▷ #OPINION Memento mori, psychopathic colonel #26Oct

“Once the game is over,
the king and the pawn return to the same box.

italian proverb

Memento mori is a Latin dictum that literally means “remember that you will die”. The use of this phrase was used to remind a triumphant soldier in a war event that he was not arrogant, since the mortal condition is insurmountable. And irreducibly you will account to the creator of the universe for your inhuman, destructive, despotic, sadistic, corrupt and evil actions, you who traffic in hypocrisy. You know perfectly well, colonel psychopath, that your victims have not committed any fault, but you have invented them and you have made them your prey by sacrificing them. Hyena, dog, sick lycanthrope.

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Real life is not an “again” where the dead rise for a new round like in video games. There is no repetition, you already stigmatized your soul, you already told the world and the creator of the universe who you are, you filthy rat. What you have done in this your only chance on earth, your only life on the planet, already with your sinister performance you marked your wake and you will receive the other side as you did on this side where you have shown yourself harming, stealing, extorting, in short committing crimes, together with your flying monkeys and you continue doing it believing yourself justified “because you are a colonel”. In addition to your psychopathy, you have screwed up your brain in different ways with your airs, perverse Teodora.

You are the evil witch Teodora with your flying monkeys who interfere in the personal and private life of your victims, with the insane intention of ruining their future, sabotaging their personal errands and manipulating people so that they hinder the procedures before other public offices . And the puppets that obey, paying homage to you, genuflexing without dignity, doing what you do, like who can take their speech away, who to greet and who to respect or disrespect, telling lies and defaming innocent people and you do it with a seriousness that is the worst trap of your worthless existence. In short, you are your own low-class female comadre who wants zombies that have no happiness and you dare to mess with the family and make martyrs, miserable, damned colonel. You’re a rotten person, if you can be called a person at this point, a disgusting scourge. You are the pestilence that walks at night.

Remember when you begged to be given hours of classes at that university and they closed the doors on you because they knew what a scoundrel you are. You have also dedicated your life to building many enemies freehand, you have left many people upset, wounded, stripped of their rights, and you pedantic and boastful for your ignoble acts believe you are immortal. Many could be waiting for you in the “bajaita”. You have underestimated too many people. Various professionals offended, because you are so conceited that you do not calculate on the law of unforeseen consequences, you corrupt thief vermin. But your soul has to pay for your bad deeds, for your bad deed, for everything that others have suffered and suffer because of your sinister covert evil, your paraphilic disorders, your personality disorders and your syndromes.

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Do not believe because circumstantially you have a small group that pays homage to you, who are your servant lieutenants or your flying monkeys, and to whom you allow all the corruption, do not think that for that you are forgiven, on the contrary, precisely that settles your sentence. You will not arrive to hell for a full day, but as an immigrant, because you have earned that destiny. You have changed your office on an itinerant basis so that from control with your Isabel supplement, you have “a paw e’ mingo” the documents that you illegally sell and collect daily the extortions that, together with her and the train of young women, criminally help you add dollars in your corrupt management. In addition to the illicit business that the Abacaxi el gozón, González and Martínez ladybugs take you, Chucho, Yilda’s husband, who is not even a nurse, but who illegally practices as a doctor and who makes no one clear of his mistake, constituting a risk to the health of the users because he even dares to prescribe medication; associated with depraved theft in public light so that they believe that the extraction of the institution’s assets is legal.

How much crap have you filled the institution with and how much crap have you surrounded yourself with, to keep committing barbarities, illegalities and illegalities, crimes, ethical and moral disorders in a corporation that you have deformed. This company does not deserve or its original conception, in what you have turned them into, into a house of crime, into a brothel, into a den of sin and corruption; sebil psychopath.

What an aberrant contradiction that being you and your band of flying monkeys the thieves and looters of the institution, at the time of departure you order to search and inspect the vehicles of decent people, if those who steal the patrimony and the food of the institution are you and your gang of crooks. You are the one who, with the help of Chucho, your second-in-command, steals the technological devices of the institution, the vehicles and their parts, the computers, huge amounts of food, and you commit countless crimes with these your accomplices and co-authors. The ones who have the keys and the accesses to the classified sites, it’s you and your flying lieutenants, you disgusting rat. Oh tell me who stole the monthly cattle donated for the dining room? You unhappy thug, what do you do personally and allow corruption to your jalabola monkeys, so that they watch your back.

When you die, what will you find on the other side? Rewards await you for the deeds you did in life. The road will be made of roses or carrion flowers. Will you die with a smile on your face for the joy of seeing the Nazarene or will a grimace of fear be stamped on your face as “Satan” receives you for the suffering and damage you inflicted on others? Surely there will be those who shelter you to give you as you gave in life, to reward you as you treated your fellow men and as you dedicated yourself to looting and corrupting the institutions in the public destinies assigned to you.

You don’t like to meditate on the evil you do, you prefer to leave it to indifference. You ignore yourself as if death was never going to come for you. Go ahead to the moment of your death and fix your memory and your gaze on the traps you set for your brothers to destroy them, how you allowed yourself to be used to persecute them or how you did it for yourself, how you used your intelligence and your flying monkeys to scheme to sacrifice to others, as you stripped one and another of their daily bread. The children killed by your actions.

If you get angry and your position in the world is more important – and for you it is – than obtaining the mercy and forgiveness of Christ, then continue with your pride, with your indecency, but remember that you traffic in hypocrisy, Matthew 23:27 says, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.” And your encounter on the other side, do not hesitate, will terrify you for all eternity with a suffering that your mind will never be able to imagine. Because there, on the other side, the torments repeat themselves eternally. There if there is “again” of eternal torments.

Stop to reflect on what you do and did and what you plan to continue doing. Will it be pleasing in the eyes of God? Are you taking it out on yourself that you never made it to General and the voids in your soul and heart with your brothers and sisters and you see them as inferior to you and you think you have a greatness that they would not surpass?

If you have evaluated yourself and your soul trembles – which I doubt because psychopathy has no cure – because there are still glimpses of the true God in you, then ask him for “a new heart to praise him, to serve him”. A heart as clean as glass, sweet as honey, a heart like that of Our Lord». And he will welcome you into his bosom to give you salvation. Because you fulfilled his commandment. You will love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself! To the neighbor, did you hear?, to the neighbor. But you love material things above God. That is why, although it is useless to tell you, because you will not, put yourself in your brother’s shoes so that you feel what your fellow man feels when you hurt him or when you treat him with Christian love, which you never do unless you have a sinister interest in him. get something in return. But you are a disguise, a social predator. Unfortunately you are a psychopathic, narcissistic maniac, who doesn’t even know who Juan Currutaco is, the gendarme who sleeps with drunken Isabel, your complement, the psychopath you have in control of other corruptions.

Remember, you will die and only you decide where you want to go. To the courts of heaven or hell. You have read it, then do not lament at the hour of your death that you were not warned. Remember that you will arrive as an immigrant and not on a full day as on a walk where you are used to wasting the money that you steal and extort from the public administration with traps and corruption schemes, you who are a parasite.

“The years are brooms that sweep us towards the grave.”
spanish proverb

Chrysanthemum Gregory Leon

[email protected]

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