Zodiac, Se7en, MINDHUNTER: Psychopaths according to David Fincher

From the serial killer of MINDHUNTER to the next door psychopath of Gone Girl, passing by the renegade prisoners of Alien³, sociopaths are legion in the work of David Fincher. Check out their fact sheet.

Warning, this slideshow contains spoilers which may prove harmful if you are not up to date on David Fincher’s filmography.

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Alien³ – 1992

Place of residence : High security penitentiary, planet Fiorina 16 Distinctive signs : Shaved hair, matching uniforms Features : Most dangerous common law prisoners in the universe, smarter together than apart felonies : Infanticide, murder, rape…

Se7en – 1995

Last name : Unknown / John Doe Place of residence : Sinister apartment with walls covered with photos and crucifixes Distinctive sign : No fingerprints Features : Intelligent, patient, manipulative, dangerous felonies : Sequestrations, torture and murders operated according to the seven deadly sins

Fight Club – 1999

Last name : Tyler Durden Residential locations : Various squats in the United States signs distinctive : Muscular, face marked with scars, large glasses with red smoked lenses Features : Anarchist, anti-conformist, brawler Situation : Soap seller felonies : Acts of terrorism, public dissemination of pornographic images, holding a clandestine circle

Panic Room – 2002

Last name : Raoul Place of residence : New York City Distinctive sign : Face hidden behind a hood, mid-length hair hiding incipient baldness Features : Violent, impatient, greedy, treacherous felonies : Armed robbery, murder, attempted murders

Zodiac – 2007

Last name : Unknown / Zodiac Slayer Place of residence : San Francisco Distinctive signs : Unknown profile Features : Likes to taunt the police, adept at riddles and puzzles, specialist in cryptography felonies : Has attributed itself about thirty murders

Millennium – 2011

Last name : Martin Vanger Instead of residence : Sweden Distinctive signs : Hoarse voice, imposing physique Features : Phlegmatic, misogynistic, violent behavior felonies : Murders, torture, kidnapping

Gone Girl – 2014

Last name : Amy Dunne Place of residence : Seedy hotel in Missouri signs distinctive : Blonde, girl next door, inspirational children’s book character Amazing Amy Situation : Married to Nick Dunne, former quiz designer Features : Manipulative, intelligent, charming, perverse, diehard felonies : Impersonation, scam, murder


Last name : Ed Kemper Place of residence : Vacaville Prison Distinctive signs : Impressive build (2m for 160 kg), mustache, glasses Features : Paranoid schizophrenic felonies : A dozen murders to his credit including that of his mother and his grandparents Conviction : Perpetuity

Zodiac, Se7en, MINDHUNTER: Psychopaths according to David Fincher