

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Victoria Mehault: harassed by Maeva Ghennam on the set of Fifty?