Who was Anthony Bourdain

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Who was Anthony Bourdain, the chef par excellence. Born in 1956, a native of New York, he had left university in the 1970s and started working as a cook. He had a great vocation for cooking. In 1978 he had graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. After his studies and a bit of apprenticeship, his rise in the world of cooking never stopped, thus reaching its highest peak when he became executive chef of the Brasserie Les Halles, famous Manhattan restaurant.

Who was Anthony Bourdain: a life of excesses and addictions. But also many trips

Who was Anthony Bourdain: having become a cooking guru, in the 2000s, Bourdain was himself turned into a popularizer, writing books and hosting television shows. Fame had come thanks to American travel and food shows such as A Cook’s Tour, No Reservations and Parts Unknownwho had given him the title of cook-traveller, while the magazine Smithsonian he had defined it “the Elvis of bad boy chefs”, due to his eccentric character and difficult past. So much so that he had a life of addictions, in fact he was an unrepentant smoker and drinker. But not only that, at the beginning of his career, when he worked in a restaurant in Soho, he used cocaine, heroin and LSD as he himself declared:

“We were stoned all the time. A decision was hardly made without drugs. Cannabis, methaqualone, cocaine, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms soaked in honey and used to sweeten tea, secobarbital, Tuinal, amphetamines, codeine and, increasingly, heroin”….

…”The cooks are a gang of degenerates, drug addicts, refugees, drunk thugs, petty thieves, sluts and psychopaths and in a world so full of bullshit when you buy drugs your “bullshit detector” becomes quite precise: look for cocaine and heroin in the streets of New York almost every day has somehow prepared me for Hollywood and show business”

Like all in all personal affairs, there are ups and downs and the notorious star-chef as well as the bad boy of American cuisine has known even better moments, all to be fully experienced: yes threw himself into travelling discovering new dishes and culinary traditions by traveling around the world twice, getting to visit all the most unthinkable places. From rainforests to war-torn or drug-trafficked territories, try all the gastronomic specialties imaginable: from the noodles eaten with Obama in Vietnam to the eyeball of a seal and the heart of a cobra, passing through the intestines of a warthog, without missing out on anything.

Who was Anthony Bourdain: two marriages and love with Asia Argento

Such a strong personality could only live his private life intensely. Bourdain in 1985 he married his partner of high schools Nancy Putkoskithe couple after 20 years divorced in 2005 and two years later the chef got married with the Italian Ottavia Busiaknown only a few weeks earlier. Their daughter Ariane was born from their relationship.

La Busia (a martial artist) appeared in several episodes of her show “No Reservations,” but he later confessed that, due to his job, he was forced to be away from home 250 days a year. The two separated in 2016, remaining on excellent terms.

Very quick to find company. In the sentimental field, fluctuating for him, there was also room for another woman, the second Italian in his life. Asia Argento, with whom he fell in love when she appeared on the episode of the CNN program “Parts Unknown” dedicated to Rome.

In a very intense year for women, Bourdain supported her in the famous battle against harassment in the world of entertainment, when she confessed to the violence suffered by Harvey Weinstein.

The episodes of violence marked her but Asia at her side had found serenity, her words regarding the relationship with the chef:

“With Anthony I am happy. Finally a man, not a softy. He is cultured, intelligent, he leaves me my space and gives respect and collaboration. He is a beautiful person. He matures, but not by age ”.

Unfortunately the story ended badly, in the sense that after a year Bourdain committed suicide. There is a lot of talk about this sad story, especially today, following an apparently unauthorized biography of the chef who is making a stir. Lots of Asia (protagonist of the exchange of sms a few hours before the suicide with Anthony) how much the family distances themselves.

Brother Christopher:

“When he talks about our family, either they are made up or totally wrong. Whatever is said about internal relations is the result of either fantasy or error”.

The true inspiration of this scandalous biography would be Anthony’s second wife, Ottavia Busia-Bourdain. The rest is still to be followed.

Who was Anthony Bourdain