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Mamoun w Shoraka (Mamoun and his Partners)  

Genre: Drama comedy
Director: Ramy Emam
Writer: Youssef Maaty
Starring: Adel Imam, Lebleba, Mostafa Fahmi, Tamer Hagras, Sherine
Channels: MBC1, MBC Masr
Storyline: Mamoun (Adel Imam) is a stingy man who deprives his family of everything, therefore they let him alone. Once they discover he is a billionaire, they start a mission to search for his hidden wealth.

The Tsar (The Ceasar) 

Genre: Thriller / action drama 
Director: Ahmed Nader Galal 
Writer: Mohamed Nayer 
Staring: Youssef El Sherif, Khaled Zaky, Ahmed Halawa, Yasser Ali Maher, Reham Abdelghafour 
Channel: ONTV
Storyline: Caesar (Youssef El Sherif) is a member of a terrorist group that commits several attacks on civilians. Once Caesar becomes the leader of the group he finds himself followed by the police until they surround him and some of his group members in a Rafah tunnels. He becomes the only survivor.

The Ghoul’s Head (Ras El-Ghoul)

Genre: Drama, comedy, thriller
Director: Ahmed Samir Farag
Writers: Sherif Badr Eldin and Wael Hamdy
Starring: Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Mervat Amin, Farouk El Feshawi, Mohamed Al Shakankeery, Heba Abdelghany.
Channel: Al-Nahar TV
Storyline: Darwish Abd Rabo (Mahmoud Abdelaziz) is a deceitful man who has many victims. The police declare a large sum as a bounty for anyone who catches him, so everyone starts looking for him.

Promise (Waad)

Genre: Drama
Director: Ibrahim Fakhr 
Writer: Mohamed Soliman Abdel Malek 
Starring: Mai Ezz Eldein, Youssef Othman, Hend Reda, Hazem Samir, Hamdy Marghany, Hassan Hosny
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: Waad (Mai Ezz Eldein) gets involved in complicated relationships, facing dilemmas of making the right choice in life, in terms of relationships. Her destiny crosses with that of other characters around her.

Free Fall (Seqout Hor)

Genre: Crime, mystery, thriller, drama
Director: Chaouki Mejeri 
Writers: Wael Hamdy and Mariam Naoum 
Starring: Nelly Karim, Donia Maher, Samar Gaber, Mohamed Farrag, Wafaa Sadik
Channels: ONTV, TEN, Alkahera Walnas, Sada Elbalad, CBC, Dream, El-Mehwar, Dubai One, Egyptian TV
Storyline: Malak (Nelly Kerim) is a psychopath who is accused of murdering her husband and her sister after the crime weapon, a gun, is found with her. When she is arrested the court decides to put her in a psychiatric clinic. She faces many problems inside the clinic until the truth about the murders is revealed at the end.

Fouk Mostawa El-Shobohat (Above Reproach)

Genre: Drama
Director: Hani Khalifa 
Writers: Abdalla Hasan and Amin Gamal 
Cast: Yousra, Naglaa Badr, Sherein Reda, Karim Fahmy, Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Hatem
Channels: TEN, Al-Kahera Wal-Nas, Sada Elbalad, CBC, Dream, El-Mehwar, Dubai One, Egyptian TV, Al-Hayat, Orbit Mosalsalat, Dream
Storyline: Rahma (Yousra) is a sociopath who seems to be kind and normal, but in reality is consciously harming the people around her. 

The Diary of a Very Angry Wife 2 (Yawmiyat Zoga Mafrusa Awy 2)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Ahmed Nour 
Writer: Amany Dorgham 
Starring: Dalia El-Behery, Khaled Sarhan, Samir Ghanem , Ragaa El-Geddawy, Marwa Abdel Monem. Shaimaa Saif.
Channel: Al-Hayat, Egyptian TV
Storyline: A female journalist and her husband work in the same newspaper, but they have different attitudes towards the 25 January Revolution. They lead a life full of conflict and fights in the workplace and at home.


