You season 4 (Netflix): what you need to know (plots / release date)

Netflix’s hit series You has kept many viewers spellbound. Several clues shared on the official social channels of the streaming giant for a few weeks confirm the arrival of a season 4. What should we know about the next season of the thriller You season 4 plot / casting side and what is its release date? ?

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You season 4: a sequel already in production?

You is one of the most watched series on netflix. Created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble, this American series premiered in September 2018 on the Netflix streaming platform.

Since its release, the series has been hugely successful surpassing fans’ expectations every season. It relates the adventures of Joe Goldberg, a young and charming bookseller, who turns out to be in reality a stalker and a big psychopath. This central character of the series is embodied by the American actor Penn Badgley (revealed by Gossip Girl).

After the success of you season 3, fans of the event series You are impatiently awaiting the sequel to the thriller. Especially with the death of Love Quinn (character played by Victoria Pedretti) revealed in the last episode and which surprised a large number of viewers. The existence of a sequence was recently confirmed by Netflix on its Instagram account.

A video of short-lived images was, indeed, published with in description “You has been renewed by a season 4”. The rest of this series is therefore already being written.

What does season 4 have in store for fans of the series?

If it is certain that Penn Badgley, the interpreter of the serial killer, will be back in this fourth chapter, it is however difficult to predict the continuation of the adventures of Joe Goldberg. However, we can say that things will surely get more complicated for this serial killer. After living a family life with his partner Love, whom he ends up killing in the last episode of season 3, Joe tries to find his lover Marienne Bellamy.

The latter, which is his new obsession, had fled without leaving a trace. It would therefore be very likely that she will be present in the next season. Sandy, Joe’s mother, and Jacob his half-brother could also be present in this chapter 4 of the series. We learn, in fact, a little more about the history of this first in the previous season. Love Quinn could also be part of the cast of season 4 of You. Victoria Pedretti having confirmed the death of her character in an interview, she could only be as a flashback.

We discover in the last scene of the previous season, Joe in Paris looking for Marienne (character played by Tati Gabrielle). It is therefore very likely that the long-awaited plot will take place in the French capital. Will Joe find Marienne in Paris? Will Marienne give Joe the opportunity to explain himself? Joe’s Crimes will they finally be revealed in this new chapter? Many questions remain unanswered while waiting for the arrival of this season 4.

When will You season 4 be released?

You season 4 release date is currently unknown, since having not yet revealed by Netflix. If the next episodes have already entered production, fans of the series can expect the broadcast of the new season announced by Netflix in the last quarter of the year 2022. Season 4 of You, one of the most watched series on the Netflix streaming platform is highly anticipated by viewers. If it is difficult to predict what this season has in store for You fans, we can however say that it will be full of surprises.

You season 4 (Netflix): what you need to know (plots / release date)