Wednesday Addams And 9 Other Weirdest Netflix TV Characters (That Fans Love)

Some TV characters are supposed to be smart. Some, relatable. Others are meant to be unique and memorable. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a character that’s the perfect blend of all three, creating something even more fun. Eccentric TV personalities are special because they offer a macabre look at the universe and society.

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Goofy characters are often fan favorites because they’re a breath of fresh air in heavily constructed storylines, while providing much-needed mayhem. They even ask some of the most thought-provoking questions the world has ever seen, like when Wednesday Addams asked, “I know I’m stubborn and determined and obsessive, but those are all traits of great writers. Yeah, and serial killers – what’s the point? »

Wednesday Addams, ‘Wednesday’ (2022)

Many were skeptical of by Tim Burton view of The Addams Family due to its emphasis on the older brother of Addams, Wednesday. But Netflix audiences and social media alike fell head over heels for the morbid, deadpan goth teenager who made her way through Nevermore Academy as a black sheep.

by Jenna Ortega A masterful performance made Wednesday the most likable character on the show, as well as Netflix’s new darling. Not only is her physical resemblance to the character uncanny, but she completely wrapped herself in Wednesday’s goofy weirdness. With his eerie dance moves, staring gaze, and penchant for murderous thoughts, Burton’s version of Wednesday is a perfect reinvention.

Matthew the Raven, ‘The Sandman’ (2022 – ongoing)

Good news: Netflix’s adaptation of The sand man has been officially renewed for a second season, and Matthew the Raven will be back with it. Matthew made his way to the screen as Dream’s trusted, gossipy emissary, conjured by Lucienne with instructions to watch him. The best part about this talking raven isn’t his sage advice, though — it’s his witty view of the afterlife.

Before the show, Matthew was an ordinary man who had died in his sleep. After being sent to guide Dream in his search for the sandbag, Matthew realizes that he enjoys being by Dream’s side. Matthew has only been a crow for a few hours, but he enjoys questioning Morpheus and adds a much-needed optimism and eccentricity to Dream’s solemnity.

Eddie Munson, ‘Stranger Things’ (2016 – ongoing)

Of all the new characters in Season 4 of stranger things, Eddie Munson is by far the most beloved. Although he is more of a side character to the main cast, by Joseph Quinn turn as a geeky, metal-loving, authority-questioning high school student solidified him as one of the biggest metalhead figures in pop culture.

Eddie did what many characters don’t: he achieved complete redemption while still remaining true to himself, even at the end when he steps out in a blaze of glory shredding Metallica on guitar. Quinn’s character is a goofy outsider at Hawkins High, preferring to keep football players away than go to parties. Eddie stands up for others and is shameless himself no matter how much he is laughed at, and that’s why he’s special.

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Klaus Hargreeves, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ (2019 – ongoing)

From the moment you meet The Umbrella Academy Klaus Hargreeves, you’ll realize he won’t be your ordinary superhero. Dressed in fur coats and pink umbrellas, addicted to drugs and a hedonistic lifestyle, and full of impulses and one-liners, the character formerly known as Number Four steals every scene he’s in. .

Played by Robert Sheehan, the goofy character navigates his way through life using sarcasm to mask his trauma and never taking anything very seriously. Although considered unreliable by his siblings due to his impulsiveness, excessive drinking, and wild ideas, Klaus is ultimately revealed to have a much deeper view of the world than expected.

Alyssa, ‘The End of the Fucking World’ (2017 – 2019)

Alyssa is the true scene stealer of the hit Netflix show, The end of the fucking world. The show follows James, a 17-year-old who believes he’s a psychopath, and Alyssa, his speechless, rebellious classmate with her own deep issues. Alyssa proposes that the couple run away together and embark on a road trip through England.

Alyssa’s character is incredibly relatable, as a girl who wants to run away from her abuse and problems to seek something better in life. She loves adventure and is wary of “normal” people, which is why she gets along well with strangers. His reckless behavior and boredom with life make him an absolutely enchanting character to watch.

Rebecca, ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ (2022)


To those who haven’t watched Cyberpunk: Edge Runners, Rebecca might look like an ordinary green-haired anime character with a little anger problem. In reality, however, she is the Chaos Beam who conducts dangerous mercenary work across Night City as an edgerunner.

Small in stature, but big on chaos, Rebecca is a sharp-tongued woman who tends to shock and be extremely unpredictable. It’s hard to know what she’s going to do next, which makes her exciting to watch. She fights hard and laughs maniacally, enjoying the ruckus she helps create. His last words before being crushed to death are even “Fuck you”.

Jesper Fahey, ‘Shadow and Bone’ (2021 – ongoing)

by Netflix shadow and bone remains one of the best fantasy book adaptations streaming today. And with a new season on the way in March 2023, you’ll be able to see more fleshed out versions of your favorite characters, including the ever-crazy Jesper Fahey. Masterfully performed by Young KitJesper is the Zemeni-born sniper who teams up with Kaz and Inej in the series.

Jesper is an incredibly unique character, not just on television, but in the Grishaverse itself. Unlike his companions, he is much more optimistic and arrogant about life and always has a wise commentary to soothe the situation. He often goes against his own indulgences and even befriends a cute goat on his way through the fold.

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Todd Chavez, ‘BoJack Horseman’ (2014-2020)

Netflix’s beloved series, BoJack Rider, is full of unique characters. With many of them struggling with mental illness or being social outcasts, it’s hard not to love the characters. One of the most endearing and goofy is Todd Chavez, BoJack’s human roommate who is best known as a couch potato.

Despite being a slacker, Todd is a fantastic and upbeat friend, with a plethora of skills and artistic abilities. He meddles in a lot of things, letting the wind take him where he can, trying out different jobs and business ideas, and always coming out unscathed. His goofy adventures and endless empathy carry the show.

Maeve Wiley, ‘Sex Education’ (2019 – ongoing)

As one of the main characters in Sex education, Maeve Wiley is a sarcastic social outcast and a bad girl, determined to do nihilism and stay alone. The series follows the lives of students and staff at Moordale Secondary School, where they face personal dilemmas that are often gender-related.

Unlike many smart, goofy characters, Maeve goes against the grain, shouting deranged ideas and general madness. Instead, she’s a benevolent soul, despite her cold exterior and the way she carries herself. She possesses a sardonic and morbid sense of humor that often gets her into trouble and causes her to remain an outsider.

Cardamom, ‘Bee and PuppyCat’ (2022)

The popular webtoon series, Bee and PuppyCat, hit Netflix this year with a second season. The series follows an unemployed woman and her mysterious cat-dog hybrid, PuppyCat, on a journey of temporary jobs to pay Bee’s monthly rent. While most characters have their own madness, one of the most unique characters is Cardamon, Bee’s seven-year-old owner.

Yes, Cardamon, is seven years old and, yes, he’s still in grade school, but he’s also a child genius who’s been promoted to de facto owner of Bee’s house. As a child, the juxtaposition between his very serious and professional personality and his angelic physique creates a truly odd persona.

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