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“An ambush if discovered and properly countered,
he will pay with interest the alleged evil”.

If something is characterizing the psycho colonel Lately, before his possible dismissal or removal, it is his desperation to hide the traces of corruption and in that effort he removes those who can expose him. And horrifying! There are people we wouldn’t even have thought were joining forces to keep him screwed committing corruption. It’s that faces we see, corrupt intentions we don’t know!


So exceptional that it is getting an ethical official, full of honor, with a sense of responsibility and respect for the laws, as is Barry, but there are very few of these men, and the psychopathic colonel was not pleased with the discovery of a man whom he impostures. Because the psycho colonel would like to have the good reputation Barry hasso he pretends to be an honorable man when he is a fraud and dishonest jerk, thief with seven soles.

We know that itThe psychopathic colonel is also envious and he envies Barry his sense of right, his sense of decency. But the colonel is not that he wants to be correct or decent, but that he gets mad when meeting people who are. His insane envy consists in the fact that he angers him, fills him with hatred and anger that others are decent and honorable, when he suffers from a moral incapacity to be so. Why Barry didn’t keep quiet and ignore the corruption that I lead, says the psychopathic colonel. Because the psychopathic colonel is a moral idiot, his box of values ​​is dark, he doesn’t understand why people act correctly because he is used to acting with corruption. His mind does not harbor values ​​or principles, the psychopathic colonel does not know how to conceive honest thoughts because he has never been honest, so he is a moral blind man, a moral idiot who conceives the rules as made for others but not to comply with them he.

Because it is already vox populi, his indecent and immoral conduct, because it is institutional knowledge how he has soiled and debased the company, because everyone knows who the psychopathic colonel is, as he can no longer hide his true personality, his tricks, vices and ethical deformations and the worst bad habits; In this deployment to hide traces, he is leaving many people wounded, hurt and he is making more and more enemies because he feels sure that his assets will be eternal, without realizing that his Saturday arrives for every pig and what he celebrates today with bravado, boastfulness and arrogance, tomorrow will be the episodes for which he will be imprisoned, since he is leaving too many traces of his corrupt and criminal activity. But he feels confident that his wickedness, sadism, his corruption and a etcetera of vices and paraphilias to the detriment of innocent people will go unpunished.

Barry was raised with honorHe comes from a home with principles and values, he has not been contaminated with the cartel like the one controlled by the psychopathic colonel, but in the institution he constituted a threat to the security of the network of corruption and criminals of this damned colonel who has encysted in an organism that does not deserve as much rottenness as the one that this Lombrosian criminal has colonized.

Barry uncovered just one of the many links in the psychopathic colonel’s web of corruption. and this reported or cost him his change of workplace, a humiliation in his honor and the demonic satisfaction of Lesbia Carlota, the corrupt official dedicated to the extortion of users by order and account of this soldier never promoted again and who pays the dollars to the interests of the small group of the cursed felon.

Barry had the balls to denounce him on the middle street, but they ambushed him because the poisonous power and corrupt psycho colonel prevailed. This is an illegal business apart from the one that Ananás leads to the psychopath along with all his subordinates, it is an illegal business apart from the one that Isabel, the psychopath’s slut, runs in the office that she now heads. This is an illegal business apart from the one that Sussana and her sister run, this is an illegal business apart from the one that the scoundrel workers and without self-respect run, this is an illegal business apart from the one that Chucho the apostate putative son of the psychopath runs, this is a business apart from all the illegal businesses that take place in the intramural and extramural institution. There would not be space in the dimension of this epistle due to its number of characters to enumerate each and every one of the illegal and corrupt businesses that are carried out in the institution due to the effect of the partition that gives them the turn of the mission, the vision and the end of the company that has sodomized the green felon and moral idiot, the black uncle, the corrupt thief from the coast that not even the Holy Spirit wanted… But surely we will detail them in due time, because each office and each department has set up his own shack of corruption and the psychopathic colonel promotes and safeguards its operation outside the laws because he found the perfect den to commit crimes with impunity, managing to take refuge in the flying monkeys that are his protective lieutenant pimps.

Barry left the institution with his head held high in the satisfaction of having accomplished his duty., although the dishonesty of the psychopathic colonel tentacularly made his own in the office where this blameless official filed the complaint in which he reveals the modus operandi of Lesbia Carlota and this corrupt military man who, together with his lazy Isabel, have made a fortune in dollars extorting users. Every day systematically under any pretext, intimidation and threats that their aspirations within the institution will not be crowned, Lesbia Carlota robs each user head-on, instantly deprives each of them of dollars and when she whimsically raises the amount of the vaccine to let them be in peace, a peace and tranquility that never comes because every day the whimsical and corrupt demands that must be satisfied by the psychopathic colonel and Lesbia Carlota are new. They have no shame, nor do they have honor, damned scoundrels. Hard face, criminals.

Barry detailed in great detail the way and manner in which lesbian carlotta and the psychopathic colonel make large sums of dollars daily at the expense of the users who, due to the circumstances, have no choice but to remain silent and deliver what is demanded of them, because the authorities who are responsible for starting the procedures to demand administrative and criminal responsibilities, turn a blind eye and deaf ears because of the dollars that the psychopathic colonel injects into them. How much filth swarms in the institution that the psychopathic colonel parasitizes.

As psychopaths always attack people who cannot defend themselves or who are unable to defend themselves, this is a Machiavellian strategy of the dark triad; but they forget these beings of diminished gray matter, that in other scenarios, on another occasion and in other faces they will be able to see and feel the certain justice in favor of those who have made their victims today. Because life takes many turns, colonelito, never promoted again. And punishments can even be inflicted on the innocent.

In this collection by Lesbia Carlota, only in the morning, she reports thousands of dollars to corruption exclusively through this route without taking into account the rest of the illicit business of the psycho colonel inside and outside the institution.

Like all predators, the psychopathic colonel always ambushes his victims. He all the time he plots the way and manner to cause harm of any kind to innocent and unaware people that he is dealing with a narcissist, who has no ethical or moral considerations. He is about a primal psychopath soulless.

“People are how they behave.
If you behave dishonestly you are dishonest,
If you behave like a psychopath, you are a psychopath.
Crisanto Gregorio Leon

Crisanto Gregorio Leon

[email protected]

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