What happened to Karmele Marchante, who now attacks Jorge Javier in his memoirs

María del Carmen Marchante Barrobés, artistically known as Karmele Marchante, has extensive experience in the media, her great passion being the gossip. At 76 years old, The journalist has been away from the media focus and television sets for several years after abruptly leaving ‘Save me’, the program where she was a regular collaborator. Today she prefers a much quieter life and is focused on her career as a book writer.

The beginning

Karmele Marchante began his career in the world of journalism in Iceland, the country to which she moved when she married an Icelandic linguist. Three years later and coinciding with her divorce, the Catalan she returned to Spain where she began working in the written press and radio. Later, she tried her luck on television in the program ‘Informe Semanal’ of Televisión Española.

Throughout his extensive career as a journalist, he has collaborated in spaces such as ‘Las noticias del corazón’, ‘La noche se mueve’, ‘La máquina de la verdad’, ‘Tardes con Teresa’, ‘Día a Día ‘, ‘Like life’, ‘TNT’, By your side’, ‘Save me’ or ‘La Noria’, among others. However, his golden age was in ‘Tómbola’ where he stayed for seven years and phrases as famous as “Shut up, Karmele!” by Jesús Mariñas arose.

His attempt to go to ‘Eurovision’

The great popularity acquired with Karmele Marchante after her time on ‘Tómbola’ and ‘Sálvame’ meant that the journalist was also part of other great shows television shows like ‘Survivors’ where he participated in 2008. And not only that. The Catalan also tried her luck in one of the shortlists to become the representative of Spain in ‘Eurovision 2010’.

The television company carried out its candidacy thanks to the support of ‘Save me’. The Telecinco program produced a song for him that quickly became one of the most talked about with all the ballots to become the winner of the preselection. To the rhythm of “and I am a tsunami”, Karmele Marchante turned her song into a hit, although he did not achieve his goal since RTVE decided to disqualify him for “not complying with the contest rules”.

His controversial departure from ‘Save me’

After several disagreements with her colleagues, Karmele Marchante disappeared from one day to the next from ‘Sálvame’. “I am not going back to that infamous program. No means no. When I left that nauseating pigsty I said I would never come back.”she came to express on her social networks before the rumors of a possible return that she categorically denied.

It is precisely this subject that Karmele Marchante speaks openly about in her latest book, ‘Yo no me callo’, where she does not hesitate to charge against Jorge Javier Vázquez. “The lonely, greasy, psychopathic, ego-ridden dwarf who everyone is forced to lick his ass,” declares the Catalan. “’Save me is the circus-sty of the sick, swindlers and corrupt rent bellies. I am forbidden in that garbage to talk about me. I left without saying goodbye ”, he adds.

“I very much regret having entered gossip journalism,” he says about his career in the tabloids. “As for ‘Tómbola’, it was the birth of heart programs. The first years I had a good time, then not. He came to the hotel crying every night. He was long-suffering and hard”, he concludes in his memoirs.

What happened to Karmele Marchante, who now attacks Jorge Javier in his memoirs