What’s New October 27, the considerations: despite the title, there is nothing new in the show

Ilaria D’Amico, for the first episode of the new talk, explores the new government led by Giorgia Meloni.

Thursday 27 October, from 21:20 on Rai 2the debut of What’s new. The talk is conducted by Ilaria D’Amico and it is one of the novelties of the schedule Rai. At the side of the presenter there are Valentina Petrini, Gerardo Greco, Francesco Giubilei And Stefano Zurlo. Among the themes of the first meeting are Giorgia Meloni’s government and the war in Ukraine. In this regard, an exclusive reportage is shown in which we talk about Russia. Among the guests are present Ferruccio de Bortoli, Maurizio Landini, Guido Maria Brera And Kim Rossi Stuart.

What’s New October 27, the live broadcast begins

Start What’s new of 27 October. The presenter, after the customary greetings, introduces the guests of the evening and launches a beautiful cover, which summarizes all the most important facts of the last few days. The presenter, visibly excited, gives the floor to the four regular commentators Gerardo Greco, Stefano Zurlo, Valentina Petrini And Francesco Giubilei. Enter the studio Ferruccio de Bortoliwhich reaches the center of the stage and provides (without contradiction) its own point of view.

For now, all guests begin their speeches by saying what is actually new to them in the public debate. After a short monologue, de Bortoli is interviewed by the presenter. The latter then broadcasts a report on the living conditions of the poorest sections of the population of Russia. All the images were collected incognito: the author Andrea Ceresiniin fact, he arrived in Moscow pretending to be a tourist. The service is undoubtedly interesting and well done. The focus of the long investigation is proposed on the pain of Russian mothers, whose children have enlisted and have never returned alive to their homeland. A former soldier, on the other hand, talks about the massacres carried out by the Russians in Bucha.

What's New October 27 Ferruccio de Bortoli

Interview with Maurizio Landini

What’s new of October 27 continues with the argument of the friar Paolo Benanti. From the center of the stage he talks about the relationship between humans and technology. The presenter then connects live with Daniele Piervincenzi, a war correspondent in Kryvyry, Ukraine. One of his reports is broadcast, showing the situation in the Donbass, an area at the center of the war. This service is also very well done.

TO What’s new of 27 October the subject is radically changed. With Guido Maria Brerain fact, we talk about the economy, with a focus on inflation. To them is added Kim Rossi Stuart, which exclusively advertises the film Brado and then leaves the studio. Being an in-depth talk show, they should certainly have managed the moment of the promotion better, which appeared decidedly out of context.

Fortunately, we turn the page: Ilaria D’Amico interview Maurizio Landinigeneral secretary of the CGIL. The trade unionist comments on the first proposals made by the new majority. He and the public are shown the precarious conditions present in some emergency rooms in the north. Here doctors and nurses work very long shifts due to the lack of staff. In addition, many patients wait for visits for hours and even days, stuck in crowded corridors. When you return to the office, the doctor takes the floor Pierino Di Silveriowhich talks about the problems of the health system of our country.

Maurizio Landini

What’s New October 27, there is talk of student protests

TO What’s new on 27 October there is talk of student protests against school-work alternation, as well as the clashes of Wisdom. The presenter connects directly from here, where the Faculty of is now occupied Political Science. The theme warms the hearts for the first time in the studio. As is now customary, when it comes to young people on TV, the conversation moves up Tik Tok. And indeed, influencers come into the studio Arianna Biella And Michele Satti Magi. The first is a young city councilor of the League, while the second sympathizes with the left side, to which he makes an appeal. What’s new of 27 October ends with a report by the influencer Natasha, who goes around the outskirts of Rome and collects the testimonies of the “last and penultimate“.

Ilaria D'Amico

The final considerations

What’s new? Absolutely nothing. The debut episode of the program does not present any significant news compared to the other talks, primarily from the point of view of content. Even the guests are all (or almost) faces already seen and reviewed in the various TV shows dedicated to political and social study.

About the guests: without taking anything away from those who attended, it would probably have been appropriate to involve more high-sounding personalities, perhaps capable of attracting the attention of the public. This would have been absolutely necessary, especially for the debut of a format which has been abused over the years and which is forced to face huge competition.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​having experts intervene with monologues is interesting. These allow you to deepen the various topics in detail, avoiding those annoying noises that are often seen in the talks (and which nevertheless reappeared during the final block). The real highlight of the evening, however, are the reports, such as those on the war in Ukraine, which are very similar in style to those that distinguish the direct competitor. A clean sweep. Given the quality of the video contributions broadcast, it is questionable why they are not more central to the show. Only in this way, in fact, one could probably see something really New.

What’s New October 27, the considerations: despite the title, there is nothing new in the show