Who is Sophie Le Tellier, the actress who plays Hélène in Un si grand soleil?

Fans of Un si grand soleil couldn’t miss her role: Hélène is one of the new faces of the series and her “complicated” relationship with Claire boosts the series. Behind this role, an actress that we do not see enough: Sophie Le Tellier.

A few months ago, Sophie Le Tellier entered such a big sun. A familiar face to series fans, she portrays here the role of Hélène, a nurse who first maintains a real friendship with Claire (Mélanie Maudran) before everything goes wrong. Under the influence of a treatment, she suffers the side effects and will go so far as to lose her head and kidnap Claire. Justice not having found him responsible for his actions, she returns to the hospital to Claire’s great despair. But she has nothing: Hélène will start a love story with Claire’s own father, whom she met while hiking. For the moment, the authors show us a story that unfolds very well, a chance encounter and whose consequences present Claire to us in a “bad light”. But we also know that the authors of the series like, several after, to show us that what we thought was obvious is not necessarily so. What if Claire was right? What if Hélène had really planned everything and we’ll find out in a few months? And if the authors wanted to make Hélène the great psychopath that soaps love so much? For the moment, nothing allows to say it but it could be interesting. Especially since this character reminds us of another: Sheila Carter, the greatest psychopath of the Flames of love and Love glory and beauty (played by Kimberlin Brown). She too was Brooke Forrester’s rival and ended up marrying her father…before she showed her true face!! Oh and by the way, what exactly is Sheila’s job? Nurse of course!

Where could we see Sophie Le Tellier before Un si grand soleil?

As we mentioned above, she’s been a regular face in TV series for the past twenty years, even if, paradoxically, we don’t see her enough in leading roles. She was the clerk of Stéphane Freiss in The law according to Bartoli on TF1 and played at the same time alongside Emma Colberti in the too short New Maud.
She played the wife of one of the heroes of worries and men (the Desperate Housewives masculine of France 2), took part in The Little Murders of Agatha Christiein Resistancee on TF1, in My dear departed on France 2 (series for which we received it on VL), in Leo Mattei season 3, and many other series. We will also see it on TF1 in a few weeks in Aim for the heart. At the theater, she notably played in Sylvie Audcoeur’s play, Climatic heating that she will find again in 2021 by playing a role in her film A mother.

Endowed with a real presence in the image, a real charisma and she gives Hélène all the ambiguity that the character needs. She’s a really interesting actress that we would like to see more of in first fictional roles. Let’s hope that his role in Un si grand soleil allows him to do so.

Who is Sophie Le Tellier, the actress who plays Hélène in Un si grand soleil?