▷ #OPINION Handcuffed and in jail they must take the psychopathic Colonel #5Oct

“I believe that bandits and thieves like you, honest, hard-working and decent people should not be afraid, but rather confront them with determination until they are sent to jail, where they deserve to be.”

Mario Vargas Llosa

No society or organization deserves to have at its head characters so disastrous and so corrupt that they constitute the syphilis of the administration. Where the concept of morality is annulled and that before the noises produced by the caged flying monkeys, the corrupt villains of the institution are suspiciously silent, bluffing, pretending not to understand, pretending to be innocent. Always cheating and mocking society.

When the credentials are not cronyism or criminal cronyism, but professional honesty and suitability and true vocation, but not deceitful personalities who only want to commit crimes by taking advantage of their positions; then the institution will proceed as it should. Unfortunately, senior positions such as the one held by the psychopathic Colonel are handpicked and do not imply further psychological or psychiatric evaluation to occupy them, when they are the ones that most require evaluations of this profile, especially since they are going to manage yet another human talent and huge sums of money and other resources; that through their exercise they will send a message to society that it hopes for the best, but not to be deceived.

The psychopathic, narcissistic, lycanthropic and voyeuristic Colonel is the worst scourge that has happened to the institution. But who keeps him in office despite all the scandals involving him and his flying monkeys? How is this delinquent Colonel allowed to mock society as a whole? An individual who disrespects the campus and sets the worst example, also has sex with his secretary right there in the institution in his offices and she is his most corrupt ally and accomplice. In situ, young men and women are raped, unless they have dollars with which to pay and prevent their human rights from being violated. If they could stand up in their dignity and expose the crimes that are committed against them and point out those who victimize them, justice would shine. .

While any insignificant stumbling block by legal weaklings is disproportionately punished, this corrupt thief and parasite – every psychopath lives parasitically – is pimped out for all his corruption, no matter how devious, dirty, depraved and scandalous they may be. In that institution, young people are physically and psychologically raped, while high amounts of dollars are extorted from them to let pass minuscule faults or invented faults to enrich their “caretakers” and the psychopathic Colonel. An institution where there is a black market for documents, by a network led by the psychopathic Colonel.

One bad apple – the psychopathic Colonel – jeopardizes the contents of the entire basket, because there are no ethics to emulate. When in an entity or in a company, industry or institution, or in any lawful association, the behavior of one or several of its members is out of tune with the philosophy that inspires the duty to be in the performance of the same as a corporation, insofar as to his image and face, where the concept of honor is compromised, there is a fracture in the essence of the foundations that inspire cohesion and respect before public opinion and its structure is staggering, since its fundamental bases have been allowed to corrode by an intolerable contradiction. But it is the case that these knaves use the legal activity of the institution to hide the illegal and criminal activity they have created.

The ethical virtues of the people who make up a corporation, whether public or private, and its performance philosophy are the image and face of that organization. And the psychopathic Colonel has no ethical virtues, he is a dishonor to himself and to the institution, and the emptiness that he will never reach the rank of General keeps him in constant frustration, charging innocent people who have nothing to do with his personal rampage.

This is corroborable when the moral solvency or ethical performance of any organization gains and gains prestige due to the image of a single person, whom they have selected as the visible face of the corporation, due to their good name and good reputation, and in this case the psychopathic Colonel has corrupted the institution and his image is a leprosy, a festering sore.

A public or private company shows the fragility of the ethical commitment and the divorce between what it says and what it does, when it is a pimp with the excesses of just one of its members, since the way and way of behaving of a single individual compromises the image corporate ethics. The image that the psychopathic, narcissistic, werewolf and voyeuristic Colonel has given the institution is decadence and discredit. How much misfortune has taken over the company since the Colonel cursed it by touching it with his satanic hands and his criminal mind!

It is there when the excuses appear: it is that a single man or a single woman is not the corporation. And surely that argument would cause more than one to ponder, but it is worth asking. If the ethics of a corporation maintains its elevation and high morale often due to the prestige of one of its members who acts as its image, then why should it not work in the opposite direction? What does the corporation do to correct those unethical and sometimes even illegal behaviors that tarnish the rest of its members? When the conductive threads of corporate ethical behavior communicate with each other to justify the unjustifiable, they have lost their essence and have ceased to be ethical, because the state of decomposition is such that the degree of matchmaking and corruption is insurmountable, therefore it is essential rethink, reconsider and resize the reason for being and existing of said corporation.

To ignore the unethical and even illegal behavior of a single member of the corporation is to be complicit in the discredit of that institution or organization and in its decline at all levels, running the risk that in the face of such a sovereign denial of itself , may disappear or take another turn that was not intended when it was created or founded. Dear institutionalists, who steals your food and meat, who fills his pocket by illegally selling documents, who immorally and illegally charges young people in dollars for any excuse? Who besides Sussana maintains the labor disharmony? etc etc etc There are many questions whose answers you know, but you do nothing to get out of the psychopath.

Ethics cannot be violated, under the pretext of acting ethically, because not even being neutral does one stop trampling on ethics when the performance of the visible face of an organism —just one person, the psychopathic Colonel—, is the one that hoists recklessly and disrespectfully the flag of dishonor.

When the components of a corporation actively or passively consent to the ethical nonsense of one or more of its members, they are imploding the structure itself. So they will not be able to argue that the destruction came from without, when everyone conjured up annihilation from within.

“Escobar had not built a prison for himself, he had built a fortress. But no matter how you decorate it, a cage is still a cage.”

Boyd Holbrook

Crisanto Gregorio Leon

[email protected]

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▷ #OPINION Handcuffed and in jail they must take the psychopathic Colonel #5Oct – El Impulso