Who was Jeffrey Dahmer, the so

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Jeffrey Dahmer has been singled out as one of the darkest serial killers in US history.

In total there were 17 victims. From 1978 to 1991, American Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 people in such a cruel and gruesome manner that he was dubbed the Milwaukee cannibal (after the city where he committed most of his crimes).

And while recent US history has been littered with serial killers causing the deaths of hundreds of people, the truth is that the methods Dahmer used – not only to kill his victims but also to get rid of of their bodies – have made it the focus of attention of expert criminalists and the general public.

Dozens of television series, movies and plays have been made about his life and crimes, not counting the texts that have been written, from reports to books with testimonies from his high school classmates.

The last of these products premiered on the Netflix streaming platform, a series of ten chapters exploring Dahmer’s crimes, but also his childhood and part of his adolescence, entitled “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story“.

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer, the so-called “Milwaukee monster” portrayed in the controversial Netflix series