VIDEO INTERVIEW. Tomorrow belongs to us: why is Ingrid Chauvin absent?

For a few weeks, Ingrid Chauvin has been absent from Tomorrow belongs to us. She tells us why.

I admit that I am not too present“. Since the beginning of September, Ingrid Chauvin has even been absent subscribers in tomorrow belongs to us. While the intrigue of the mysterious killer is gaining more and more momentum, the presence of Chloé Delcourt is not necessarily required. The perfect opportunity for his interpreter to see if the grass isn’t greener elsewhere. Rest assured, she is not disloyal to TF1 or her soap opera by landing in another successful daily series. On the other hand, this lull allows him to shoot other fictions. This is what she revealed to us in mid-September, on the sidelines of the La Rochelle TV fiction festival. “Me, I’m a little off right now ’cause I’m shooting a Josephine [ange gardien, ndlr]“, tells us Ingrid Chauvin. This is not the first time that the DNA star has made an appearance in the series worn by Mimie Mathy.

This was the case in 2016, just after Tom was born. Ingrid Chauvin’s first postpartum shoot. So inevitably, this shoot remains a defining moment in his life. Especially since, despite the heartbreak of leaving her toddler, Ingrid Chauvin did not want to miss out on this role. “I fell in love with the character. It is a very beautiful message to communicate. Then shooting with Mimie made me happy. So it was an opportunity to bring together a pleasure with a nice subject“, she told us at the time. This time, Ingrid Chauvin will play a mother who is going through a delicate period with her son. Their relationship has been conflicted since the teenager was fired from CREPS, the high-level sports training center in which his mother works. It is in this context and with the mission of easing tensions that the character of Mimie Mathy will tumble into their lives, as reported AlloCine. Ingrid Chauvin will give the reply to one of the stars ofsuch a big sunFabrice Deville (alias Florent).

Alex bets on Emma in Tomorrow belongs to us

But this lack of tomorrow belongs to us never will not affect Alexandre Brasseur. “While Ingrid is going to turn on the Joséphine, we are digging the furrow of the transmission and we are making a lot of progress on the character of Emma about the little stupid things she can do, the little misdeeds, the repercussions it can have“, assures us the main interested party. And to add: “Emma is going to hold her own and at the same time, it’s a character that must be tamed.“A plot that delights the comedian who had”submitted the idea that the character recovers a little more commitment“.”We are at the heart of the transmission through Judith but also the character played by Maxime [Lelue, alias Jordan, ndlr] and now by Emma. I think it gives meaning to the character of Alex than to go to transmission and commitmentespecially for young people and incidentally for a cause which is quite nice – this association which defends, among other things, the ecology of the pond“, he enthuses. What about the return of Ingrid Chauvin to the antenna? “I believe I am not mistaken in saying that we reserve slightly choral and exceptional arches, as we experienced with the bus accident. It’s motivating for us and I think it will be visually very interesting for the public.“, she slips in with a touch of mystery.

VIDEO INTERVIEW. Tomorrow belongs to us: why is Ingrid Chauvin absent?