What happened to the actor Miguel Ortiz?

His first film was titled poppers, directed by José María Castellví, and in it he worked alongside the legendary Alfredo Mayo. In the following years she took part in Bye little girl (1986), by Imanol Uribe; in twilight (1987), by José Luis Lozano; Y alone with you (1990), by Eduardo Campoy, with Victoria Abril and Imanol Arias. On stage, in 1986, she performed Lazarus in the labyrinth (1986), by Antonio Buero Vallejo, and the beauty of the devil, with Amparo Larrañaga. She also participated in The eighties are ours.

Television was always in his sights, but he did not enter it as an actor, but was one of the collaborators of Hermida’s program in 1991, where he came to appear as co-anchor. Carlos García Hirschfeld and Belinda Washington also made their debut in this space, one of the first produced by the newborn Antena 3. Names that were very popular in their day, although at the moment the three are quite far from the television spotlight.

The facet of presenter greatly attracted him and he tried different formats, some of them with humor as a backdrop. Among these programs, it is worth mentioning love me a lot (Antenna 3), Don’t laugh, which is worse, Ta tocaothe children’s contest Game’s zone and the musical Hi wave (these four on TVE).

The cathodic presence favored his participation in series, albeit occasionally, and he was in the best known of the 90s: Full, please, who gives the time?, The super either south city. He also worked in Periodistas in his last season, giving life to Chopo. This story gave him more popularity and put him on the map in a way. Twenty years have passed since that character and also the one he played in the Guillermo del Toro film The Devil’s backbone. In 2005, together with María Luisa Merlo and Yolanda Arestegui, she starred in the first mobile series to be made in Spain, super villains. After the success obtained, it was broadcast by La Sexta. One of the series in which he had a great journey was in love in troubled times, where he gave life to Ovidio Salmerón, the murderous and psychopathic commissioner of the Chamberí police station. His latest television work has been in series that are well known by viewers and are still on the air: La que se avecina (Telecinco) and Servir y Protección (Televisión Española).

He is a very resourceful man who likes to write and has worked as a screenwriter. Audiovisual direction is also among his skills. At the same time that he was looking for a life as an interpreter, he also got behind the cameras directing the short films my chinese vase (1996) and The fish (1998). One of his hobbies is sculpture, a discipline to which he has dedicated a lot of time, and another, music. He has academic knowledge of piano and guitar, he likes the world of rock and has participated in some other concert. Despite the thousand and one records of him, he himself now remains away from the spotlight.

What happened to the actor Miguel Ortiz?