You: a date and a teaser for season 4

Launched since 2018, “You” has not finished driving its viewers crazy. Netflix has just unveiled the first teaser for its new season, which you will have to check the date at the end of the video.

You : Dexter’s heir?

In the mid-2000s, Showtime revolutionized the world of TV series with dexter. Indeed, it is perhaps one of the rare times when a show has as its protagonist a serial killer whose daily life we ​​follow as well as his motivations to carry out his misdeeds. 12 years after the launch of this series, “children” were born. Among them, there is of course the series Youadaptation of the first two novels of the author’s literary trilogy Caroline Kepnes.

The psychological thriller has many similarities with dexter : a serial killer as the main character, a voice-over, very dark humor and a split personality (friendly in public, psychopathic in private). You thus follows the life of Joe Goldberg, a charming young man who hides an obsessive and murderous temperament when he is interested in a woman. He is then ready to do anything to seduce her and monopolize her, even if it means using the most horrible methods.

Penn Badgley serie You
You ©Netflix

If the first season of the series created by Greg Berlanti and Will Gamble was a ratings flop when it was broadcast on Lifetime, it became, however, a great success when it was bought by netflix for the following seasons. From now on, You is a must-see series from the American streaming service. And the show worn by Penn Badgley (which makes a powerful comeback after gossip girl) is ready to set the stage again for a highly anticipated Season 4.

A two-part season

After being a bookseller in season 1, living in Los Angeles in the second, and husband and father in a peaceful suburb in season 3, Joe Goldberg will be a teacher in London in season 4. The first teaser of You presents him to us in these features, clothes to support it as well as in big titles on the screen. However, like the second season, it reveals a new identity sincehe now calls himself Jonathan Moore.

We recall that at the end of the previous season, he left Los Angeles after murdering his wife Love (who wanted to kill him), blowing up his house and delivering his son to one of his colleagues. Freed from all attachment, he now begins a new life. However, part of the teaser also features him in much darker clothes, hiding his face under a cap. A way of telling us that once again, man will have to deal with his inner demons

You ©Netflix

This first teaser is also presented as the series: with his still dangerously suave voiceover, Joe subtly announces the characters who will be present in this new season. and who could be its potential victims.

Note that during the TUDUM event, Netflix announced that this new season of You would be divided into two parts. This is not the first time that the streaming site has used this strategy. This was particularly the case for season 4 of Stranger Things or for the fifth and final season of Money Heist. A strategy that works quite well.

The first round of episodes of You will be broadcast on February 10, 2023 while the second part will be online from March 2, 2023.

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