El Moghany (The Singer)

Genre: Drama, musical
Director: Sherif Sabri 
Writer: Ahmed Mohey 
Starring: Mohamed Mounir, Rania Farid Shawki, Maysa Maghraby, Mirhan Hussein, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mohamed Abo Dawood
Channels: TBA
Storyline: A musical drama based on the life story of Egyptian pop star Mohamed Mounir. Some of the songs are written for the series and will be released for the first time when it airs. 


Genre: Crime, thriller, drama
Director: Hossam Abdel Rahman 
Writer: Reda El-Wakeel 
Starring: Magdy Kamel, Susan Negm Eldein, Aaidah Riyadh, Nehal Anbar, Khaled Mahmoud, Donia
Channel: TBA
Storyline: A businessman’s wife is thinking about appearing on a popular television show. The husband intervenes, fearing that his past will be reopened, revealing his involvement in a murder.

Wedding Song (Afrah El-Qwba)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Yasine 
Writers: scriptwriter Mohamed Amin Rady, based on a novel by Naguib Mahfouz
Starring: Mona Zaki, Sayed Ragab, Gamal Soliman, Sabreen, Rania Youssef, Sawsan Badr
Channels: Orbit Mosalsalat, MBC, Al-Nahar
Storyline: A theatrical group in the 1970s discover in a reading that the play they will perform is about their own lives and secrets. They refuse to take part in the play but the group leader insists, as his way to salvation. The actors find themselves on stage playing their own real life characters. The story is being told by Tahia Abdou (Mona Zaky), a young actress who joins the group in search of fame. 

The Drummer (Al-Tabbal) 

Genre: Drama
Director: Essam Nassar 
Writer: Hisham Hilal 
Starring: Amir Karara, Rojina, Donia, Sabry Abdelmonem, Nabil Issa, Walid Fawwaz
Channel: ONTV
Storyline: A drummer who is leading a folk band uses his art to climb the social ladder, be rich, and expand his social network.

Father of the Girls (Abu El-Banat)

Genre: Drama Comedy
Director: Raouf Abd El Aziz 
Writer: Ahmed Abdel Fattah 
Starring: Mostafa Shaban, Leqaa El-Khameisi, Ola Ghanem, Salah Abdallah, Edward, Ragaa El-Geddawy
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: A businessman and a former drug dealer who owns a car shop has a dispute with one of his competitors, so he moves with his family to Cairo. But this does not end his problems. On the contrary, his life is turned upside down. 


Layali El-Helmeya 6 (El-Helmeya Nights – 6)

Genre: Drama
Director: Magdy Abou Emira 
Writers: Ayman Bahgat Amar and Amr Yassin 
Starring: Elham Shahein, Safia El-Emary, Hesham Selim, Samira Abdelaziz, Kareem Mamoun, Hamada Barakat
Channels: Al-Nahar, Al-Hayat, LDC, Al-Sharjah TV
Storyline: The sixth part of a long series that was popular in the 1990s. The main theme in the series is following social and cultural changes in Egyptian society from the 1940s onward through the development of two families. The sixth part of the series focuses on what happened after 25 January Revolution in the two families.

The State of Mind (El-Keif)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Nukaly 
Writer: Ahmed Mahmoud Abou Zeid 
Starring: Rania Mallah, Ramzy Lehner, Mahmoud El-Bezawy, Rania Fathallah, Nour El Kadeiki
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: The series is an adaptation of a film with the same name produced in the 1980s. The story revolves around drugs tycoons and how they exploit society to gain wealth. 

A Psychiatric Clinic (El-Khanka)

Genre: Drama, thriller
Director: Mohamed Gomaa 
Writer: Mahmoud Desoky 
Starring: Ghada Abdelrazek, Majed El Masry, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Caroline Khalil, Mirhan Hussein, Nehal Anbar
Channels: Al-Nahar, Rotana Khalijia, LBC
Storyline: The series is based on a true story about a female teacher in an international school who suffered sexual harassment from one of her students. Can she overcome the incident? Or will she discover that everyone around her is accusing the victim? 


