What it’s like to live as a female psycho

  • By Megha Mohan
  • Gender and Identity Journalist

Photo credit, Somsara Rielly

Psychopathy is a disorder that both fascinates and repels – as illustrated by the viral TikTok videos in which people talk about how to “spot a psychopath”. But the stigma that surrounds psychopathy means it is still poorly understood, especially when it manifests in women.

Victoria knew about her boyfriend’s wife, but after a few years she suspected he had other mistresses.

There was no evidence, but his body language gave it away, she said. His stories didn’t fit. His face was different when he was lying.

“I happen to have an excellent memory when it comes to conversations,” she says. “He was not a good liar at all. I don’t know why his wife never caught him.”

What it’s like to live as a female psycho – BBC News Africa