She and Da Vinci (Heya We Da Vinci)

Genre: Drama
Director: Abdel Aziz Hashad 
Writer: Mohammed El-Henawi 
Starring: Layla Olwy, Khaled El-Sawy, Yasser Ali Maher, Mohamed Ahmed Maher, Khalid Bakir, Tamim Abdou
Channels: Al-Nahar, Al-Hayat, Sada Elbalad, Dream, Egyptian TV, Almostakbal, ART Hekayat
Storyline: A black comedy about a female lawyer who is living in a poor suburb in Cairo. She takes a new course when Da Vinci appears in her life. 

Grand Hotel

Genre: Drama, crime, mystery
Director: Mohamed Shaker Khodeir 
Writer: Tamer Habib 
Starring: Dina El-Sherbiny, Amr Youssef, Amir Salaheldeen, Sherine Mai El-Gheity, Ragaa El-Geddawy
Channels: Abu Dhabi Drama, CBC, OSN
Storyline: A murder occurs in the Grand Hotel where businessmen meet and talk. The victim is a female employee in the hotel whose brother decides to solve the mystery. Will he meet the same destiny as his sister when he is close to the truth?

Younis the Son of Fadda (Younis Weld Fadda)

Genre: Drama
Director: Ahmed Shafik 
Writer: Abd El-Rahim Kamal 
Starring: Amr Saad, Reham Haggagm Batool Al-Haddad, Galal El-Ashry, Heba Magdy, Mahmoud Fares
Channels: MBC, Rotana Khaligya, NBN
Storyline: Younes Shehab (Amr Saad) is a powerful man in Upper Egypt. He uses his influence to make all his dreams come true, even by illegal means. Did the system around him help make him into a monster? 


Seven Souls (Sabaa’ Arwah)


Genre: Drama Thriller Action
Director: Tarek Refaat
Writer: Mohamed Sayed Bashir
Starring: Khaled El-Nabawy, Eyad Nassar, Rania Youssef, Walid Fawwaz, Reham Haggag, Abdulla Meshref
Channels: ONTV, Abu Dhabi
Storyline: A police officer arrests a powerful man accused of murdering a woman. The arrested man is sentenced to death. But what would happen to the police officer if the allegedly murdered woman is still alive?

The Exit (El-Khorog)

Genre: Thriller, drama
Director: Mohamed Gamal El-Adl
Writer: Mohamed Elsafty
Starring: Sherif Salama, Dorra, Dhaffer L’Abidine, Nourhan, Ingi Abou Zeid, Elshahat Mabrouk
Channels: Al-Nahar, Al-Hayat, CBC, Dream, Al-Kahera Wal-Nas, Sada Elbalad, Egyptian TV, Elmehwar, Al-Sharjah TV, ART Hekayat
Storyline: A successful police officer is devoted completely to his work. He finds out that his family needs him as much as his work. Is it too late?

The Balance (Al-Mizan)

Genre: Thriller, action
Director: Ahmed Khaled Mousa
Writer: Baher Dwedar
Starring: Ghada Adel, Nahed El Sebaey, Sherein Reda, Amira El Aidy, Sabry Fawaz, Mohamed Farrag
Channels: Al-Hayat, CBC, Sada Elbalad, Dream, El-Mehwar, OSN, Egyptian TV
Storyline: An idealistic female lawyer faces conflicting situations through her challenging career. Will she give up or will she continue defending her principles?


Repel Response (Sad Rad)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Hisham Fathy 
Writer: Mohamed Salah Al Azab, and Tamer Abdel Hamid 
Starring: Ali Rabee, Mohamed Anwar, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Mohamed Osama (Os Os), Abdulla Meshref, Samy Maghawry
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: Three young people are trying to overcome the everyday problems they face. But the way they deal with their lives gets them into bigger problems.

Heba the Crow’s Leg 3 (Heba Regl El-Ghorab 3)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Rami Rezkallah
Writer: Sherif Badr Eldin
Starring: Mohamed Soliman, Hamada Barakat, Nourhan , Hanan Soliman, Azza Lebeeb, Tamer Yousry
Channels: OSN, CBC
Storyline: In the third part of the series, the middle class young woman Heba falls in love with her boss. Her love affair leads her to many funny and complicated situations.

The Legend (Al-Ostora)

Genre: Drama
Director: Mohamed Samy 
Writer: Mohamed Abdelmoati 
Starring: Mohamed Ramadan, Rojina, Emad Zeyadah, Donia, Ashraf Zaki, Mohamed Abdel Hafez
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: A law school graduate, Ramadan, from a poor suburb in Cairo is trying to join the judiciary, but the bad reputation of his brother, an arms dealer, prevents him from reaching his dream.



Genre: Drama
Director: Shady El-Fakharany 
Writer: Abd El-Rahim Kamal 
Starring: Yehia El-Fakharany, Nabil El-Halafawi, Hala Sedki, Samah Alsaed, Hanan Motawie, Mohamed Shahin
Channels: Abu Dhabi Drama, CBC, OSN
Storyline: A father of four meets a devil called Wanoos. He becomes attached to him and leaves his family, work and life. But after 20 years of trouble making and misdeeds, he reviews his past. Can he change?

Birth Certificate (Shahadet Milad)

Genre: Thriller
Director: Ahmed Medhat 
Writer: Amr Samir Atef 
Starring: Tarek Lotfy, Salah Abdallah, Injy El Mokaddem, Darine Hamza, Mohamed Desouki
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: Ali (Tarek Lotfy) is a police officer who discovers that his known father and mother are not his real family, and that his real father, who was murdered long ago, was a criminal himself. How will these facts affect his life and career?

Nelly and Sherihan

Genre: Comedy
Director: Ahmed El-Gendy 
Writer: Mostafa Sakr,and Karim Youssef 
Starring: Donia Samir Ghanem, Amy Samir Ghanem, Bayoumi Fouad, Mostafa Khater, Salwa Khattabm, Mohamed Sallam
Channels: Al-Hayat, Dubai One
Storyline: Nelly (Donia Samir) has a life mission of searching for her cousin Sherihan (Emy) due to the will of her late father. Through the search she is involved in many funny and freaky situations.


Lineage Crisis (Azmet Nasab)

Genre: Drama
Director: Saeed Hamed 
Writer: Mohamed Salah Al Azab 
Starring: Zeina, Mahmoud Abdelmoghni, Klodia, Dina, Ramy Waheed, Reem El-Baroudy
Channels: ONTV, Abu Dhabi Drama
Storyline: A nurse in a fertility clinic falls in love with one of the clients, a wealthy and married businessman. He secretly marries her, hoping to have a baby. But he dies before she becomes pregnant. The greedy wife invents a trick to inherit her late husband’s wealth. Is she able to deceive everyone?

Superman Daughters (Banat Superman)

Genre: Fantasy
Director: Hossam Ali 
Starring: Shereen Adel, Yousra El-Lozy, Reham Haggag, Karim Afifi, Mahmoud Hafez, Entesar
Channel: MBC Masr
Storyline: Superman is visiting Egypt and meets with his dream girl in El-Haram Street. When he leaves, she discovers she is pregnant. Will she give birth to superboy or supergirl? 

Password (Kelmet Ser)

Genre: Romance
Director: Saad Hendawy 
Writer: Ahmed Abdel Fattah 
Starring: Latifa, Hesham Selim, Hassan Youssef, Ahmed Salah Hosny, Emmy, Hassan Abdallah
Channels: TBA
Storyline: A French language teacher has had enough of her sceptical husband who doubts all her acts and reactions. She asks for a divorce, but does this put an end to her misery?


Which TV series will you be hooked on this Ramadan 2016? | Al Bawaba